Wednesday, October 30, 2013


October 29, 2013


This week was totally a week of mostly downs and a couple ups but whatever haha that's how the Lord wants it sometimes I guess.

I guess I'll start off with the good news. ME AND ELDER HINTZE ARE STAYING TOGETHER FOR ONE MORE CHANGE BABBYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! We were sooooo ready to have changes. I was so sure that he was out haha. The Zone Leaders called us and told us and I thought they were totally joking but no we're together till Nivvy November baby!!! And we baptized Gloria and that was so great. A dang good baptism. A little more about that in continuation.

I totally was frizzy frazzled all week this week haha. We had so many things going on and a lot of things that didn't work. The familia Real couldn't get into the agua this week because the sister drank coffee. But we're not too worried about them because they are going to get baptized. Super awesome family. We totally had a HUGE surprise with Hector and his interview. I guess he had killed two people with intention like 40 years ago so he couldn't do it this weekend. He has to have a huge process of coming to church and an interview with Presidente Brough and then the ultimate decision has to come from Presidente Monson! Crazy process and pretty hard to see. He was super sad. But he'll be able to do it in like 5 months or so. Super tough and frustrating but those things just happen and there's nothing you can do about it. Still keeping our heads up and working super hard. SO STOKED TO BE TOGETHER STILL!!!! We keep just looking to eachother and saying, "wait, you're still my companion?" LOVE IT YOMO

The baptism of Gloria was one of the best/funniest thing ever. A member named Baudilio got to baptize her and it was awesome because he was so dang stoked to do and super grateful to be able to do it. Gloria was so excited that she was crying and so happy haha it was awesome. So right before they get into the water, Baudilio explained everything to her and told her that they were going to say a little prayer and then he was going to dunk her with force. So she gets into the water and the water was FREEEEEEZZZZING and she was freaking out haha. She calmed down a little bit and got it calmed. Right as Baudilio was about to start it all, Gloria plugged her nose and started like screaming "SEÑOR JESUS PADRE CELESTIAL" and a bunch of stuff like that and then she just started to dunk herself. SHE TRIED TO BAPTIZE HERSELF HAHAHAHAAH. It was literally the funniest thing I've ever seen. Baudilio was there like "What the heck is happening" Me and Elder Hintze were just laughing our butts off and luckily she didn't go down all the way hahahaha It was so great. She totally killed it. I just love her. So great. 

We totally got haircuts yesterday and that was super Bad Attitude . We're not super worried about the people because we are going to have a really good change this time around. We have a lot of people that could get it done and we're super excited. LOVE THE WORK BABBBBBBYYYYYY. Thanks for all the support from everyone and keep us in your prayers! Have a great week. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Elder Hanson


Does Guat celebrate Halloween? Yeah a little bit. It is looked at like a Satan worshiping thing so it is always really frowned upon haha. The religions are so weird down here. No dancing, no makeup, no parties, no nothing haha Crazies. But crazies that I love.

Friday, October 25, 2013


October 22, 2013

Hello everyone......

Me and Elder Hintze's sick Guatemalan swag

Got my package!

making fun of all the missionaries that feel like they have to have a Book of Mormon in their hands in every picture that they take with my little bit of YOMO flavor

 how I like to put the youngest of his family to work so that he can learn the real way of life. I give him so much crap about being the youngest in his family LOLOLOLOL

The pictures are of Mine and Elder Hintze's SICK Guatemala SWAG backpacks. LOVIN IT and we killed it too with my new YOMO shirt!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH

This week was a total week of miracles!!! I had my best Sunday in the whole mission with just literally everything going right and God just blessed us super hard core. Great week for sure.

In the district this Sunday that is coming up we should have 10 baptisms! That's crazy! God has blessed us so much in this week with just everything that we have needed. We are 6 missionaries here in the district and we are hoping that we can be blessed enough to just be able to get it done. I need you to pray hard core for Ada and Eyner, Gloria, and Hector. It could be a great day in white for us and we are hoping that it happens. I know it will if we just have faith and are dilligent and obedient!!

I got the package in PERFECT timing because I'm almost out of contact solution. I love getting stuff in mail. At the beginnning of the mission I got stuff all the time and it was so great but now I don't get as much but when I get something, I love it so much haha. So THANK YOU for that. I LOVE YOU! The YOMO shirt for sure took the cake and I sport it every night haha. Everyone that has seen it is totally jealous, namely Elder Hintze. No one else has seen it haha.

