Tuesday, June 24, 2014


June 24, 2014

Hey everyone.......

Well this week was a packed week of literally everything. Tears. Fears. Thrills. Chills. CRAZZZZZZYYYYY

1.  Will the missionaries get to say goodbye to the Broughs? I will write about that a little bit more 
2.  When are changes?  You might be outta there, huh? We have changes on the 9th. I don't know what is going to happen. I feel like it could go either way. I sure hope to stay but who konws. I will try and get Edler Finch to tell me!
3.  Update us on your baptism goal for June. Everything is going great. We need 16 this weekend to get to 42 in the zone. We would be the most successful zone when we do that. Everything is looking great!!!
4.  Did your planned baptizos go down yesterday? YES  LLLOOOOVEVVEEEE ITTTTT

Well I am going to need one more bottle of contact solution before the fin sooo..... 

Well I finished another HHHUUUGE journal. I haven't missed a day yet and don't plan on missing one! Everything is gooooodddddd.

This week in Tuesday we went to Antigua and went to a place to eat that is called Mono Loco and it was AWESOME!! It's like a huge nacho place and I will send pictures a little later. Antigua is the sickest place ever. I can't wait to hit it up again. I've only been twice. There are missionaries that have gone like 10 times haha. I can't get enough of the gringos there. It's soooo awesome.

We then on Wednesday had out going away conference with President. It was soooooooo sad to say the least. It was one of the limited times that I had cried on the mission. I've come to love them soooo much. At least we'll be close by the rest of our lives. It was so great. Some super personal spiritual stuff happened and he personally told me some awesome stuff that I'll tell you sometime else. It was so great. We were all sooooo baggy but soooooo baggy.

Then we had huge miracles happen. I & M got baptized. This lady is the biggest trooper I know (other than my own mom). She was with here dirt bag husband for a long time and he would never get married to her. After a little while she was fed up and she kicked his sorry butt out. Leaving here with 7 kids under the age of 15 without a job. She is fighting soooo hard but as she has trusted in God and done what she needs to do, she's been able to prosper. Promise of the Book of Mormon. So awesome. I forgot my sandals and had to walk barefoot. Yes the burlas weren't scarce.!!! BAUTIZAMOS!!!!!!

We have 2 hopefully 3 for this weekend. E and L and K. We're going to get it done. We just have to trust in the Spirit and that he is going to help us know what we need to teach to get them to get it done. We're going to get it done!!

Man I love this place. I love it so much. Have a great week this week. I LOVE YOU!!

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Monday, June 16, 2014


June 16, 2014

Hey everyone...


1.  How is your Zone doing on your baptism goal? We're doing well. We have 16 so far and everything is going well for this weekend and the biggest goal right now is that every single companionship in the mission baptizes. We're doing well here in the zone. Elder Hintze is in a rough area and opening it so we're praying for him hard haha.
2.  Do you feel like you'll get a change before it's all over? I think I'll stay here one more change with Elder Hernandez and then I'll be out. I'm gonna try hard so that President lets me go back to one of my old areas that would be sooooooo awesome.
3.  Are your Carmen people going to the Temple soon? I don't know as of right now, I haven't heard from them. Just that they go before I leave that's all I want haha.

Well this week was great. A bunch of ups and downs and we are fighting soooooo hard to baptize this month. It's been 6 weeks since I've baptized and that's not good for me haha. We will baptize this week. E totally flaked out on us this week and one day that I was on divisions, the lessons was totally wrecked and he didn't get baptized this weekend but next weekend for sure!!! We also have Ingrid and Michael (her son) for this weekend. super cool. We have to baptize this weekend at all costs haha.

The bishop came up to be yesterday in church and was like "Elder tell me what your shoe size is right now! I honestly can't stand seeing you in those shoes!" So I had to tell him. I don't want new shoes!! My shoes are super wrecked haha but they don't have holes or anything, just super super worn out and I love it. But the members take good care of me here. Every little thing that they see, they ask me if they can buy it for me haha it's funny. That's just what happens. I love the bishop here. He's the greatest dude ever.

We are going to Antigua tomorrow and that is why I am emailing today! that's gonna be fun. Noah is leaving and that makes me feel sooooo weird. So crazy haha. He'll do great.

It's super hot haha at least when it doesn't rain. The rain this week has been sooooooo crazy and soooooooo strong. This friday i was in divisions and we just got straight wrecked in the rain haha. It was in an area of only mud too and we were just so crazy running around in the street. 

