Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oh puchica la boo me pego como loooooccccccooooooooooooo

March 26, 2013

Hello everyone....

First the question of the week from mom.... Where do you send your emails from? We have to go to another city to send them because there aren't internet cafes in my area! That's pretty awesome. Please ask questions!! It jogs my memory and I can write a little bit more and not just ramble on.

This week was another frustrating one in this change. Not really so much because of my companion but for the lack of success that we had. It was really weird for us to have baptisms 2 weeks in a row! That hasn't happened until now in this area in the whole time. My companion is still annoying but I've learned to handle that... I just burst off walking really fast and then he can't catch up to me and then he has to catch his breath, I've found that uit's a pretty good way to get him to be quiet and give myself a little bit of peace. One thing that makes me more mad than anything is when people give us food and the people don't eat or finish the food. We went to have dinner with a member family with a single mother and my companion did't eat all the food because he ''doesn't like vegatables.'' The killer is that this food was ABSOLUTELY COVERED in cilantro, and if you know me, you know I hate cilantro! But I ate it becuase this family literally has nothing at all, literally nothing! Afterr the dinner I told my companion, ''Never ever ever again leave food on the table with a family that has nothing like that again. If it happens again I'll call President.'' Then he got all butt hurt but now at least he eats all the food. One thing that's hard about him too is that at the end of the month he has no money because he just spends it all at the beginning of the month and so when we need to go somewhere or do something, I have to pay for him. I'm just thankful for my mom and the way she taught me to be with my money and now that I have such a good knowledge of how to work with my money and write literally everything down, I always end the month with enough money to get through and have extra because mom always taught me about my money. And I'm not a retard and living off of instant ''tang'' for the last week of the month.

This week I got hit really really hard with THE BOO!!!! NOOOOOOOOO hahahaha I've been thinking all week... ''Now i know how that dude in ''Dumb and Dumber felt when harry gave him the laxatives and he was going crazy in the bathroom at thaty girls house...'' that's how I feel right now hahahahah it seriuosly sucks so dang bad. It's a hard one to work through because in a city like this there aren't bathrooms anywhere haha so I just have to be really strong...

Yesterday we found an iguana in the house that was running around and causing a lot of racket. So me and my companion decided to block off all of the exits and we trapped it and just killed it and we took it to a family and they ate it!!1 It was so awesome! Now I have found in the house and exterminated frogs, rats, mice, bats and now an iguana!! WHOOOO

 ''Hopefully the members will fellowship Arnulfo so that he stays in the church.'' That's what dad said to me and all I have to say is... This guy fellowships himself!!!!! He's literally the perfect person to be around because he just comes to church and sits with a different person every week. It's so funny to watch him because he just seems like someone that has been a member all his life. One of the biggest problems is that the members don't do anything to help our converts or our investigators, but this guy is totally automatic! This week he thought we started at 10 and we were sitting there in sacrament meeting waiting for him to show up so that he could recieve the Holy Ghost. But he never showed up in sacrament"! Then sure enough he came rolling in at 10 with his bike ready to be conferred. I told him that we already started and the sacrament meeting was ever and he was so pissed. You should have seen the look in his eyes hahaha It was so funny! Love this guy!!

Joseph Smith might just be my idol. I can hardly watch his movie without crying. The first vision is something that I really hold dear because it is something that just has a different Spirit to it. You can read the words in Joseph Smith History and just know that it happened. One thing about the First Vision is that even when we're teaching a family that couldn't care less and isn't paying attention or anything at all and thre are kids running around and freakin out, when we start to say the words of Jose smith, The Spirit enters and we can just see everything calm down, the kids stop making noise, the people start to pay attention and the Spirit is there. It is so amazing. 

I'm trying really hard to just keep myself focused on this area, it's a little hard because I don't know if I will have a change or not. I'm just trying to think about it like I'm not going to have a change. I'm super stoked because next week i can email anyone I want!!! Whoo!!!! I better have like 6 emails at least this week! and not counting the ones from the mission home!!! ;)

Just trying to keep my head up and do what I do and work hard and walk fast. I love you all and I'm so thankful for the support that each and every one of you give me! I hope you all have a great week!!!

Love Elder Hanson /:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WHOOOOO ARNULFO MA BOI Wedding and baptism!!!!! (Boda y baptismo)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you literally have no idea how happy I am!!!!!! Literalmente ustedes no tienen ninguna idea de como feliz estoy!!!!!


March 19, 2013


Hi everyone.

