Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Elder Hanson se va a............

September 24, 2013

Hi everyone.........

CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY hahahaha we couldn't believe it at all. It was so crazy when they called our names and said that we were going to be together, we freaked! We're about to just start killing it in this área. It's so dang weird to be comps with someone that I already know really well. Everyone knows that we went to high school together and they are all freaking out. We are going good together. We are super busy and I'm having a ton of things to do and we have just been all over the place but we're loving it together!!!!

It is raining sooooooo freaking much. And nothing ever dries and it's so frustrating haha. My shoes are like growing mold on them and they even go like 3 days with the fan on them. Like it's the nastiest thing ever hahahahah. The house is iterally like the nastiest bad cave. I've followed the same missionary 2 times and I'm literally about to kill him for leaving everything so dang disgusting haha. I think we are going to find a house and move out this week and find a better house. The house is way old and it is super moldy and nasty and smells so dang bad. Mom you would die if you had to go into the house. Everything is always soaking wet and it is like the most annoying thing ever. Elder Hintze picked up his quad to study yesterday and found it full of mold and like a million eggs of spider ant things hahhahaha he FREAKED OUT. It was the final Straw for him and now he's on a mad search for a house hahahahahahah. But I don't even care haha it's a sweet área here.

In the change meeting they called our names and everything went crazy haha. So I'm training him right now and that is way fun. Super Green and I'm loving it. His spanish is actually pretty awesome for only having 6 weeks.  It seriously is so weird. I'll look over at him in lessons and I'll be like wait is he really my companion??

This area is so awesome. It's like the área that every single missionary wants to go to, to be able to baptize. President told me in my interview on wednesday that I would do backflips when I found out where I was going. I just about did, but I was up on the stand, so I couldn't but it was close. We're working really hard. Trying not to talk in english, but that is so hard haha. Trying not to talk about home is hard too but we're handling it pretty well. I just still am in like shock and awe everytime I think about it. hahahah. Just so dang stoked to be here and just work so hard and baptize like crazy. It's going to be a good time.

Here come the answers to the QUESTIOnS!!!!!
1. Where the heck are you? PALIN!!!!!
2. Tell us about how changes go (the meeting, etc.  How does it work)? Changs are the best meetings ever. We have them in Monte Maria in the capital and its way sweet. We just go so hard and everyone just freaks out all the time during the meeting. It's great
3. Who is your new comp? ELDER HINTZE  Where is he from? CENTERVILLE UTAH 
4. What's his situation? He is actually kind of a loser........ lolz
5. What Zone are you in?  How many elders/sisters in your zone/district? I'm in Amatitlán and there are 6 Elders in the district.
6. Tell us about your new living quarters and food. HORRIBLE HAHAHAHAHA
7.  How often do you meet as a district/zone?
8.  Hows your comps Spanish?  Once a month at the least and district meetings are every Tuesday.
9.  How's your patience? I think that, that is the thing that has gotten so much better above all in all my time. I can put up with it all. Super Blessed.
10. What's your comp's Tee shirt size? I don't know but you guys know him haha and you have to get him a YOMO shirt. hahaha He wants one. I just say YOMO all the time.
11. What's the average air speed of an African Swallow? I will fart in your general direction!!!!
12. Do you have people to teach? Yeah. We're looking pretty set up for a little while and I'm stoked.
13. Who are they? Don't know  them all yet.....
14. How is the ward/branch? Huge and so sweet!!! Super rich

I LOVE YOU ALL. God is aware of us and knows each of our needs. Have a great week!!!!!! Pray for us!!! You might as well. It's the only time you'll know my comp hahahahaha YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Elder Hanson

Some pics

My beloved family Rodríguez from El Carmen. Miss them

Burning my one year shirt!
My Boi Elder Hintze taking a p day break.....chambon

My boy Elias COCO!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'M OUT? I don't know..

September 17, 2013

Hi everyone...

This week was another good week with a ton of hard work and not a ton of results. But I have sooooo much faith that this work that I've been doing in this area will not be in vain. My President called me this week and told me that I do not have the right to be angry with myself because I worked my butt off these last three changes. Then he went on to tell me that in the next changes I will be training a GRINGO.... I have no idea how that is going to be haha. He HATES to put a gringo trainer with a new gringo haha. But I know that I'm called by God to do this and that I'll be able to do it.

I have changes tomorrow and that should be interesting. I'm stoked to go to another area and meet some new people and just kill it but at the same time it's always sad. You just get so used to the people and all that stuff and then it turns into leaving your house again but you don't know if or when you'll be able to go back. I've got some people that it's going to be SUPER hard to say goodbye to tonight haha. We'll have to see what happens in these next coming times!

I hate email sometimes because I hardly ever have anything to say haha. I'm leaving a totally set baptism for this next chambon that is going to take my place in this area and so he better thank me. I literally am going to leave this area ripe and ready for some nice baptisms this next change. I just hope that it can happen. We have some really awesome people that really want to do it!! I think that at the first of the mission I would have been really bugged to leave an area all ready to baptize but I'm not bugged at all. I know that I have done my work here and I've still got one more day to go. I've prayed and I now that the Lord has accepted my sacrifices in this area. We'll see what happens in this next year!!!! I love it!!!

