Tuesday, September 10, 2013



September 10, 2013

Hi everyone....

This week was freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!! We finally got a bunch of people in church this sunday. So it's looking like the next misisonary that is going to come into this area, the chambon is going to come in to a bunch of easy success. The 22nd we have a set baptism right after I leave. LOVING IT! That's what I wanted. I wanted to leave this area so that it was nice and ready to have some success. I'll be leaving like 8 people nice and ready for the water and that actually makes me really happy.

I'm a little bit ready to get into another area and start from scratch. I wouldn't mind staying here but at the same time it's time for a litlle change. I've worked my BUTT OFF here and it's starting to have fruits! I'm really just learning to not care about anything else but if I work hard, I know that I'll be able to be blessed. It's getting hard to have things to say haha I feel like the weeks are going by like days and I'm sitting in this computer every day and writing the same bull crap every day. 

I can't believe I have a year haha. First of all, you all know me and I'm not mature enough to have a year in the mission and I, sure as heck, don't feel mature enough haha. I love goofing around so much still and I'm learning to just be able to be myself with everyone. I feel like that is what makes the time go by so fast. When you can just start to love it and just start to have fun every day while you work your butt off and just give it all to the Lord.

I haven't gotten the package with the stuff in it. The shirts are going to be so nice. Next week I'm going to send you a picture of my old yellow shirts and my neeeeewwwwww white ones haha the difference is totally wild and super gross. Elder Diaz told me that I don't even have a package in the office hahahaha :/ Oh Guatemala.... I love this country haha.

I seriously have nothing more to say. I love you all so much and hope that everything is well with you. Christmas is right around the corner.... WHATTTTTTTTTTTT???? IT'S GOOD!!!!!!!

Elder Hanson


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