Monday, March 31, 2014

Fijese que no voy a poder llegar a mi bautiso...NOT!!!!!!

March 31, 2014

Well hey everyone....

Well you can say that we got it done this month in the month of miracles!!!!!!

In the zone we had 60 baptisms and baptized 14 families. We were soooooo close to breaking the record in the mission of baptisms in a month in a zone. So close but 60 is still soooooooo high. Super great month.

This Sunday we had the baptisms of the S family (Jose and Helen), Mariana, and Ya boi Marco (ancient investigator from like 15 years ago). MIRACLES!!!!!!! This month in the area we baptized 11 people in total with 4 families. It was so great and we were soooo blessed for our hard work and our obedience and our outstanding good looks.....wait did I just say that out loud? Great month.

Yesterday I was walking down the street and tried to avoid a pole, but it got me mixed up in even more of a pickle as I SMASHED my face on another metal pole hahahaha it hurt way bad but when mom and dad come down to get me and we come back, I'm sure my dignity will be ready to come with me again. It was soooooo funny haha. That's the black eye pic haha good times.

Marco went to church this last Sunday and we hardly thought about it. He always goes and never has really had desires to get it done. His wife has been a member for 14 years and she is the sweetest little angel ever. I love her haha. We went last sunday to see Que Onda and he was like I want to change and everything but I don't know when. We went Tuesday and challenged him for this Sunday and all he said was "What do I need to bring?" IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!  He got it done yesterday and it was awesome. Instant sealing in a year. Familia S was like that too. They are sooooo excited to get sealed in a year. I like the fact that the members help so much. All of our success is because of the memebers and their references. LOVE IT!!! If you want the missionaries to have success. GIVE REFERENCES!!!! So great.

Elder Carcamo is leaving this week and that will be interesting. Elder Finch is most likely out this change and going on to bigger and better things in the office as assistant (not confirmed but pretty much) And I'll be left here all by myself to see waht the heck I do haha. I love it though. It is nice to be trusted by the Lord and trusted with so many of God's children. 

Other than the rough week of falls, It was a great week. We had such a good time and had a ton of success. I'm loving it right now in this area. Can't complain about anything. Life is good here in the work. Stoked out of my mind for General Conference. WHOOOOOO I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

Boo?  I think NOT!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


March 25, 2014

Well what's up guys?

Here are the questions.....

1.  How did Sunday go with your baptisms? 
Well We had 2. Not too shabby but we had 4 planned. 

2.  Have you been back to the Carmen yet? 
No just once where we passed by. While we were doing a couple interviews we saw a bunch of my boys though. That was awesome. Can't wait!!!!!

3.  How's Elder Sorenson doing?  
He's doing great!! He's such a stud. Works hard and is baptizing nicely right now. I love that kid haha. He's also with my child Elder Hernandez which has to be a treat!

4.  How much are you teaching, on average, with your new responsibilities? 
Well we still have like 50 lessons a week even with all the stuff to do. When we work, we work hard.

5.  Fill us in on your investigators. 
We have like a billion people progressing right now. It's crazy haha they just go to church and read and pray. It's like why couldn't people do this in other places????? Would have made the mission a whole lot easier. It's hard to find new investigators just because we are always running aroung and if we're not, we have to visit out pilas investigators. I LOVE IT.

6.  Have you lost your third companion to the casa yet?
 Not yet. It's supposed to happen next week.

We had a super brutal week hahaha. We had a Whiteout as you can see in the picture. In the zone we baptized 14 on sunday. Too bad our investigators either weren't there or just weren't in white clothes when we took the pictures..... lol.

Well I don't even know where to start.....this weekend we had a wedding for the Samayoa family that was going to get baptized on Sunday but they drank coffee on Friday!!!! NOOOOOOOO. But they will get baptized this Sunday that's coming up. Weddings here like make me sad. Not like baggy sad but like I feel bad that this has to be your wedding sad. Things don't normally turn out super great here in this country. But we just get it done.

We had to do a ton of interviews this week and were all over the capital. haha I just love taking the busses and talking to everyone on the bus and then yelling out the door to everyone on the street where we are going. I LOVE THS COUNTRY. We have so much fun hahaha.