It's been a good 3 months with Elder Hernandez but I'm ready for a change. I can't wait for this next change. It's possible that I finish the training of Doug Hintze hahaha that would be crazy!!!! I'm doing really good haha. Just trying to keep my attitude good all the time. I know that that is the key to have a good time. I love this work and I'm so dang happy to be here in the situation that I am in. I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week dondequiera que esten!!!!!!!!

Elder Hanson

Can't believe Gus is driving hahahahaha SOOOO  CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013



September 10, 2013

Hi everyone....

This week was freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!! We finally got a bunch of people in church this sunday. So it's looking like the next misisonary that is going to come into this area, the chambon is going to come in to a bunch of easy success. The 22nd we have a set baptism right after I leave. LOVING IT! That's what I wanted. I wanted to leave this area so that it was nice and ready to have some success. I'll be leaving like 8 people nice and ready for the water and that actually makes me really happy.

I'm a little bit ready to get into another area and start from scratch. I wouldn't mind staying here but at the same time it's time for a litlle change. I've worked my BUTT OFF here and it's starting to have fruits! I'm really just learning to not care about anything else but if I work hard, I know that I'll be able to be blessed. It's getting hard to have things to say haha I feel like the weeks are going by like days and I'm sitting in this computer every day and writing the same bull crap every day. 

I can't believe I have a year haha. First of all, you all know me and I'm not mature enough to have a year in the mission and I, sure as heck, don't feel mature enough haha. I love goofing around so much still and I'm learning to just be able to be myself with everyone. I feel like that is what makes the time go by so fast. When you can just start to love it and just start to have fun every day while you work your butt off and just give it all to the Lord.

I haven't gotten the package with the stuff in it. The shirts are going to be so nice. Next week I'm going to send you a picture of my old yellow shirts and my neeeeewwwwww white ones haha the difference is totally wild and super gross. Elder Diaz told me that I don't even have a package in the office hahahaha :/ Oh Guatemala.... I love this country haha.

I seriously have nothing more to say. I love you all so much and hope that everything is well with you. Christmas is right around the corner.... WHATTTTTTTTTTTT???? IT'S GOOD!!!!!!!

Elder Hanson


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


September 3, 2013

Hi everyone.....

I'm glad you guys asked my a couple questions haha I have literally NOTHING to say this week. I feel like I was in this computer like 20 minutes ago writing you haha.

Have you sung and solos/duets/etc? No not really haha I would like to but the music isn't really something that they really have down here. Only the super rich people can do musical stuff like play the piano and sing. I love it haha. But I am literally always singing. So don't worry, I'm happy.
Does the Pres usually send you out of the Cap if you've been there a bit? No not necessarily. It just depends on que dice Dios (what God says)
An chance you'll stay one more change with "el Patojo Nico"? It's Patajo Nica! and No I don't think I'll stay with him. 2 changes is normally the max that 2 companions are together and I'm pretty sure I'm out after this next little bit.
Do you ever sing in your discussions? (we used to do "abide with me tis eventide" at night a lot)  Permaneced, es noche ya (right?) Yeah we sometimes sing. I wish we would do it a little bit more.  But we have been singing a lot lately.
Are your shoes holding up a little through the rain? They are total champs. I'm hoping not to have to get new shoes the rest of the mission BOOM!

Well we had another hard week n the Carmen! We just can't pay investigators to go to church haha. We have 2 families bail out on us in the morning on Sunday that had been telling us that they were going to go all week! That was tough but I've learnd that God has His plan and we can't do anything about it haha. But we did have a little family at church this week and I'm hoping that I can leave them ready for the next misisonary that is ging to show up in this area.

I had been waiting all week to hear about how the baptism of Hank went! So freaking awesome! I have come to know and understand so much more how important Baptism really is. It is so cool to know that just through baptism, we open the door to get to our Heavenly Father. I always love teaching about the Baptism.

We had a really cool experience this week with one of my converts, Rubi Giron! He is like 70 years old and has some super hard health problems and hadn't been able to go to church for a couple of times because the guy that normally picks him up, didn't show up and his house, Chambon. But anyway, he decided this week that whatever he had to do, he was going to do to get to the church this Sunday. We showed up in church this week and there he was sitting down there before anyone else. Turns out that he walked the whole way from his house all the way to church and then returned to his house. We went to visit him yesterday and he was sitting down and his legs were killing him but there he was, super happy because he could go to church. I was so awesome to see him and just see the dedication that he really has to be able to just get to church and recieve blessings. I was so happy I almost cried haha.

I love this area haha. I've learned to love it so much. I never thought that I'd love this area like I did with my last one but I really do love it. I'm ready for a change though and really excited to be able to kill it somewhere else. But I'll finish it out strong here, don't worry!! Just pray for me.

I'm happy you looked up those 2 videos. I always love singing with my boy Chode. We always had so much fun haha. I was gonna ask if you guys still have the solo that I had in the choir concert that we did without the mike? I loved that haha. Singing is good. 

I love you all!!!!! I hope you are doing well and I am always praying for you!

Love, Elder Hanson