I've been so thankful for the opportunity that I have to have been with Elder Hintze. I can't believe that we almost have changes haha. It has gone by so freaking fast!! I hope that i can train again. I love it so much and it is such a great trust from Heavenly Father and from the mission president. Gotta start those little babies off right! We always talk about how awesome it would be to stay here together but we kind of know it won't happen haha. It would be cool.

I studied a lot about Charity this week. One sweet thing that I learned was that Jesus didn't baptize one person but he had charity and so it didn't matter. I love 1 Corinthians chapter 13 about charity. It is so awesome that we are literally nothing if we don't love. Even if we have literally everything else, but not charity, we can't be saved. I LOVE THAT. I feel like it is something that all of us have to work on so that we can be saved haha. I think it is something that can help me to be more humble as I try to do my best to just have more love for the people here, my companion and the other missionaries that I serve. Great week of everything.

I love you all!!! Thank you all for the support and everything you do for me. Keep throwin up those prayers so that we can see this MILAGRON this weekend!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Elder Hanson


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


October 15, 2013

It's ja boi Edgar. Love this dude!

Hi everyone..... We had 386 contacts and 128 of them were families.... Oh wait you're not President Brough.....LOL not

Well we had an awesome week this week! Only one baptism but it was the best baptism ever!!!! We baptized out little cholito Edgar after he had dropped every addiction that he had! It was so amazing! You will have pictures at continuation that i will help describe the story. There wasn't water at the church and so me and the ward mission leader had to get it done with buckets hahahaha WE FILLED THE PILA WITH BUCKETS!!!!! YOMO Number 1. We went to pick Edgar up in the morning and he was way scared and almost didn't want to do it. But we talked him out of it and he came with us. As we walked to the church he started to sing "Still D.R.E." By Doctor DRE and Snoop Dogg and let me tell you that it wasn't the edited version hahahahahaha YOMO number 2.

It's ja boi Edgar!  Love this dude!
Then in the baptism he ws posing like a straight G for some pictures outside of the font. This guys the most awesome dude ever! YOMO for days. It really was one of the most spiritual baptisms ever and so dang rewarding. We worked so hard with him to get him to that point. Just an awesome experience for us.

Filling up the font with buckets

We have this investigator that is named Gloria and she is so funny haha she went to church and she loved it. She'll be baptized on the 27th. We're looking to have a HUGE 27th. The best thing about Gloria is that when I see her, she always reminds me of Kristin Wigs skit of SNL when she has the baby hand and loves chasing cars hahahaha. Gloria has little baby hand like that and it is so dang funny. I always think of mom and Chode when I see here " AND I LIKE CHASING CARS"

We are working really hard and it looks like wer are set up really nicely for the 27th. Just keep praying for us and I know that we will be blessed with these miracles.

Yesterday we got to play some real basketball with people that actually know how to play and can I just tell you right now, I loved it! It ws so dang fun. I didn't realized how much I love basketball and how much I missed it until yesterday. I'm SO sore though. Getting old sucks right?

I've been thinking about the one thing that is holding me back in being a better servant of Jesus and I've come to the conclusion that the thing I need to work on a little bit more is humility. I feel like everyone that knows me, knows that I'm not the most humble person ever. I've gotten a lot better in the mission as the time has gone by but I know I can do more. Just help me out maybe with some ideas about how I can make myself a little bit more humble. Thanks!

I loved that talk by Russell M Nelson about how we need to treat our  bodies well. I've noticed that a lot down here. We will pay for every single harm that we do to our bodies here on this earth. 

Thanks for all that you do for me!!! I love you so much and the support is great. Have a great week!!!!

Elder Hanson YOMO

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

OOOOOOOOiiiiiii General Conference Edition....HUH?

October 8, 2013

Hi everyone....

This week was AWESOME!!!!!!!! Except for the fact that I rolled my freaking ankle AGAIN! I seriously couldn't believe it haha I was just laughing that time. GREAT WEEK.

Here come the questions.....

