Thursday, September 4, 2014

Emergency Changes?

September 4, 2014

Hey everyone......

Well this weeek was fulllllll of changes haha. There have been some small problems in the mission and we have been doing a ton of emergency changes. We've done 7 now in these 2 weeks which is CRAZY! It has been fun though. We are getting to know each other really well in the car and hanging out with the other missionaries. I have really come to love them lately. It has been good for me.

Just working hard as usual. We have had a ton of divisions lately. I'm trying to work with all the elders from my group that I can in this change just so I can see how each one of us has grown. It is pretty sick. I love all those guys from my group!

We have a couple families that are progressing right now. Familia A ( They went to church this week and we are looking to baptize them on the 21st! Also with the V family, we are fighting with them so that they can get baptized! It is such an awesome family and we are getting serious so they get it done! Also Familia Y they are getting ready right now also for the 21st! There was some emergencies with the mother in law and they had to go out of town but when they come back, they'll be wet!!!

I'm just trying to throw it down. I made it a goal to not get into the house in the night without sweating my butt off. I like to sweat so much that it gets into my eyes and burns my eyes haha it's a little weird but it makes me feel good with the limited hours that we have to work.

I love you all so much! Thank you all so much for your support and everythign that you do for me! HAve a great week!!!!!