Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oh yes........!!!!!!


Hey everyone.......

This week was a wild roller coaster ride baby..... I'll start with the questions...

1.  Where, and with whom are you?

I'm in a freaking TRIO!!!!!! My first companion is from Arizona, Elder Finch, he is a straight monster haha. Love it. White guy. My second companion is Elder Carcamo, from Panama. He goes home in 3 weeks....I'll tell you more in a minute!!

2.  Tell us about your farewells from the Tejar?

It was good. I already told you about Luis and Nery but with the Familia Pablo was a tough one. They are like my family out there. They were so awesome and they always were there for anything that we needed. We just loved those guys. Saying goodbye always sucks sooooo bad. Asi es la mision....

3.  We still gonna get our cool scripture cases?
I GOT THEM LAST WEEK!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!! So awesome man. You're going to love it.

4.  Describe your new zone (what areas are in it) and ward/branch.  How many Hermanas/Elders?

We are in Stake Villa Hermosa. I'm in an area named Prados 1. It is an awesome area and the ward it HUGE!!!! There were 330 at chuch this Sunday. We are 6 missionaries. 3 Elders and 4 Hermanas. Super awesome. We are going to baptize like crazies haha.

5.  Where are you living/how are you eating?

We live in a residencial that is awesome. We have a good house and didn't eat for 5 days until we bought food yesterday haha. It was a rough couple of physical days hahaha we didn't eat anything but lunch for 5 days. No time to go and buy!! GOTTA WORK!!!

6.  Tell us about your new investigator pool.  Did the previous guy leave you anything?

HOLY CRAP!! We have the goal to baptize 14 in this area and it's looking like we are going to do it. We have 4 this next Sunday and 3 or more the next one. It is looking soooooooooo good. Super blessed to be here.

7.  Did Luis say he would let his kids get baptized?

He said that if they wanted to, then they could do it. But I saw that if he isn't going to do it then they aren't going to do it.


Well I'm in Prados de Villa Hermosa 1. Just right back where I was about 7 months ago. I'm in the same zone as when I was in El Carmen. Going to be sooooo sweet to be able to go and do divisions there. I know my area right now a little bit from coming here and doing divisions with the Zone leaders while I was in the zone and now I'm here and it is funny that people recognize me. It's so awesome here haha. the members are awesome and we are going to have a ton of success. A TON!!!!!

We're gonna kill it this change. I left El Tejar a little dry.....but I came here and it's like someone just sowed for 5 years straight and just left it on the ground haha. That's just how the mission is haha. Elder Hernandez (My child) and Elder Sorenson (Cody Sorenson) are companions in the zone and that's so awesome!! Killing it. My comps are good. Elder Carcamo only is going to be with us for like 2 weeeks more and then he's out of here. I think President put him with us so that he would try and keep up the rhythm for the last little bit. Elder Finch is a MONSTER haha. I thought I was good, but this dude is awesome. We work so hard and I am loving it so far. We literally are just running around side by side and it's great for once hahaha.

We're getting that money little by little. I like being with a gringo haha It brings sarcasm back into the game and I love it. We jsut mess around and have a lot of fun and work out butts off. It's great man. So great. 

Don't really have much to say haha just trying to get to know the area and work hard. Loving life out and we're going to go hard till it's over. Elder J snow and Elder K Ritz are approaching the end., CRAZYYYYY I can't even believe that. I've still got a good amount of time here and I'm so grateful for that. I look back on how I used to say that I wanted to go home early for school.....hahahahahahaha More like LET ME EXTEND PLEASE!!!! They don't let us though..... LOVE IT MAN!!!!!! I'm doing great.

Here's a pic of my comps and of the map of El Tejar. KIKLLLLEREERRRR lleaving the mark.....
Copycat of Dad's picture in El Tejar

Pablo Family

Elder Carcamo, me, Elder Finch

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