Tuesday, August 27, 2013

YOMO!!! New Swag!

August 27, 2013

Hi everyone.....
This week was another brutal one haha fulll of a ton of work and not a lot of results. But it was good! No work that you put in is unnoticed and so I know that there will be blessings.
Mom I'm way ahead of you with D&C 138. That's the section that I like to read every time I'm in the temple in the Celestial room. So awesome. I can't even imagine how that had to have felt. I seriuosly love what Joseph Smith did. All the things that he did were so inspired. One of my favorite scriptures ever.
I came up with a catchy new phrase that I thought that the kids might dig, and that I'm totally trying to put in practice, YOMO. It means "You only mission once." I was thinking one day about YOLO and that came to my mind. I seriously thought it was the coolest thing ever so if you don't like it, I really don't want to hear it, thanks. But seriously, We are going to be out for 2 years and we are going to go home and we're not going to have this opportunity again and why in the heck would someone want to waste it. It's like we all give 2 years but not everyone gives those 2 years of full service. NECIOS!!!!!!! But I love it. YOMOYOMO. You only mission once!!!
Enough with the jokes, we didn't baptize this week. It wasn't meant to happen haha. She was super uncertain and didn't even end up getting to church haha. Maybe sometime down the road but not right now. We're still struggling a lot with the investigators in church and that's hard but I've learned to just be okay with the fact that if I give everything that I have during the week and they don't get to church, it was supposed to happen like that. I had an interview with President Brough this week and he talked to me about Mormon and Moroni and how they literally loved preaching the Gospel so much and they literally had NO success. ZERO. Until The Book of Mormon was translated. It really made me so happy to think that if we work hard, we will be blessed. He then continued with a story about a missionary that in his first year had 9 baptisms and finished the mission with 70 in total. Then he promised me like 3 times that I will see fruits in the last half on my mission and blessings in the rest of my life for the work that I'm trying to do. It was so amazing and just assured me that I'm doing what's right even though I'm not seeing the results.
I don't get Jarom's letters.  Love that kid haha. I got the package this week with my shirts in it and was super super stoked haha I need to send a couple pictures of my shirts hahahah they are so JANKY!!! I wrote a letter to mom and to Henry yesterday and so that should get there soon PRIMERAMENTE DIOS. It's still raining a ton and I've given up on the idea of an umbrella haha. It's good as long as my scriptures don't get wet!!
I love you all! Thank you all for the support and all the prayers. I pray for you every morning and every night. Just PLEASE keep doing what is right. It's the only way to be happy! It's amazing that we have this light in our ives and how sometimes we just let it go out. NO DEJEMOS QUE LA LUZ SE APAGUE!!!!!!!!  Les Amo!!!
Elder Hanson

Mom!!!! A sister from my mission is going to call you this week haha she just got home and wants to talk to you! I gave her your number I think.... LOVE YOU

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