Tuesday, August 27, 2013

YOMO!!! New Swag!

August 27, 2013

Hi everyone.....
This week was another brutal one haha fulll of a ton of work and not a lot of results. But it was good! No work that you put in is unnoticed and so I know that there will be blessings.
Mom I'm way ahead of you with D&C 138. That's the section that I like to read every time I'm in the temple in the Celestial room. So awesome. I can't even imagine how that had to have felt. I seriuosly love what Joseph Smith did. All the things that he did were so inspired. One of my favorite scriptures ever.
I came up with a catchy new phrase that I thought that the kids might dig, and that I'm totally trying to put in practice, YOMO. It means "You only mission once." I was thinking one day about YOLO and that came to my mind. I seriously thought it was the coolest thing ever so if you don't like it, I really don't want to hear it, thanks. But seriously, We are going to be out for 2 years and we are going to go home and we're not going to have this opportunity again and why in the heck would someone want to waste it. It's like we all give 2 years but not everyone gives those 2 years of full service. NECIOS!!!!!!! But I love it. YOMOYOMO. You only mission once!!!
Enough with the jokes, we didn't baptize this week. It wasn't meant to happen haha. She was super uncertain and didn't even end up getting to church haha. Maybe sometime down the road but not right now. We're still struggling a lot with the investigators in church and that's hard but I've learned to just be okay with the fact that if I give everything that I have during the week and they don't get to church, it was supposed to happen like that. I had an interview with President Brough this week and he talked to me about Mormon and Moroni and how they literally loved preaching the Gospel so much and they literally had NO success. ZERO. Until The Book of Mormon was translated. It really made me so happy to think that if we work hard, we will be blessed. He then continued with a story about a missionary that in his first year had 9 baptisms and finished the mission with 70 in total. Then he promised me like 3 times that I will see fruits in the last half on my mission and blessings in the rest of my life for the work that I'm trying to do. It was so amazing and just assured me that I'm doing what's right even though I'm not seeing the results.
I don't get Jarom's letters.  Love that kid haha. I got the package this week with my shirts in it and was super super stoked haha I need to send a couple pictures of my shirts hahahah they are so JANKY!!! I wrote a letter to mom and to Henry yesterday and so that should get there soon PRIMERAMENTE DIOS. It's still raining a ton and I've given up on the idea of an umbrella haha. It's good as long as my scriptures don't get wet!!
I love you all! Thank you all for the support and all the prayers. I pray for you every morning and every night. Just PLEASE keep doing what is right. It's the only way to be happy! It's amazing that we have this light in our ives and how sometimes we just let it go out. NO DEJEMOS QUE LA LUZ SE APAGUE!!!!!!!!  Les Amo!!!
Elder Hanson

Mom!!!! A sister from my mission is going to call you this week haha she just got home and wants to talk to you! I gave her your number I think.... LOVE YOU

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


August 20, 2013

1. How many people in church on Sunday? ONE!!!!! WHOOOOOO
How many people in your ward and what's it called? El Barrio El Carmen and there are like 150 that go every week now.
How many sets of missionaries work your ward? There are 2 companionships now
When are changes? We have changes on the 18 of september!
Did you get your paquete por haber cumplido anos? NOOOOOO
How long does a typical discussion last? Like 20-30 minutes
Do you ever use DVD's or any other AV fanciness? Sometimes, If we have a pilas investogator that needs to understand something better.

Hi everyone....



It was a good week but it was full of crazy stuff haha. One day we saw one of the volcanoes erupting, spewing out a mountain of lava and all that stuff. That was crazy! Then the next day, the biggest rainstorm that I had ever seen in my whole entire life. The streets were FILLED with water and the buses had a ton of water getting up into them. The water did a ton of damage and the bridge to get to the area, crashed down and there weren't buses for a couple day. It was a wild week and we walked more than I've ever walked in my whole entire life. BUT WE BAPTIZED! So I don't care haha.

We have another posible baptism this weekend that should actually happen. Her name is Wendy and she is a little lady that loves to come to church when she can, but her boss is a witch. But now she has every other Sunday off of work and so she can get baptized! Pray for her!!!! THanks.

It looks like my faithful and trusty buddy Colly Wolly got bit by a dog this week ahahahahaha. That would happen to him. Seems like he's killing it to the max. Chris is doing well as usual. As we all know, J-snow is money as assistant in his mission. Bryan just entered the field and Ben in the CCM. Lars is doing well in Cali for right now. Aaron H is really killing it. Loving hearing from him. Crazy how all is changed and how we are all growing up haha. I never will grow up. I'm still the same old me, But right now I just know exactly what I want and exactly what I need to do to get it. I feel like the mission just changes how we look at the way we need to live more than anything. We're all the same but just now we know that we need to do the right things to be successful in life.

It was a little bit of a slow week with all the rain and all that stuff, but everything ended up really good. I'm learning a lot of patience lately with the people that we're teaching and having to accept that some people just aren't ready to hear this Gospel and will have their time someday. 

