Monday, February 10, 2014


February 10, 2014
Oh yes...... This week was ballin. I hate writing today because I have nothing from no one. Sad right? We have interviews today and they wanted us to write today so sorry for the mal noticia lol. My faithful writer "Chode" Wrote me as usual. Rain or shine we write each other. true love... This week acatually was a lot better than last week haha. We had a good turnout in church and that was good. I hate not having investigators in church. It makes church so boring and then I don't know what to do. There is no one to help and so it's like whatever. I feel like we are looking ahead to much better things. We are all so freaking pumped for the goal in March of 400 baptisms!!!!! We are all getting cell phones today!!! Major revolution for us in central america. We are the first mission that they are giving cell phones to in all of central america. It's like a test run to see if it works well or not. WE ARE THE BEST mission in central america....starting to look like the pride cycle with the nephites..... KILLER!!! Luis is getting antsy for a call from dad haha he asks me every time if dad is going to call him....CALL HIM DAD!!!!!!! Tell him to get his lazy bum to church!!!!!!! All his kids have gone now and they love it! We are trying so hard with Luis but he just doesn't want to go to church for some reason. Yesterday we picked up his kids and he just stayed there in his chair!!! It was like DUDE GET UPPPPPPP!!!! LET'S GO!!!! They are doing super well though. They will go to the agua!!!!! Pretty much nothing else happened. My comp is good. I'm trying to not be hard on him haha and it is helping a little bit. We jsut need to talk. He's not a real good talker and, as you all know, I am! But it's good. Time is going by really fast. I just hope they don't take me out of here. I would freak haha. I love you all. It is so awesome to be out here and be killin it every day. Getting that money and just going hard. Have a great week!!!!!!!!! -- Elder Hanson YOMO Guatemala City Central Me extra├▒a patojos...

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