Tuesday, February 4, 2014


February 4, 2014
Hello Everyone...... I'll go straight to the explanation of the pictures.... Yesterday I bought that sick jacket. That's just how we roll. Here in Guat we get the hand me downs of the DI baby!! The next one is the sickest view ever. If anyone can send me a picture of a cooler view, you're free to do it, or at least try...... LOVE VOLCAN DE AGUA!!! I love this place haha Here we go with the questions.... 1. Is Luis married? Where/who is his wife? Is he letting his kids hear the lessons? Luis was with a lady for a while but about a month ago he got separated from here and now he just lives in his old house with his 3 kids that he had with her. I have no idea who she is haha. She lives in this other colony there. His kids are awesome too. They love listening to us and they are progressing very well. It's looking good with them right now. We just need to get them to church. They are praying and the 2 daughters have felt like they have gotten their answers and they went to church this Sunday!!! HUGE!!!!! They loved it and felt really good. We just need to Luis to get in there! He has been praying and his daughters have been reading for him. It's going good right now. Pray for him!!!! Dad he wants to talk to you again haha he told me "Su papa ya no me llamó ba?" He loves you haha. He's super special. It's so AWESOME!!!!!!! 2. If Juan and Naty Munoz knew you were my son, they would want to meet you. Trust me. We were close???? I talked to Juan for the first time yesterday haha. We were walking down the street and I saw a guy out by his house that I thought might be him and we passed by and then I hear "HANSON!" We turned around and he started talking to me and he said "Y tu viejo vos?? Todavia esta vivo??" It was pretty funny. We will be goinhg over there with the whole family soon. Carolina says that she has pictures of you dad. "You are where you need to be" -Elder Cook That's what he said to us in the conference that we had with him. I know I'm here for a good reason. It is insane but the Lord knows what is going on. I just really really hope that I don't leave this change and I hope that I can stay a little bit longer. I really can't leave here without baptizing Luis haha. It's just something that has to happen. We had a crazy lesson with a family this week. Like me and my comp jsut were there like "WHAT?" They had gone to church and then we asked the famous question here in Guatemala "Hace cuanto tiempo estan casados??"" How long ago did you get married?? And they of course said they weren't married and then all Hell broke loose. They started to freak out about things that they had done to each other and how they are going to separate and not be together and how they hate each other and all the things. It was so bad haha This plact is cray. We were there for like 45 minutes listening to this (a really loong time for us) and then had to run to Luis' house to visit him. We were super late and he was all bugged that we were late. He's like "You guys said at 7 and it's 7 45!!!!" It's a miracle that someone remembered that we were going to get there hahaha. Super wild. I love this place. Not much to say this week but we are getting it done and working super hard. I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys so much!!!! HAve a great week and hope to hear from you soon.....and if not, jsut pray for me haha. lololololololololol

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