Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hi Everyone..... This week was a straight up wild ride.... The pic is of me with my favorite candy down here. They are Mara Mango suckers that are mango flavored suckers that are drenched in Chili hahahah I never thought I'd like something like that but now that I''m puro Chapin, I love spicy food haha It's way weird. I down a Jalapeño like it's my job.... Here are the answers to the questions..... Questions Luis update: church? HE WENT TO CHURCH!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! He told me all week, "I'm only going for an hour!" And he ended up staying for 2!!!!! Huge huge huge huge huge!!!!!! I was sooooooo happpppyyyyyyy!!!!!!! We have an appointment with him tonight, we'll seee what happens!!!!!!! So awesome. Other investigators? We're in a crazy spot right now. We have a bunch of people that are so positive right now but they just straight disappear. This mopnth we need to baptize 10. We have a lady named Jennifer mendoza and her kid Devison. A Little family of 6 that we found named the Ramos family. A kid named Cristofer Matzir and his family. Luis and his fam. Jonathan Sanchez. Those are the most positive right now. We just need some serious push right there!!!! Mena? We're doing good. I feel like it's the end and so nothing that we do bothers us haha. It's going to be good to have changes. That's all I have to say there. President Markham? I really don't know much about him. Just that he's from Cali and He'll be awesome I'm sure. It's just weird to think about it without Papi Brough. I'll only have one change without him here with us though. He is staying to train President Markham one change I think. Tell Juan Munoz that you want Naty too cook for you and that I said she was the best cook in all of Chapinlandia! We are going to go this week!!! I don't know what day though. But we are going to go. Plans are there. When are the next changes? Next Wednesday!!! Gon be crazy. Who knows what will happen there. Do you think your days are numbered in brick land? I dont know. I could stay I could go. It will be okay either way. If I leave, I want to go to Santa Lucia with Elder Hansen haha. We've talked about how it needs to happen. I think that is the only way that I would be happy if I left here haha. When I was there Poinsettia flowers and coffee beans grew all over the place. Any of that? ALL OVER THE PLACE. I love the coffee beans haha super funny. They taste horrible hahahaahah. Great week haha. Luis went to church and that was the best thing ever. We're looking good going into the month of dreams!!!!! 400 BAPTISMS BABYYYY!!!!!!! WE GONNA DO IT!!!!! We've gotta get 10 this month here. Who knows if I'll be here but I've gotta get 10 wherever I go!!! I took 1,000 Quets out of my account because my comp forgot his card and we needed to pay the rent this week. Don't freak out when you see that because I'm getting it back to him next week when we take money out. I got our scripture cases ordered dad. They are going to be sooooooo SICKKKKKKK I'm super stoked. You'll have to wait to see it though..... I talked to the missionaries that are in Palin right now and they are doing a little better. But the best thing was that HECTOR PEREZ GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hector was the one that had killed a long time ago and had to wait to get baptized. He did it!!!! IT made me soooooo happy. He was a straight killer (not intended to be direct). I loved that guy!!! It will be a great week. We hope to baptized this weekend. This month is going to be so awesome. We should baptized 100 in the mission this weekend!! Just hoping that it can happen. Praying like crazy and working like craziers!!!!!!! I love you all!! Have a great week!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hi everyone..... Let's get to the questions..... Questions: 1. How did your interview go? Did the Prez say anything about your longevity in El Tejar? Best thing ever. I will talk later... 2. How many souls did the mission bring unto Christ (How many baptisms) last month? Last month I think we baptized like 200. Last year in june we baptized 344. We will get 400 3. Who are you teaching? How are they progressing? We have a lot of people right now. The only thing is that we just can't find them right now haha. 4 or 5 days without contact in this country means that anything has happened. 4. Any encounters with the Munoz family? We still haven't gone to the house but I always talk with Juan in the street. The dude is crazy haha. Just screams at me in VOS all the time haha. 5. How was Antigua? SOOOOOOOO SICKKKKKKK I loved it haha. Do the Guats watch the olympics? No. if it doesn't have anything to do with soccer, they don't watch it. No Ronaldo, no Messi, No chapines hahaha. Great/not so great week. But ask me if I care. My animo is through the roof right now. I had my interview with President. Best thing ever. I asked him why he moved me and put me here. He told me the story and just said that it was one of the easiest good feeling changes he had ever made and remembered it like it were yesterday. It was so cool. Then i asked him and told him about Luis. He just talked to me about that for a second and I was like "I don't know, it's just really hard to be myself with him because I don't want to do something that will mess it all up." He then interrupted me and said "You aren't direct with him are you?" And i said "How did you know that?" And he said "The Spirit just told it to me." it was so amazing. Best interview ever. i hadn't been being direct with Luis haha until this week. No one went to church this week and we were so much more direct with him this week. i dont' know what's going to happen but President just told me that if I follow the Spirit, I will not have regrets with him. I don't know if I'll stay or go. Solo Dios Sabrá. He just doesn't want to go to church haha. I love him anyways. He says that it makes him feel bad and that he doesn't feel comfortable going to church with his crutches and stuff but it's all the normal stuff to say that he just doens't want to go. I don't know what will happen but we'll sure keep trying. He just needs a testimony. We went to Antigua for my first time and it was soooooooo sick haha. We must go there with mom. I love it here. This area is awesome haha. I'm having fun and we're working our butts off. i love you all and hope everyone is good. Have a great week and keep me updated!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU
Totally got egg and floured hahaahah. This colony doens't really love the Gringos....... They nailed me good and left my comp completly alone. Classic Chapines......

