Wednesday, October 16, 2013


October 15, 2013

It's ja boi Edgar. Love this dude!

Hi everyone..... We had 386 contacts and 128 of them were families.... Oh wait you're not President Brough.....LOL not

Well we had an awesome week this week! Only one baptism but it was the best baptism ever!!!! We baptized out little cholito Edgar after he had dropped every addiction that he had! It was so amazing! You will have pictures at continuation that i will help describe the story. There wasn't water at the church and so me and the ward mission leader had to get it done with buckets hahahaha WE FILLED THE PILA WITH BUCKETS!!!!! YOMO Number 1. We went to pick Edgar up in the morning and he was way scared and almost didn't want to do it. But we talked him out of it and he came with us. As we walked to the church he started to sing "Still D.R.E." By Doctor DRE and Snoop Dogg and let me tell you that it wasn't the edited version hahahahahaha YOMO number 2.

It's ja boi Edgar!  Love this dude!
Then in the baptism he ws posing like a straight G for some pictures outside of the font. This guys the most awesome dude ever! YOMO for days. It really was one of the most spiritual baptisms ever and so dang rewarding. We worked so hard with him to get him to that point. Just an awesome experience for us.

Filling up the font with buckets

We have this investigator that is named Gloria and she is so funny haha she went to church and she loved it. She'll be baptized on the 27th. We're looking to have a HUGE 27th. The best thing about Gloria is that when I see her, she always reminds me of Kristin Wigs skit of SNL when she has the baby hand and loves chasing cars hahahaha. Gloria has little baby hand like that and it is so dang funny. I always think of mom and Chode when I see here " AND I LIKE CHASING CARS"

We are working really hard and it looks like wer are set up really nicely for the 27th. Just keep praying for us and I know that we will be blessed with these miracles.

Yesterday we got to play some real basketball with people that actually know how to play and can I just tell you right now, I loved it! It ws so dang fun. I didn't realized how much I love basketball and how much I missed it until yesterday. I'm SO sore though. Getting old sucks right?

I've been thinking about the one thing that is holding me back in being a better servant of Jesus and I've come to the conclusion that the thing I need to work on a little bit more is humility. I feel like everyone that knows me, knows that I'm not the most humble person ever. I've gotten a lot better in the mission as the time has gone by but I know I can do more. Just help me out maybe with some ideas about how I can make myself a little bit more humble. Thanks!

I loved that talk by Russell M Nelson about how we need to treat our  bodies well. I've noticed that a lot down here. We will pay for every single harm that we do to our bodies here on this earth. 

Thanks for all that you do for me!!! I love you so much and the support is great. Have a great week!!!!

Elder Hanson YOMO

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