We had the interviews of our investigators Saturday in the night and this man named Leonel was super uncertain about it. His whole family is member and he passed the interview and then came out and said "I'll get baptized on the 30th" We were like whatever, you've said that for like 3 months haha. Then we got everything done. Angel passed his interview and we were ready with at least one baptism for this weekend. My comps and I planned a huge huge HUGE baptisimal service for the zone and President Brough got there and it was crazy and everything. Me, Elder Finch and a couple of the sisters sung "As sisters in zion" and "to bring the world his truth" or whatever it's called and that was great. Great to sing a little bit in front of some chapines, even though thgey don't understand haha. But everything was soooooooo hectic getting everything ready for the thing with President coming and everything. Then it started and everything was good. Leonel was there and his wife spoke and the Spirit was soooooo strong. SOOOOO STRONG.....Then we went into the baptisms. All of the sudden Leonel came up to us and was like I want to be baptized now! He was crying and it was awesome. Then I told him "NO WAY MAN!! THERE'S ALREADY A LOT GETTING BAPTIZED!!" HAHAHAHA  I didn't say that..... But he got dunked!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO AWESOME..... That's a pic of us as he got out!!!! Great miracle.

We have 5 set dates for this sunday. Marco, Mariana, Jose and Helen, and Francisco. This Sunday is going to be HUGEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I'm so stoked!!!!

We are sooooooo close to breaking the record of baptisms in a zone in a month in the history of the mission. It's 65 and we only need 27 more this weekend. We are going to do it baby!!!! I love this place and I'm doing good. I love you all so much!! Thank you for everything !!! 

ORALE!!!!!!! ORALE!!!!! BENDICIONES!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ST. Patricks day......hhahahahaha good one!!

Hi everyone......

1.  How long does your comp have in the area/mission? He has been here in the area for 4 changes. Total stud. He'll be out this change and up to assistant. haha He's great. He has 1 more change than me.
2.  Investigator update.  Are people keeping their compromisos? Our investigators here are like dream people haha they all read, they all go to church, they all want to get BAPTIZED!!!!!!
3.  What are all the areas in your Zone? Villa Hermosa, La Hermosa, Prados 1 2 and 3, Los Alamos, El Carmen 1 and 2, El Porvenir, Boca del Monte 1 2 and 3, Ciudad Real, La Corona. LOTS  How many Elders/Hermanas total? We are 32 missionaries in total. 8 sisters and the rest elders.
4.  How often to you interact with the Prez? We don't talk to him much. A lot with the Assistants
 How often do you split with your missionaries? I'm on divisions right now haha and tomorrow I have o be in my area alone with the assistants hhaha SABER
5.  Do you have good Hermana Leader (not sure what their title is there)? Yeah they are super great. Its' one that entered with me and she's great. I was her DL in El Tejar. PILAS 
6.  Is your area hilly and covered with Barrancos like the Carmen? Not even close!! It's got it's hills but it isn't near like the Carmen!! 
7.  How is your food (cocinera)? Super good. The members give us food every day and the good thing is that they all have $$$$$$$ Tons of moola haha. It's good.

mom's Questions:
Are you liking your trio? Yeah I like it. It's a little hard to get the teaching down but we're working so hard!! LOVE IT!!!!
Give a pic of your apartment. I always love seeing.
Is it really different being a zone leader? More work? Different work? Sueper super busy haha. Especially here in this zone that it HUGE!!!! It's the biggest one in the mission and they most pressure to baptize too haha. Lots of dats too. We are all over the place all the time but I love it so far. Keeps me focused.
Are you healthy? Yeah I think so...... hahahhaha I'm good.


We baptized 3 of God's children this weekend. Rene, Scarlet and Jennifer. SUPER KILLLAAAAAA. They were all super ready and super haappy to get it done. It was a great sunday. We had 3 baptisms in the area and 17 investigators in church! NEW RECORD!!! We just need to find out how to get them all baptized.

Next week we have 4 baptisms almost totally ready to go to the wa wa. Jose and Helen Samayoa, Leonel Reyes and Angel Muñoz. We haven't even been working with them very much. Just the members here are awesome and just get it done hardcore.