Yesterday was P-day and I went super hard. I cleaned the shower (yeah believe it!) then wrote some letters for the first time in like 2 months and then took the best nap in the whole world. I call that a productive day. And then we went hard in the night with some dang good lessons! I love the mission and it's even better when you have a companion that really loves to work and really just is pleasent to be around.

Thanks for all the support that you all give me. You really have no idea how much the emails and the prayers mean to me. I love you all and hope you have a great week this week!!!!

Elder Hanson

Well these two are from the CRAZYYYYYY rainstorm that happened the other day. The power went out and it was the craziest day ever. We went super hard though. The roads had like a 5 inch running river down the roads all day. It was insane. Even the people were telling me that they hadn't ever seen anything like it. My shoes got destroyed haha it was great. Without UMBRELLA

Monday, August 19, 2013


Love me some Domino's

Me and Elder Hansen

August 13, 2013

Hi everyone.....

Well we had another beast of a week. I feel like I just am working like a freak right now and not caring what happens with me haha. It is so much fun to just get totally lost in this work. 

Jennifer will be baptized this week coming up and she is totally excited even though she couldn't get baptized this past Sunday. Love it! Our investigators are all looking super positive until we get to church and no one shows up haha. I don't know what is going on at all. It is awesome but at the same time, these people need a round house kick to the face. I love it though. 

We taught another solid 90 lessons this week. It's so nice to have a companion that can keep up with me physically and just work hard all day until we jsut die on the bed in the night. He is getting a little bit worn down lately and I am just eating it right up haha.

Thank you all so much for writing me and thinking about me on my Birthday this year!!!! I'm sorry I couldn't write back to all of you but I promise I will try! I love you! I had a good day. We ate pizza and that was sweet. I love me some good Dominos when there is nothing else! This country is the best haha.

I'm really trying to work with the Spirit more. That has been my biggest fault in my life, trying to get it all done myself. Now I need to have 2 companions, The Spirit and my comp. As you all know, I'm one of the more prideful ones, but I've really been able to change that a little bit here in the mission. Hermana Brough sent me some awesome talks about missionary work for me to read. I'll let you know how those are! 
I hope you like the pictures! My patojo elder hernandez is killing it as usual. I love you all and am so thankful for all of you and all you do for me! Have a great week and keep me in your prayers!!!

Love, Elder Hanson

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


August 6, 2013

Hi everyone....

This week was WILLLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDD and CRAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYY! Today we have to go out with the newbies of the mission and it might be posible that I go out with Elder Doug Hintze hahathat would be wild right, right?? I am loving the mission haha. It is like the best thing ever and I feel like crying when I think about how much time I have. My district leader, Elder Hanson, is going up to zone leader and I'm not super happy about that but I guess that's how it is. Great dude. My companion is still just dead killing it. This dude is seriously a machine. But it's good because he was tired yesterday and slept all p day haha I was SO STOKED!!!! 

We should baptize this Sunday again. Starting off this new change well. We don't have changes this time but I think that in 6 weeks I'll be out of here. I feel like I just got here haha. Our investigators are doing well. The problem still is getting them to come to church. I've been doing absolutely everything to be able to help them to get to church and it's just not working. Does anyone have any suggestions???? I'm dying here haha. We are teaching an awesome family, Family Sotoj, Erika, Antonio and Katerin. We just need to get them to go to church. They told us last night that they are going to come this sunday! I woke them up at like 5 in the morning this Sunday to see if they were going to go. Pretty cruel right? Do I care? No. I just want them to be saved haha.

I'm pretty stoked that it's my birthday coming up.....oh wait! I'll be doing the same thing as every day haha. But I can't believe that I'll be 20 years old. I don't even feel mature enough to be a missionary, let alone to be 20 lololol. It's crazy how fast the time goes haha. The mission is really so short and it's gonna seem super short in this next year. I love it and hate it at thesame time.

God loves us. He is aware of each and every one of us and wants us to be happy. The only thing stopping us from being happy, is us. If we keep the commandments, we are blessed! IT'S A PROMISE FROM GOD!!!!!! I feel like that's the thing that I've come to understand so well here, if we keep the commandments, we will recieve blesings. Keep going to church and keep doing what you need to do to obligate our Heavenly Father to bless us (D&C 82:10).

I love you all and I'm so thankful for your support and your prayers and your love. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and I'll try to take my mind out of machine mode for a couple minutes and get an ice cream with my comp. Or maybe a pizza lololol. I love you all so much and I'm happy that we got through this week. I'm doing really well. I love this country and this people more than anything.

Love, Elder Hanson

Hows your comp? STUD AND A HALF! Way better than I am.
Did He get his camera? Yeah and he is still wetting his pants hahah
Do you ever go on splits with your DLs/ZL's? Yeah, we had them with the Zone leaders last week and it was good to kick the crap out of my Zone leader haha. I loved it
Do you think you'll get transferred after three months with Hernandez? Yeah I'll be out in the next change
Did you get your suit ordered? No and I have no idea when I will do it haha. But I will do it!!!!!!

No pictures this week because there is a virus on my memory and I am having them clean it off haha La proxima semana las tendran primeramente Dios jajaja