Tuesday, December 31, 2013


December 31, 2013 Hi everyone.... Elder Hanson here just killin it as usual OOOOOOOOiiiiiiii!!! On to the questions!!!!!!!! Questions: 1. Is Mena coming around? Yeah eerything there is good. We are getting along well. I-m just working on trying to get him to smile a little bit more. He works and stuff I can just never tell what is going on in his head. He-s like a serious military dude and it like scares people haha. But it-s fine for now. Nothing I can-t handle. 2. How was your mission Christmas fiesta? It was fine haha We really didn-t do anything at all. Just at a members house and eating my tamales and getting fat. And a ton of fireworks. Good night but not really much different haha 3. Where are you eating/living? We live in this SICKKKKK house right now. I-m loving it here haha. We eat with the Family Pablo. They are members since forever. I thought for sure you-d know them dad.... Do you do your own clothes, or does someone do them for you? Hermana Pablo washes the clothes. Not very well but she tries. I would try to wash some myself but it-s hard because I literally have no time at all in the night. 4. How much are you teaching? This week we had 65 lessons. I can pretty much teach wherever and whenever I want. That-s just how this country is. AWESOME 5. Are you meeting many Lamanitas? Mountain folk? Their Spanish is pretty funny, huh? THEY ARECRAZY!!! They don-t know how to speak spanish and when you try to talk to them and they don-t want anything, they just yell at you in Ka Chi Kel, a language that they speak here in Chimal 6. Did you get to Antigua yet? NOOOOOOOOO. I wanted to go yesterday but we can-t go if it isn-t an activity with the zone because it-s not in the zone. It sucks but we will be going on the 13th. I-m going to get some leather cases for my scriptures. Don-t be surprised when I take some money out of my account. Stoked about them. There-s a member that knows a lady from Antigua that makes them how you want them. I-m going to get some sick ones..... WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO weird week...... Christmas doesn-t really feel like Christmas here haha. There is no snow and so it-s just normal. I-m to thepoint where nothing makes me baggy so I just work like normal every day haha. I think I might be gaining a little weight because I never sweat here!! It sucks haha I-ll try to keep it down to the normal....if I can. We baptized all 3 of them!!!!! It was maybe the most worry free baptism that I-ve had in the whole mission. For once everything went as planned! And they all got dunkedddddddd!!!!!! We will have another one this weekend. Him name is Edgar Colindres and he-s freaking awesome!! He-s the husband of a less active that we are going to marry this Friday and this sunday is the baptism. We are being very blessed this change right now. It is soo good to see that all you need to do is be obedient and diligent and everything goes as planned. There was an earthquake a couple days ago....I was praying going to bed and the ground just started to shake. If I was from one of the churches down here, I totally would have taken that like some huge answer that everything that I am doing is correct hahaha. These people are crazy. But it actually was pretty cool. We got it done. Well cool experience....... Neri Muñoz, turns out that I do know him haha. He-s a less active that we-ve been trying to get back to church. He-s been going to last few sundays and He-s freaking awesome haha. I talked to him in church sunday and said, "my dad knows you" And he said "Yo lo sabia!" "I knew it! I knew that he was your dad beacuse of your last name." SOOOOOOOO sweet. I guess he has pictures of dad with him in his house. We are going over there this week to see what-s up over there. SEND ME THE PICTURES!!!! I WANT TO SEE THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!! I had some pretty freaky interviews this weekend haha. Interviews are either the most spiritual thing ever or they are the most freaky thing evewr haha. I love seeing first hand how someone can change their life and how you can feel if someone is telling you how they really feel or if they are doing it for another reason. It is so cool to be able to have the gift of discerning. Super cool. I seriously have nothing more to say. I-m doing well and everything is totally OOOOTTTTZZZZZZZ. I love life. I love you!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 24, 2013 Hi everyone.... This week was a nice wild ride for me and my comp. GETTING IT DONE!!!!!!! Here are the questions.... Which zone are you in? We're in the Zone Chimaltenango!! They just split the zone a couple months ago because now there is a stake in Chimal and Antigua!!! KILLLLLLEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR How many missionaries in the Tejar? It's just me and my comp in El Tejar. We get it done!! Who is the Branch President? It's Bishop Garcia. He lives in an area named Sumpango How many/who are you teaching? We are teaching like freaks haha. I just run around knocking doors and teaching member's friends. It's so fun. My comp gets a little bugged sometimes though..... Do the members help? Yeah the members are so awesome here. We have a lot of success teaching their friends. Have you gone to Chimal for meetings? Yeah. Right now I'm in Chimal in internet, but we come here like 3 times a week. For interviews and district meeting and p day Is "Cheveres" (the best hot dog in in the world) still alive? Yeah there are the little stands all over the street but we can't eat anything from the