1.  Did your investigators go to conference? Yeah we actually had a great turnout of investigators in church. The worst was that we have a family of 7 that was ready to go and ready to love it and so we sent some members to pick them up in their car and of course, the dad sent his kid to see if they were ready and the kid only saw that the door was closed and that they weren't there, little did he know was that they were inside waiting for them to get there!!!! AHHHHHHHH!! Now I know how mom felt when she would tell us what to do and then we just sucked it up haha. Oh man.
2.  How's Hintze's Spanish? It's good. The good thing is that he understands a lot. It's nice because I don't have to explain to him what's going on but he doesn't talk as well as he understands and that frustrates him a lot.
3.  Tell Hintze we're sending him a shirt.
4.  Who are your best investigators? Edgar, Hector, and a Family.
5.  Did you land in your new house? Yeah. Yesterday we moved and it's so much better. We woke up at 3 yesterday and today at 4 and I'm dying hahahaha but it was worth it.  Even though there is no hot water....
6.  Did you find a new cocinera?  We just have a bunch of random ladies that give us food for free every day and that's way nice.
7.  Did Diaz go home yet? No he goes home in January haha it seems like I'm right behind him...
8.  What do you need down there? I don't know haha. I just want some good candy haha. More than anything. There is nothing good here sweet haha. I've resorted to eating Halls cough drops for the sweet flavor of deliciousness. Sad right?

Well the pictures say it all. My gangster former drug addict investigator that will be baptized this Sunday, gave me that sick Tupac Shakur shirt because he thinks I'm in the rap game. He's so sick. And I wrecked Elder Hintze one day and he was out cold on his bed at like 10 with his misison clothes on hahaha YESSSSS.

First of all, How Great was Conference???? LOVED IT! I was talking with Elder Hintze on Sunday morning about how Elder Scott's talks always seem to give me the snoozes, sorry but it's true, and the on Sunday morning he blew me out of the water with my favorite talk of the Conference. I loved it so much. And I got the hear the translation in Spanish and he did his own overvoice. So sick! We saw it in Elnglish but we had the spanish voice overhead. Kind of annoying but whatever. Pregunteme si me importa. I loved it though. I am also digging hard core the Les Miserables shout outs in the Conference. Where is that coming from? I don't know but I like it. Elder Uchtdorf's talk about getting up was so awesome. President Monson's talk in Priesthoood was so awesome about Home Teaching. I'm so glad that I don't have to learn those lessons because I have a dad that taught me to do my home teaching every month and how to do it right. Love It! I think my talk that just got me so pumped with Elder Gifford Nielson. He totally lit the place on fire!!!! I loved when he said, "If we really love our family members and friends, why wouldn't we share our testimonies with them?" What would you do if the Prophet called you, Oh wait he already did! LOVE IT!!  President Eyring's talk reminded me a lot of mom and dad. Super cool. When Elder Holland was talking I couldn't help thinking about Cody Peterson. That kid is such a stud and such an inspiration. Elder Christofferson went hard too. I am starting to love all of his talks. It was an awesome Conference. Maybe I'll be able to stay here for a 5th. (cross the fingers.)

We're doing well with our investigators. I feel like in these weeks that are coming, there are going to be alot of fruits. We are working hard and trying to just do everything in a good way so that we can be blessed with these miracles. This area is really cool and I'm super blessed to be here and to be able to be serving these peaple.

We were walking home one night when Elder Hintze had boo and that was the funniest thing in the whole world. He was literally dying. He was sweating and freaking out and crying like a little baby. We were about to go home so that he could get it done and I was like nope, one lesson more it's not 9 o'clock yet hahaha. So we had the lesson and the Elder Hintze went off just sprinting after the prayer that he said in like 5 seconds. It was AWESOME!!!!!

Keep praying for us so that we can see these miracles happen. It is going to be good in these next couple weeks and I'm hoping that we can just get it done! I love you all!!!!!

Elder Hanson YOMO

Elder Hintze one day and he was out cold on his bed at like 10 with his misison clothes on hahaha YESSSSS.

 My gangster former drug addict investigator that will be baptized this Sunday, gave me that sick Tupac Shakur shirt because he thinks I'm in the rap game. He's so sick. 


Elder Hintze watching conference


in the back seat of a 1999 NISSAN FRONTIER moving the house. Sound familiar??? 

A great chapin handshake. I know dad will like that

General Conference SWAGGGGGGGG with the blue suit and gray pants.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


October 1, 2013

Hi everyone...

This week was another great week of a bunch of straight bendiciones. Loved IT!!!!!!!! I'll answer the questions first....