First I go to answer the questions...mom in the package can you send me some 5 blade razors?? They don't sell anything other than 2 blade because no one grows facial hair haha

1. Companion. Tell me what he is like. My companion is really nice and loves to talk...aka never ever ever ever ever ever shuts up. We can only have lessons for up to 45 minutes and sometimes I just have to cut him off while he's talking and end the lesson. He is just super annoying and overbearing haha.  Does it bother him that he isn't the senior? Yes haha. Because of this he has no respect for me. He wants to move up the chain but he isn't gonna do it any time soon.  Does he have special needs of any sort? I really wish he did so that there could be some kind of explanation for the behavior. He also chews like a freaking llama. I can't handle that. They will invite us over to have dinner and he's over there mascando como un freaking coche!  Give me someone to compare him to. let me think about that one and I'll get back to you. 

2.  How's your cook?  Give me another idea of what you eat everyday, ok? Well she is literally absolutely terrible hahahahaha the food is so bad and after 5 months of eating the same hot soup every day, I've gotten sick of it. I've just heard that after the coast everything is downhill from there! I pretty much just eat hot soup and weird stuff that she cooks. Most of the time I just ask her if she can make me eggs and beans and nothing else and she can't even hardly do that haha.

Okay there are your answers!!!!  One of the members went on a little vacation and brought me back a little bag to send to you mom. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever that she did. I'm gonna just keep is until I can send it to you like the bracelet that I have for Natalie. I had a really good week and I'm about to tell you the secret to my success haha.....

ATTITUDE!!!!!!!! Attitude literally changes every single thing in this whole life. I don't think that a single thing changed with me and my companion but my attitude changed and I just found some patience deep down inside of me haha and we had a really really awesome week and worked together really well. I just tried to be a little more there for him always and just tried to have the confidence that he wasn't going to ruin everything every time he talked haha.

I think I had the best moment of my mission this Sunday with the baptism of Arnulfo Lima. It was so amazing to finally get it done after all this time that I'd been with him and to get it done before I leave the area. We had the wedding on Saturday and everything went so so good haha we had a ton of members there and it was really good to see that for once the branch could show some support. One Sunday I had the opportunity to baptize Ma Boi Arnulfo Lima. There is literally nothing esle that compares to helping someone open the door to heaven in such a special way. I LOVED IT!!!!!!

I can email everyone in 2 weeks but that doesn't mean that I will have time to email everyone.  Please still email me if you can, and look at the blog to read my letters if I can't respond.  My boi colin got his visa and his in Brasil right now killin it and not understanding anything at all! Don't worry I've been there! haha

I'm having a good time and not letting my circumstances take control of me, I'm taking control of them! Lovin life out here in the mission and am happy to hear that Natalie finally got something from me hahahaha 3 YEARS LATER!!!!! I love you all and am so thankful for everything that you're all doing for me!!!!! Have a great week!!

Much love, Elder Hanson

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alligator & Virgin Guadalupe Towel


Virgin Guadelupe Towel

This place is crazy!!

March 13, 2013

Hi everyone.

This week was CRAZY!!!! We didn't teach a ton and all of that good stuff but we were still working super hard and absolutlely killing it. We had a conference today with President Brough and I talked to him after just to talk about some stuff that's going on with me and my companion and they he told me that it looks like he might have to leave me and my companion together in Sipacate for another change. As much as I hope that doesn't have to happen, if it happens, I know that there's a reason. I can't say that I wasn't looking forward to a little bit of a change in scenery in 3 weeks but if it's not going to happen then I just need to buck up and get it done. There's a reason for every single thing that happens to us in our lives. And there's a good reason for what I'm having to do right now.

It was so weird to know that Dad was in Nicaragua this weekend haha. SO WEIRD!!! I could have hopped on a bus for 3 hours and been right up to him. The picture of the Chickys killed me because right before coming to internet, I ate some Chikys hahaah. So cool that you could go to church down there, it's so much different but I like it because it reminds us that we are all going to church because we know it's true, not because a bunch of other people go. I see that a lot down here, people don't go to church because someone has offended them in some way and they don't want to see that person in the church. I hate that beccause that's not a good reason to lose your salvation! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!!! It's so sick to see that Ben is going to Peru!! SPANISH BABY!!! And so awesome to see that Doug Hintze and My Boi Cody Sorenson got called to this mission! They're going to get down here and realize what it really means to work hard and walk fast. Other missionaries in the rest of the world have no no no no idea what that means!!! I know Cody really well and same with Doug and they will be just fine down here! The Haack attack has to wait till August??? I'll have almost exactly a year and he'll just be starting? QUE LOCO!! But everything is on the Lord's time!

