Tuesday, December 31, 2013


December 31, 2013 Hi everyone.... Elder Hanson here just killin it as usual OOOOOOOOiiiiiiii!!! On to the questions!!!!!!!! Questions: 1. Is Mena coming around? Yeah eerything there is good. We are getting along well. I-m just working on trying to get him to smile a little bit more. He works and stuff I can just never tell what is going on in his head. He-s like a serious military dude and it like scares people haha. But it-s fine for now. Nothing I can-t handle. 2. How was your mission Christmas fiesta? It was fine haha We really didn-t do anything at all. Just at a members house and eating my tamales and getting fat. And a ton of fireworks. Good night but not really much different haha 3. Where are you eating/living? We live in this SICKKKKK house right now. I-m loving it here haha. We eat with the Family Pablo. They are members since forever. I thought for sure you-d know them dad.... Do you do your own clothes, or does someone do them for you? Hermana Pablo washes the clothes. Not very well but she tries. I would try to wash some myself but it-s hard because I literally have no time at all in the night. 4. How much are you teaching? This week we had 65 lessons. I can pretty much teach wherever and whenever I want. That-s just how this country is. AWESOME 5. Are you meeting many Lamanitas? Mountain folk? Their Spanish is pretty funny, huh? THEY ARECRAZY!!! They don-t know how to speak spanish and when you try to talk to them and they don-t want anything, they just yell at you in Ka Chi Kel, a language that they speak here in Chimal 6. Did you get to Antigua yet? NOOOOOOOOO. I wanted to go yesterday but we can-t go if it isn-t an activity with the zone because it-s not in the zone. It sucks but we will be going on the 13th. I-m going to get some leather cases for my scriptures. Don-t be surprised when I take some money out of my account. Stoked about them. There-s a member that knows a lady from Antigua that makes them how you want them. I-m going to get some sick ones..... WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO weird week...... Christmas doesn-t really feel like Christmas here haha. There is no snow and so it-s just normal. I-m to thepoint where nothing makes me baggy so I just work like normal every day haha. I think I might be gaining a little weight because I never sweat here!! It sucks haha I-ll try to keep it down to the normal....if I can. We baptized all 3 of them!!!!! It was maybe the most worry free baptism that I-ve had in the whole mission. For once everything went as planned! And they all got dunkedddddddd!!!!!! We will have another one this weekend. Him name is Edgar Colindres and he-s freaking awesome!! He-s the husband of a less active that we are going to marry this Friday and this sunday is the baptism. We are being very blessed this change right now. It is soo good to see that all you need to do is be obedient and diligent and everything goes as planned. There was an earthquake a couple days ago....I was praying going to bed and the ground just started to shake. If I was from one of the churches down here, I totally would have taken that like some huge answer that everything that I am doing is correct hahaha. These people are crazy. But it actually was pretty cool. We got it done. Well cool experience....... Neri Muñoz, turns out that I do know him haha. He-s a less active that we-ve been trying to get back to church. He-s been going to last few sundays and He-s freaking awesome haha. I talked to him in church sunday and said, "my dad knows you" And he said "Yo lo sabia!" "I knew it! I knew that he was your dad beacuse of your last name." SOOOOOOOO sweet. I guess he has pictures of dad with him in his house. We are going over there this week to see what-s up over there. SEND ME THE PICTURES!!!! I WANT TO SEE THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!! I had some pretty freaky interviews this weekend haha. Interviews are either the most spiritual thing ever or they are the most freaky thing evewr haha. I love seeing first hand how someone can change their life and how you can feel if someone is telling you how they really feel or if they are doing it for another reason. It is so cool to be able to have the gift of discerning. Super cool. I seriously have nothing more to say. I-m doing well and everything is totally OOOOTTTTZZZZZZZ. I love life. I love you!!!

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