I'm loving it with my companions. I feel like this change is going to fly by. It' already is!!! 

We had house inspections this week and we had to go to all of the areas in the zone and inspect it up. We went around with President and Sister Brough and it was so great. So cool to just talk to them and not have the pressure that comes with being with the mission President. Super sweet day. I got to go to El Carmen and just got straight HOMESICK. I loved that place. I'll be going there in divisions very soon haha. LOVE IT!!

The members here are great. They work with us and they actually give us great references. It just makes our work so much easier with the help of the members and we just teach and baptize. SO AWESOME!!!

We are working so hard but we are having so much fun at the same time. We are going to baptize 400 this month in the mission and we already have more that 200 going into the last two weeks which are usually huge. This week in the zone we are going to have like 30 baptisms if everythin goes as planned. Super blessed and we've been seeing a ton ton ton of miracles. President shared a cool scripture with us to help us not to doubt, 1 Nephi 17:13. Loved it. I know that we can do anything with the Lord on our side. He is always there to help us when we need him and he'll always life us up. Awesome to know that.

Thanks for all your support. I'm doing well. Eating more but I'll probably lose a little bit of weight with all the freaking sweat hahaha. Super great. Loving it baby!!! I love the mission. Just working hard and being obedient is the only way to get it done, it's the only thing that will actually change us in the long run. I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL!!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!

Wedding SWAG!

Renee Scarlet & Jennifer

Comp love

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oh yes........!!!!!!


Hey everyone.......

This week was a wild roller coaster ride baby..... I'll start with the questions...

1.  Where, and with whom are you?

I'm in a freaking TRIO!!!!!! My first companion is from Arizona, Elder Finch, he is a straight monster haha. Love it. White guy. My second companion is Elder Carcamo, from Panama. He goes home in 3 weeks....I'll tell you more in a minute!!

2.  Tell us about your farewells from the Tejar?

It was good. I already told you about Luis and Nery but with the Familia Pablo was a tough one. They are like my family out there. They were so awesome and they always were there for anything that we needed. We just loved those guys. Saying goodbye always sucks sooooo bad. Asi es la mision....

3.  We still gonna get our cool scripture cases?
I GOT THEM LAST WEEK!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!! So awesome man. You're going to love it.

4.  Describe your new zone (what areas are in it) and ward/branch.  How many Hermanas/Elders?

We are in Stake Villa Hermosa. I'm in an area named Prados 1. It is an awesome area and the ward it HUGE!!!! There were 330 at chuch this Sunday. We are 6 missionaries. 3 Elders and 4 Hermanas. Super awesome. We are going to baptize like crazies haha.

5.  Where are you living/how are you eating?

We live in a residencial that is awesome. We have a good house and didn't eat for 5 days until we bought food yesterday haha. It was a rough couple of physical days hahaha we didn't eat anything but lunch for 5 days. No time to go and buy!! GOTTA WORK!!!

6.  Tell us about your new investigator pool.  Did the previous guy leave you anything?

HOLY CRAP!! We have the goal to baptize 14 in this area and it's looking like we are going to do it. We have 4 this next Sunday and 3 or more the next one. It is looking soooooooooo good. Super blessed to be here.

7.  Did Luis say he would let his kids get baptized?

He said that if they wanted to, then they could do it. But I saw that if he isn't going to do it then they aren't going to do it.


Well I'm in Prados de Villa Hermosa 1. Just right back where I was about 7 months ago. I'm in the same zone as when I was in El Carmen. Going to be sooooo sweet to be able to go and do divisions there. I know my area right now a little bit from coming here and doing divisions with the Zone leaders while I was in the zone and now I'm here and it is funny that people recognize me. It's so awesome here haha. the members are awesome and we are going to have a ton of success. A TON!!!!!

We're gonna kill it this change. I left El Tejar a little dry.....but I came here and it's like someone just sowed for 5 years straight and just left it on the ground haha. That's just how the mission is haha. Elder Hernandez (My child) and Elder Sorenson (Cody Sorenson) are companions in the zone and that's so awesome!! Killing it. My comps are good. Elder Carcamo only is going to be with us for like 2 weeeks more and then he's out of here. I think President put him with us so that he would try and keep up the rhythm for the last little bit. Elder Finch is a MONSTER haha. I thought I was good, but this dude is awesome. We work so hard and I am loving it so far. We literally are just running around side by side and it's great for once hahaha.

