Tuesday, January 7, 2014


January 7, 2013 Well hey everyone.... This week was another awesome week here in El Tejar. We taught a lot and got a lot of stuff done. We also found out that Quentin L Cook is coming to talk to us on the 22nd right after changes. It-s gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!! We had a crazy week haha. We baptized again. 6 in the ward on Sunday!! The ward-s goal is 36 in the year and they wanted us to have 9 by march but we already have 9. I hope it continues the same!! This Sunday we had 240 people in church. It was a record of all time. It-s so awesome to see the difference from when dad was here. So much different!! We married a little family on friday and it was a straight up massacre. It was so crazy hahahaha. We planned it for 5 o-clock and that everyone was there at 4. At 5 everyone was there except for the freaking LAWYER HAHAHAHA. Well he didn-t get there until like 6:30 and then we got started after the sun went down. Normally that-s not a problem but the thing was that a light post had fallen down the day before (yes I had to shower with cold water.....) and there was no light. So we improvised chapin style and got it done with candles. They are married de todos modos. So it-s all good. Great chapin memories!!!!! A couple questions for dad... Did the people do that finger snap thing? Like when someone does something funny or gets hurt or when they want someone to hurry up, they do that thing with their fingers that makes that sharp snapping noise?? I love it haha. Did you know Marina Martinez? and Julio Guaran? Julio Guaran was the one in the picture. He baptized for us. It was a great week. I don-t know why we are being so blessed right now. We are just doing what we need to do and we just keep finding people that just want to go to church and progress. I love this area. i love the people here. It-s so much fun to be able to just work and not care about anything else. Thi is the best time of the life. Loving every minute of it. Even though people reject us hard core here haha. I love it. I love you all!! Thank you for everything!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!

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