street. Asi que cuando me vengas a traer, vamos a comernos un Cheveres....OOOiiiiiii How much are you teaching? We are teaching about 9 lessons a day!! Getting crazy. They were having like 4 in the district a day and we've changed that quite drastically. MIRACLE CITY HERE IN THE PROMISED LANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the zone that baptizes less in the whole mission and we are about to go so crazy on the 29th. Me and my companion have 3 people that are going to get baptize this weekend and we're hoping that everything goes alright!!! Claudia Gonzalez is a lady that we found and she just goes to church and she is so awesome. She has had problems with practically everything that you can think of but we're hoping that everything can happen how it needs to in the interview. Javier and Juan Diego Carranza are some sick jovenes. They are so awesome. My second night we found them and from then on, they've done everythin that we've told them to. They will go down this week!!!! 3 Baptisms could get crazy!!! Doesn't happen here haha. We have right now in the district 11 set dates for this weekend and we're gonna get it done!!!! A ver que dice Dios va?? I'm loving it here. We're having a good time. My companion is good. Just a little hard because when I try to tell him something he doesn't really pay attencion. He keeps up with me most of the time. But we're going to have to work on some stuff this change. It is going to be a good one. Time goes by fast even when it seems like it's not going by fast. I got a record 7 packages on Thursday when we had the mission activity. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! My companion and my district and my zone are very happy with you!!! SHARING IS CARING!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY LOVE BEEF JERKY!!!!!! I'm a little bit stoked for Christmas. I'm just gonna live it up CHAPIN STYLE!!!!! Last one here for a while and so I'm going to have to get it done right. 50 tamales and 20 glasses of ponche should get it done. Oh and maybe some pan frances..... I love this place haha. We are going to have so much fun haha. We also have permission to be out of the house until 12 30 and so that will be a crazy deal. With the phone call tomorrow, CALL ME AT 11 IN THE MORNING MY TIME!!! I'LL BE READY AND WAITING. If I don't answer, it's because I don't know. Just call me in like every 5 minutes until I answer. 40 minutes!!!!! We have to keep this obedience stuff up. Sucks I know but it will be good. Can't send pictures because the computer sucks!!!!!! I hope everyone has a great Christmas. It's going to be great. Let us remember who we are celebrating for and do it the way He would like it to be done. I love you all and am so thankful for everything. I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!!!! FELIZ NAVIDAD MUCHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hi everyone... WOW I'm sitting here in internet and I am in complete shock an awe haha. This week for me has just been a straight up roller coaster ride. When they told me that I had changes, I wanted to cry. When I really left, I wanted to cry haha. On wednesday and Thursday I was so Area-sick and so companion-sick that all I did was walk faster and try to not think about it. Sunday was great and I had a good time. In this ward in the last year, they have had 3 baptisms, In Palin, we had over 100. We've got a lot of work to do. But right now, my heart is pumping and I can0t even keep my mind straight. I'M SOOOOOOO STOKED!!!!!!!! I can't even believe that Dad was here. FREAKING OUTTTTT!!! The people looking at me think I'm some kind of animal. First off I'm stoked in an internet, second, I'm mormon, Third, I'm Gringo lololo But ask me if i care!!! God knows us. I'm gonna see what I can do to be able to find these guys!! I seriously miss Elder Hintze so much haha. It sucks but now I know what needs to be going on. My comp is named Elder Mena. He's from Nicaragua and he is a stud. He is a recent convert of 2 years, about 7 months in the mission and he's a great guy. He's 26 years old and so it is a little weird when I have to be bossing him around or correcting him. But it is good. He seems good. It's just weird without Elder Hintze haha. I loved the girlfriend comparision that he made because its litterally like that. LOVEIT. We are doing great here. We've already seen miracles. We should have 3 baptisms this 29th and that will be awesome. The craziest thing about that is that I found them here with my comp. They weren't just left, ready baptisms. Super blessed. We had 12 investigators in church Sunday and that was awesome. Hadn't happened for a while haha. The ward is awesome. I'm gonna go around and see if I can find these people that dad left. Just like I said in my farewell talk, I'll see what I can do to clean up the mess of dad lololol. Didn't think it would be so literal!! I'm freezing my stuff off. It's so freaking cold. The great thing is that we have not one hot shower, but 2!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I fixed the other one yesterday and now it works!!!! Glad mom taught me how to clean the shower!!! LOVE YOU MOM!!!! I'm super stoked to be here though. I saw Elder Hernandez, mi patojo, and he is paying for his sins in Puerto San Jose!!!! He told me that when I left El Carmen, the baptized like 7 of the people that I had been teaching!! So awesome to hear about that. I love that kid haha. I love you all! I need to get to know the area a little bit better and then I'll let you know what the heck is going on. LOVE IT! I love you all. Thanks for everything. Have a great Christmas week!!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What?? SURPRISEEEEEEEE (Esquelito voice. Nacho libre)

