Monday, June 16, 2014


June 16, 2014

Hey everyone...


1.  How is your Zone doing on your baptism goal? We're doing well. We have 16 so far and everything is going well for this weekend and the biggest goal right now is that every single companionship in the mission baptizes. We're doing well here in the zone. Elder Hintze is in a rough area and opening it so we're praying for him hard haha.
2.  Do you feel like you'll get a change before it's all over? I think I'll stay here one more change with Elder Hernandez and then I'll be out. I'm gonna try hard so that President lets me go back to one of my old areas that would be sooooooo awesome.
3.  Are your Carmen people going to the Temple soon? I don't know as of right now, I haven't heard from them. Just that they go before I leave that's all I want haha.

Well this week was great. A bunch of ups and downs and we are fighting soooooo hard to baptize this month. It's been 6 weeks since I've baptized and that's not good for me haha. We will baptize this week. E totally flaked out on us this week and one day that I was on divisions, the lessons was totally wrecked and he didn't get baptized this weekend but next weekend for sure!!! We also have Ingrid and Michael (her son) for this weekend. super cool. We have to baptize this weekend at all costs haha.

The bishop came up to be yesterday in church and was like "Elder tell me what your shoe size is right now! I honestly can't stand seeing you in those shoes!" So I had to tell him. I don't want new shoes!! My shoes are super wrecked haha but they don't have holes or anything, just super super worn out and I love it. But the members take good care of me here. Every little thing that they see, they ask me if they can buy it for me haha it's funny. That's just what happens. I love the bishop here. He's the greatest dude ever.

We are going to Antigua tomorrow and that is why I am emailing today! that's gonna be fun. Noah is leaving and that makes me feel sooooo weird. So crazy haha. He'll do great.

It's super hot haha at least when it doesn't rain. The rain this week has been sooooooo crazy and soooooooo strong. This friday i was in divisions and we just got straight wrecked in the rain haha. It was in an area of only mud too and we were just so crazy running around in the street. 

Everything is good here. No tengan pena. I love it and love the area and am going hard as usual. LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLL!!!

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