Everything is good here. No tengan pena. I love it and love the area and am going hard as usual. LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLL!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


June 10, 2014

Well hello.....

Question timmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

1.  Where did your last companion end up? Well he's in San Lucas Sacatepequez. Zone leader in Antigua hahaha that is just a zone full of sisters......good luck!!!! He's with Elder Sorenson
2.  Tell us about your new companion. He's from Peru and he's awesome. Speaks perfect english which is awesome haha. I love it so far. He's not as pilas as my companions lately but we'll make him pilas if you know what I mean.
2.  Does he need anything? No he's good.
3.  How many does Villa Hermosa have to get wet to llevar a cabo the 300 Alma's? The goal is 42 bautizos and we gonna get it done baby!!!!!
4.  Do they still have "Lift"?  It's an aguita that I used to like.  Sort of like Fresca.  Or Fanta Uva was a classic as well. I LOVE LIFT!!!!!!! hahaha that's so awesome. You're gonna have to come down and get some. Si diosito lindo lo permite!!
5.  Marvin Gomez from Mariscal (keeping that one alive). I will ask around, as I have been. i have no idea where he could be.

Well this week was full of turns haha. We have had 3 investigators that have moved out of our area that were FOR SURE baptizos. SUCKS!! But we are good and we are going to baptize this weekend and end the drought right now in the area. As a zone we are struggling a little bit but everything is going well and we have a lot of set dates for this weekend and next weekend!!! We're gonna get it done if you know what I mean!!!

I talked to the suit maker guy this week and it turns out that he can make a suit in a week. We jsut need to go with him the thursday that you guys get down here and he will make it befor we leave!!! Killa. Also there is a  guy that makes things with Leather and it's super sick and I'll take you guys to him too so he can make you the stuff.

We are doing well in the area. I am having so much fun with my companion and we are working super hard as usual. The zone is good and we are going to get our goal!!!!! 

These pictures are of my sick new shirt that i found in a sick paca and the view from the house to El Carmen. I love that place. I'm going on divisions with an Elder from my group in the CCM today and we are going to absolutely killllllllll it!!!!!!! 

I really have nothing to say. I loved the campaign thing about Chet. That was bomb. Also The picture of Gus and the girl was suuuuuuuuper creepy. And I was totally stoked about Elder Hunt. I told that to mom with all of my love!!! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Love you!!! Have a great weekkkkkkkkk LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


June 3, 2014

hey everyone....

THis week was a wild week of crazy surprises.

First of all my new companion is named Elder Hernandez and he is from Peru. I love him haha we were already good friends. He reminds me sooooooo much of Felix hahahaha he's like the same person. Then on Thursday they threw us another Elder Hernandez to be with us for a couple of days before he got sent home. Needless to say, these days with me were very long for him. That was interesting. Don't do stupid things on your missions. Just be obedient. We will be getting another one of those today in the afternoon. IT's kind of a drag but it's all good. It's gonna be a great change.

We had our last mission leader council with President Brough yesterday and that was really interesting. It is so hard to believe that he is leaving! He has changed my life so much. Hna Brough reminds me soooooo much of mom. Just obedient and awesome. I've learned so much from them and I will continue learning from them. They go home on the 27th of this month. Crazy. President talked a lot about Loyalty to the Lord and whoever is called, we have to support them. Even if we don't agree with it. It was awesome. The zone did well. We almost got our goal. We baptized 23 this month and we have the goal to baptize 42 this month. It's gonna be great!!!!!!

Evelin didn't get baptized and saber what is going on with her. She got fired from her job because the boss didn't like that we were talking to her and visiting her. Some members offered her work and we are trying to get in contact with her so she comes back and gets baptized. IT would be a shame if she didn't get baptized. She is seriously a chosen one.

My 2 kids are district leaders! Super pilas. I now have 3 grandkids and we'll see if I can get a great grandkid before I leave haha. I love this area. I hope I'm here till I go home. It would be sweet.

We have right now. Sofia, Ingrid, Pablo, Evelin, Rudy, Edgar, Luis. They are going to be baptized this month! Pray for them! They will thank you in the next life. 

Crazy that Noah and Hunter are leaving on their missions haha. Holy crap! That doesn't even click in my mind! Theyare going to be great. Lots of things to learn. Super cool about the little party at Gabe's grave. So nice of his friends. I'm sure he was there, and if he wasn't, he was with me :). 

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all you're support. HAve a great week this week. LLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

New companion
Me and President and Hermana Brough