I'm still struggling a lot with my companion and getting used to someone that is really arrogant and doesn't want to listen to me haha. With Elder Diaz he always listened to me and my ideas even though I was new and I didn't know anything. Now that I am Senior comp and don't have very much time, my companion doesn't have the respect for me and doesn't really listen to me and so that's really hard for me but I'm going to have to get used to all types of people and it will be even that much better when I can actually choose my own companion (wife) for good! It's a little hard but I know that I can handle it! I hope... haha

We baptized two young men this Sunday and that was so dang awesome! The best thing is that these two guys I know for a fact will always stay active in the church. Edgar Camey is 17 and lookes like he is 10 years old but I remember the first day that we contacted him in a bus about 3 months ago and really didn't give any thought to it but know I know that it is all the will of the Lord how things turn out! Ramiro Monzon was just awesome from the start. He's 21 years old and just wanted to change a bunch of stuff in his life and he just did it. He loves the Book of Mormon and takes it to work and reads it every day during lunch. It's cool to see in such a young man that he has the desire to do that. The thing that I'm loving the most right now, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE WEDDING OF ARNULFO LIMA AND HIS BAPTISM THIS WEEKEND!!!! AHHHHHHH I'm freaking out for this haha and am so dang excited. I've been working with him for so long and I love this man with all my whole entire being haha I'm so stoked for this!

I had a good week and pretty much all ]I can do through all of the advirsity is just kill it and work really hard and forget about everything. Thank you for everything you guys do for me and I hope that you have a great week this week! Mom you can send me whatever you want! Just make sure it will fit my stupid arms through all the growth that I will have in the mission!! I love you mom pray for you every day!!! 

Love you so much!!!!

Elder Hanson

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BOOM Here comes the BOOM LOL

March 5, 2013

Hi everyone.

Well this week was a pretty interesting one!! First of all, I found out today that starting April 1, I can email any person that I want!!! WHOOOO YEAH lol. My boi Colly wolly got temporarily reassigned and is gonna kill it in Billings Montana. Tole me that he was pretty bugged at first but he got over it! Haha it was a good week over all and I'm really trying just to last out this change haha.

Well with my companion, it's still pretty dang frustrating and I'm having a hard time adjusting myself to his way of being. He just has literally every characteristic that gets on my nerves, even one that would get on Gabe's nerves, which is chew like a freaking CAMEL!!! But I actually like that one because it always reminds me of Gabe. He's always trying to give it to me hard and tell me after lessons what I should do and what i shouldn't do, then in the night I call my district leader and tell him what happened and everything is all good and that I should continue what I'm doing haha it's actually kind of funny. I'm trying really hard to keep the patience and just be loving and care about him but it isn't easy. He hardly ever stops talkikng and expects me to listen to him but then when I talk, he doesn't listen. One time we were in comp study and I was trying to tell him something pretty important and he freaking fell asleep! I was like HUHHH?? But I'm literally dragging him by my coat tails and running all about and teaching like crazy because I don't want to lose the trust that President has in me. Working hard is literally all we can do and the blessings are coming!

This week in Sacrament meeting we had a miracle. 12 investigators that came to church!!! WHAT?? 12??? Oh yeah baby!! It was so amazing! We also put in 2 dates for baptisms that are sure to happen this Sunday! Edgar Camey and Ramiro Monson! This guy Edgar is 17 years old and has the most awesome desire to go to church. On Sunday he told us that he had to go dig a huge hole and had to work, but he got up at 5 in the morning to go get his work done and then he came to church and loved it. He told us that he didn't want us to look at him bad if he missed a sunday and then wanted to be baptized the next! How awesome it is to see that there really are people that are prepared! With Ramiro, everything has literally fallen right into place with him. He also had work on Sunday and couldn't come the first couple weeks, but he asked permission and got work off and has come these last 2 Sundays and he has a really strong testimony. He brings his Book of Mormon to work and reads during lunch and takes a bunch of crap from this one guy and he just says to them to go away because he knows it's true and it's what he needs to be doing. With Arnulfo! I love this man so much and always have. I made a promise to myself that I would do everything possible to baptize him before I left this area. He almost has all his papers to get married and is still coming to church and teaching the lessons there haha He is so dang AWESOME! All we need is the wedding and then the baptism!! Everything is coming along good because we're working so dang hard.

Something that is crazy! With the making of this new mission in Coban Guatemala, we are recieving a new zone and losing two of ours that we have now. There is a posibility that I could change missions depending on where I am in like June when they split everything. That would be so dang weird. All the missionaries that are in these two zones would go and join up with the South Mission. I'm hoping that doesn't happen to me but that would be where the Lord wants me.

I loving doing the Lord's work. It's hard, yeah for sure, but we're getting it done. I'm trying to leave everything behind me and just lose myself and I feel like I'm doing a pretty good job of it. Grandpa H is always in my prayers. It's weird that dad is going to be so close to me! WHATTTTTTT???? I'm happy to be where I am and in this position of leadership that I have. I'm thankful for all the support of you guys and all that you do for me! I love you all so much!

Elder Herson (Hanson)