1.  Had Elder Hintze been in the area before? Yeah he had been here for one change already. But doesn't know it super well haha we get lost all the time.
2.  Are you his first comp in the field? No I'm his second papa out here. His other trainer just went up to zone leader. That's actually pretty common that that happens here just 2 trainers for your first 2 changes.
3.  How big is the ward, and when does it start? There are like 250 that go every week and it is actually really big. We start at 9 this time and it is the best thing in the whole world. Way better than 7: 30
4.  Are the members helpful? The members are so dang  awesome. That's why this area is like really really famous for baptizing.
5.  Did you find a new place to liv and a nueva cocinera? Yeah we got a new house and we'll be moving in on next Monday Primero Dios ba que si?
6.  Is your new comp holding up to your schedule?  He's doing great. He is a stud and has like a foot on my and so he can keep up with me...most of the time. ;)
8.  DO you walk everywhere or do you get bikes at all? Oh gosh hahaha Bikes?? ni modo ba? JAMAS. I would kill for a bike haha. That won't happen. We walk everywhere. Even though there are busses I like to walk to the farther parts. That's something that Elder Hintze isn't used to and I love it haha.
9.  Is Hintze a larrrjj (said like guat) or an estra larjjjj (said like Guat)?  XL I think he's only like 8 feet tall haha
10.  Does your zone ever get together and go anywhere on P-day like Antigua or Atitlan?  Or even Amatitlan? I've never been to Antigua haha that sucks way bad. i want to go way bad. I've been to Atitlan and that was sweet. Normally we just get together and go hard with some futbol and pizza.

Well I'm gonna start this one off with a great funny experience..... Yesterday we were walking down the street killing it as usual and I was walking tranquilo. Elder Hintze was behind me and it was dark on this like really busy main road in the area. On the side of the road there was like a little drop off kind of like a curb but not with a hard edge like that. Kind of like a lifted road. But we're walking at going good until my AWESOME ankles just totally make me eat it so hard. I rolled my right ankle so freaking hard and then tried to catch myself with my left and rolled it too hahaha and just ate it so dang hard and almost fell right on my face hahaha it was so dang funny and it hurt so dang bad. I'm just lucky no cars were coming or else they would have totally ran me over hahaha. I crawled to the side of the street and sat down over there and Elder hintze was laughing his butt off. I don't  blame him at all because if I wasnt' in horrible pain, I would have died laughing hahaha. He said that he thought that i feel right on my face and he was like OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH. I seriously wish I would have videoed it because it was like slow mo horrible crap. It was a total momento tonto. RETARD. Now my ankles are swollen and I'm hobbling around like a freak. GUATEMALA SWAG.

Well we baptized this weekend and that was a straight miracle! We worked so dang hard for that baptism and it totally paid off. I was so happy and I guess they are killing it in El Carmen too. It feels so good to know that we are going to have some good success here. We have a kid named Edgar that is 25 and he is literally dropping everything to get baptized. Drugs, alcohol, smoking, coffee haha he is so awesome. He is like a straight gangster and just gets that money reading the Book of Mormon. He talks SOOOOO much slang from here and Elder Hintze has no idea what is going on and it's so dang funny. I love it!! We also have a guy that is named Hector that all we need to do is get him married so taht he can get him baptized. The wedding will be on the 12th and the baptism on the 13th. Another family named the Hernandez family. They just need to get married but they came to church this week and are really excited and jsut want to get baptized. We also have a family of like 5 named the Real family that are looking soooo positive. They want to go to General Conference this weekend and that will be great. We'll see what we can do!! That's pretty much it for right now.... PRAY FOR THEM!

I love being with Elder Hintze haha. It is a little hard at times but I feel like we are doing really well at keeping ourselves focused on what we're doing. I LOVE looking at him in lessons and him just looking at me like "what the heck is going on? What do you want me to say?" Then I jus

t tell him to bear his testimony and it's all good. i think that one of the hardest things is just not calling him Doug haha. We just really can't believe that we are together and I think that's how it's going to be for a while. Just so weird to talk about someone or something from home and he literally knows what it is. We're really getting along well and it will be a good month this month. They all think we're some kind of freaks haha it's so dang funny to see the looks of the peoples faces seeing their first and second gringo of their live at the same time. We're killing it. Just got haircuts yesterday. Stoked to get into the new house.

I'm ridiculously excited for General Conference. It is going to be an awesome opportunity to get investigators to come to church and see what we're all about. I'm stoked to be able to hear the prophet. I can't believe that it is my 3rd in the mission field haha one more and I'll be at red iguana eating what will for me be a crappy carnita haha. I'm loving life out here. It's not too hot and not too cold. Stopped raining a little bit and now it's supposed to clear up. My ankles are like baseballs but ¿Que me importa? I love this place!!!!! HAve a great week this week and keep me in your prayers!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hanson