Monday, February 10, 2014


February 10, 2014
Oh yes...... This week was ballin. I hate writing today because I have nothing from no one. Sad right? We have interviews today and they wanted us to write today so sorry for the mal noticia lol. My faithful writer "Chode" Wrote me as usual. Rain or shine we write each other. true love... This week acatually was a lot better than last week haha. We had a good turnout in church and that was good. I hate not having investigators in church. It makes church so boring and then I don't know what to do. There is no one to help and so it's like whatever. I feel like we are looking ahead to much better things. We are all so freaking pumped for the goal in March of 400 baptisms!!!!! We are all getting cell phones today!!! Major revolution for us in central america. We are the first mission that they are giving cell phones to in all of central america. It's like a test run to see if it works well or not. WE ARE THE BEST mission in central america....starting to look like the pride cycle with the nephites..... KILLER!!! Luis is getting antsy for a call from dad haha he asks me every time if dad is going to call him....CALL HIM DAD!!!!!!! Tell him to get his lazy bum to church!!!!!!! All his kids have gone now and they love it! We are trying so hard with Luis but he just doesn't want to go to church for some reason. Yesterday we picked up his kids and he just stayed there in his chair!!! It was like DUDE GET UPPPPPPP!!!! LET'S GO!!!! They are doing super well though. They will go to the agua!!!!! Pretty much nothing else happened. My comp is good. I'm trying to not be hard on him haha and it is helping a little bit. We jsut need to talk. He's not a real good talker and, as you all know, I am! But it's good. Time is going by really fast. I just hope they don't take me out of here. I would freak haha. I love you all. It is so awesome to be out here and be killin it every day. Getting that money and just going hard. Have a great week!!!!!!!!! -- Elder Hanson YOMO Guatemala City Central Me extraña patojos...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


February 4, 2014
Hello Everyone...... I'll go straight to the explanation of the pictures.... Yesterday I bought that sick jacket. That's just how we roll. Here in Guat we get the hand me downs of the DI baby!! The next one is the sickest view ever. If anyone can send me a picture of a cooler view, you're free to do it, or at least try...... LOVE VOLCAN DE AGUA!!! I love this place haha Here we go with the questions.... 1. Is Luis married? Where/who is his wife? Is he letting his kids hear the lessons? Luis was with a lady for a while but about a month ago he got separated from here and now he just lives in his old house with his 3 kids that he had with her. I have no idea who she is haha. She lives in this other colony there. His kids are awesome too. They love listening to us and they are progressing very well. It's looking good with them right now. We just need to get them to church. They are praying and the 2 daughters have felt like they have gotten their answers and they went to church this Sunday!!! HUGE!!!!! They loved it and felt really good. We just need to Luis to get in there! He has been praying and his daughters have been reading for him. It's going good right now. Pray for him!!!! Dad he wants to talk to you again haha he told me "Su papa ya no me llamó ba?" He loves you haha. He's super special. It's so AWESOME!!!!!!! 2. If Juan and Naty Munoz knew you were my son, they would want to meet you. Trust me. We were close???? I talked to Juan for the first time yesterday haha. We were walking down the street and I saw a guy out by his house that I thought might be him and we passed by and then I hear "HANSON!" We turned around and he started talking to me and he said "Y tu viejo vos?? Todavia esta vivo??" It was pretty funny. We will be goinhg over there with the whole family soon. Carolina says that she has pictures of you dad. "You are where you need to be" -Elder Cook That's what he said to us in the conference that we had with him. I know I'm here for a good reason. It is insane but the Lord knows what is going on. I just really really hope that I don't leave this change and I hope that I can stay a little bit longer. I really can't leave here without baptizing Luis haha. It's just something that has to happen. We had a crazy lesson with a family this week. Like me and my comp jsut were there like "WHAT?" They had gone to church and then we asked the famous question here in Guatemala "Hace cuanto tiempo estan casados??"" How long ago did you get married?? And they of course said they weren't married and then all Hell broke loose. They started to freak out about things that they had done to each other and how they are going to separate and not be together and how they hate each other and all the things. It was so bad haha This plact is cray. We were there for like 45 minutes listening to this (a really loong time for us) and then had to run to Luis' house to visit him. We were super late and he was all bugged that we were late. He's like "You guys said at 7 and it's 7 45!!!!" It's a miracle that someone remembered that we were going to get there hahaha. Super wild. I love this place. Not much to say this week but we are getting it done and working super hard. I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys so much!!!! HAve a great week and hope to hear from you soon.....and if not, jsut pray for me haha. lololololololololol