Monday, August 19, 2013


Love me some Domino's

Me and Elder Hansen

August 13, 2013

Hi everyone.....

Well we had another beast of a week. I feel like I just am working like a freak right now and not caring what happens with me haha. It is so much fun to just get totally lost in this work. 

Jennifer will be baptized this week coming up and she is totally excited even though she couldn't get baptized this past Sunday. Love it! Our investigators are all looking super positive until we get to church and no one shows up haha. I don't know what is going on at all. It is awesome but at the same time, these people need a round house kick to the face. I love it though. 

We taught another solid 90 lessons this week. It's so nice to have a companion that can keep up with me physically and just work hard all day until we jsut die on the bed in the night. He is getting a little bit worn down lately and I am just eating it right up haha.

Thank you all so much for writing me and thinking about me on my Birthday this year!!!! I'm sorry I couldn't write back to all of you but I promise I will try! I love you! I had a good day. We ate pizza and that was sweet. I love me some good Dominos when there is nothing else! This country is the best haha.

I'm really trying to work with the Spirit more. That has been my biggest fault in my life, trying to get it all done myself. Now I need to have 2 companions, The Spirit and my comp. As you all know, I'm one of the more prideful ones, but I've really been able to change that a little bit here in the mission. Hermana Brough sent me some awesome talks about missionary work for me to read. I'll let you know how those are! 
I hope you like the pictures! My patojo elder hernandez is killing it as usual. I love you all and am so thankful for all of you and all you do for me! Have a great week and keep me in your prayers!!!

Love, Elder Hanson

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