Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What?? SURPRISEEEEEEEE (Esquelito voice. Nacho libre)

Hello everyone.... Wait what? I'M LEAVING?????? NIOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hahahaha. They called and told me that I'm leaving and that Elder Hintze is staying and we couldn't believe it at all. No one even believes me haha. I'm bugged because it's a total surprise and I'm not ready to leave at all but it looks like I'm needed in another place!!!! I'm excited but nervous at the same time because I have no idea what is going to happen and where I'm going to go! I might be able to let you know soon because of some details that I will include in a second. Weird though. It's really the first time that I have a crazy change experience and I don't really know how to deal with it. So when Elder Hintze leaves, he'll have 6 months in this area. CRAZY!! No one ever has that much time here. But we had an awesome change this change. We baptized a full family and 6 people in total and we were super blessed the whole change. Me and Elder Hintze were expecting Elder Hintze to be out of this area this week and so for the last day of full work that we had together (Saturday) We put ourselves a super huge goal to have 20 lessons in the day. We got up an hour early and calculated out that it is about 2 lessons an hour. We left at 10 in the morning and just went freaking crazy haha. When we got back to the house, we were DRENCHED in sweat and couldn't even walk haha. But we had 22 lessons and 14 new investigators. It was one of the days for the history books. We were just running from lesson to lesson and planned a super crazy day on Friday night. Great day. I want to hear all about Elder Hintze's mission and stuff as he's out here but I can't email him. I'm giving him mom and dad's email and just do me the favor to forward the emails to me!! Thx lol. Also if you could in the next package, send me a couple of ties? Desperate need haha. Also mom or dad, I wanted to see if one of you could get me the house address of Elder Miller. The one that was in our area when I was getting ready to leave. I'd like to write him a letter... Well it's about that time to call my mom up on the phone and get that chat on. The deets go asi..... I don't know the phone nember where I'm going to be but I think that either Tomorrow or Thursday I'll be able to have a couple minutes on email and send that to you. I have only 40 minutes to talk! So we have to keep it short. You will call me on the 25 preferibly in the morning. You guys just tell me an hour and I'll let you know on Wednesday or Thursday when it will be haha. Stoked for Christmas but not even that much haha. Last year I was so baggy but this year it's like whatevs lolololol. Not that I don't love you.... I'm a little bit sad and weirded out but I know that the Lord has a plan for all of us and I know that He knows what's up. I'm excited though. It will be good. I'll let you know soon enough what the heck is going on!!! I love you all!!!! Have a great week!!

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