We're getting that money little by little. I like being with a gringo haha It brings sarcasm back into the game and I love it. We jsut mess around and have a lot of fun and work out butts off. It's great man. So great. 

Don't really have much to say haha just trying to get to know the area and work hard. Loving life out and we're going to go hard till it's over. Elder J snow and Elder K Ritz are approaching the end., CRAZYYYYY I can't even believe that. I've still got a good amount of time here and I'm so grateful for that. I look back on how I used to say that I wanted to go home early for school.....hahahahahahaha More like LET ME EXTEND PLEASE!!!! They don't let us though..... LOVE IT MAN!!!!!! I'm doing great.

Here's a pic of my comps and of the map of El Tejar. KIKLLLLEREERRRR lleaving the mark.....
Copycat of Dad's picture in El Tejar

Pablo Family

Elder Carcamo, me, Elder Finch

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


March 4, 2014
Hello everyone....... Ummmmm weird weird week hahaha. Questions getting muddy....

1. Changes? Yeah I'll get into that a little more abajo de la pagina if you know what I mean.....
2. Investigator update? Well I have no idea haha We had a straight up crap Sunday but I know that all will be good. We are working our butts off and being super flechones so come what may, God will bless us with what we need.
3. Did you make it over to Dona Naty's house yet? Juan is a cranky dude, but I love him. Yeh we did dude!!!!!! It was way funnny. Mas adelante.
4. How's the new family you contacted last week doing? Um well we totally have gone a bunch of time and the normal chapin thing that they do is straight up disappear hahaha so we don't know for right now...
5. Are you singing a little? Come on!!!! I don't know why you ask me that. You know I'm singing. I seriuosly don't know what I'd do without it. I just want to get home and start singing somewhere hahaha. Love it.

Well this week was a little weird...... way way weird...... I'm out of El Tejar tomorrow..... WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! But I guess that's what the Lord wants haha. It sucks to say good bye but that's just what happens in the mission. On to bigger and better things I guess. We'll see what happens. I'll let you know as soon as I can haha.

We went and I said Adios to Nery Muñoz and ja boi Luis Guzman. I can honestly say that I worked my hardest and started to do what the Spirit wanted me to do in the end. I don't have any regrets. One day he will get it and he will be baptized. Elder Mena said he would visit them but haha I don't know honestly lolol. That was a little hard but Luis is like it doesn't even matter because in like 7 months you and your dad are going to come down with your mom and see me..... can you say throwing some pressure down?? hahaha.

Nery is soooo funny and just gave me this huge huge like conference talk full of council from the mouth of Nery Muñoz. He has plans to go to Utah in November haha. Killin it. We'll see how the rest goes today. Crazy that I'm leaving. I feel like they just lied to me and don't want to stop until I get to changes with my bags lololol...

 The thing about Nicolle was freaking sweet!!! Holy cow. I'd explode in that mission. I feel like I'm about to explode and I've been baptizing like crazy. SABER how that happened though. I thought I was the impatient one hahaha. Couldn't open the link because I can't go onto other sites but I'll see it soon enough...
Eating and hanging out with the Munoz Family...A WILFOR!

Talked to Juan Muñoz and Naty and she that was funny. I walked into the house and Naty just saw me and said "HANSON" hahahaha It was way funny. She sat us down and gave us beans and eggs and nectar of the Gods (Pineapple juice) They love dad haha. It's weird now though. These people tell me how dad would just get there and hang out with them and be their friends. I find that so hard with the pressure that we have and the rules that make it so we can't do the same. We can only be in a house for an hour MAX!!! And the house of a faithful member for 20 minutes MAX. It's weird but helps us find more people to baptize. We're not allowed to have dinner in house of members either. But the Lord knows what is best for us. Not complaining. Love it.

 I love this place sooo much. Great time here. Great people and greater memories. Great success too haha. I love you all. I'll let you know Que onzas (what's up) With my changes. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! HAPPY WEEK!!!!!!!!!

Me and Luis and Family

Nery Munoz