Hello everyone.... Wait what? I'M LEAVING?????? NIOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hahahaha. They called and told me that I'm leaving and that Elder Hintze is staying and we couldn't believe it at all. No one even believes me haha. I'm bugged because it's a total surprise and I'm not ready to leave at all but it looks like I'm needed in another place!!!! I'm excited but nervous at the same time because I have no idea what is going to happen and where I'm going to go! I might be able to let you know soon because of some details that I will include in a second. Weird though. It's really the first time that I have a crazy change experience and I don't really know how to deal with it. So when Elder Hintze leaves, he'll have 6 months in this area. CRAZY!! No one ever has that much time here. But we had an awesome change this change. We baptized a full family and 6 people in total and we were super blessed the whole change. Me and Elder Hintze were expecting Elder Hintze to be out of this area this week and so for the last day of full work that we had together (Saturday) We put ourselves a super huge goal to have 20 lessons in the day. We got up an hour early and calculated out that it is about 2 lessons an hour. We left at 10 in the morning and just went freaking crazy haha. When we got back to the house, we were DRENCHED in sweat and couldn't even walk haha. But we had 22 lessons and 14 new investigators. It was one of the days for the history books. We were just running from lesson to lesson and planned a super crazy day on Friday night. Great day. I want to hear all about Elder Hintze's mission and stuff as he's out here but I can't email him. I'm giving him mom and dad's email and just do me the favor to forward the emails to me!! Thx lol. Also if you could in the next package, send me a couple of ties? Desperate need haha. Also mom or dad, I wanted to see if one of you could get me the house address of Elder Miller. The one that was in our area when I was getting ready to leave. I'd like to write him a letter... Well it's about that time to call my mom up on the phone and get that chat on. The deets go asi..... I don't know the phone nember where I'm going to be but I think that either Tomorrow or Thursday I'll be able to have a couple minutes on email and send that to you. I have only 40 minutes to talk! So we have to keep it short. You will call me on the 25 preferibly in the morning. You guys just tell me an hour and I'll let you know on Wednesday or Thursday when it will be haha. Stoked for Christmas but not even that much haha. Last year I was so baggy but this year it's like whatevs lolololol. Not that I don't love you.... I'm a little bit sad and weirded out but I know that the Lord has a plan for all of us and I know that He knows what's up. I'm excited though. It will be good. I'll let you know soon enough what the heck is going on!!! I love you all!!!! Have a great week!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


December 3, 2013 Hi everyone...... Well this weeeeeekkkkkkk was AWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEESOMEEEEEEEEE.We are just deciding to go straight hard for these last few days that we have together and we just need to baptize one more this week so that we can get out goal for our companionship!! We just don't know who.... But I believe in miracles... We had District meeting in President Brough's house ttoday....talk about pressure packed workshop that I had to give... but it went well. It was so cool to just be in there and have fun and laugh out butts off with President and Hermana Brough. We had a lot of fun and the Sister Brough made us lunch and it was the best thing in the world. Gus would have been jealous haha ribs and potatoes. KILLLLLLLAAAAAA. We baptized again this week!!! We are being super super blessed right now and hpe to baptize this week. We have some good options and we are hoping that it can happen. Just have to be obedient and dilligent and the miracles can happen! In the family that got baptized a couple weeks ago they have a little kid that is like 1 and a half and it is so awesome when we go to visit them and we start the prayer. We have got them used to praying on their knees and so that every time we end the lesson they just get down on their knees and just start to pray. It's great. Well that was great but it gets better....the little kid now FORCES us to get down on out knees for every single prayer that we say. It is so awesome haha he like screams until we are down on our knees. I love it. I'm getting really happy about me knowledge of the country too. I pretty much know how to get anywhere in the mission and it is so cool to just know what bus to get on and where it is going to take me. Just cool. Right?
We are going to have a big change in the district. They are doing to take out two of the Elders and then they are putting in two sisters in their place. I'm excited but nervous at the same time haha. I don't know how that is going to go but I'm sure it will be great. The sisters normally bring a Spirt that the Elderrs can't haha. Who knows right? We're just loving life out here. Having a lot of fun and working our booties off. It's nice to have success haha. I'm feeling good right not but not really satisfied haha. Hoping that December can be better than November! I love you guys!!!! Thanks for everything!!!!!!! Have a great week!!