Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 23, 2014 Hi everyone..... I'll just get straight to the questions....... Questions: 1. Any Luis sightings? Waiting for a pic of my son with my Guatemalan brother. Well everything is super good right there haha. He remembers every single thing about you. He wants all the pictures that you have of him and he wants pictures of the things that he made for you. Like with you in them showing them off. He's an awesome dude. I'll tell a little later..... 2. Any luck finding Naty and Juan Munoz? I ran into Carolina the other day and she has pictures of you with them. The thing about them is that they are super super super evangelicos and don't want anything to do with the chuch haha. but we are trying to find Nata and Juan. Juan is the brother of Mariano Pablo. The super pilas family that are members. Super ootz 3. Tell us about your new companion. His name is Elder Mena hahaha. I swear that it isn't possible for me to stay with just one comp for one change. It's alright though. He is a good guy. I'll be fine. 4. Do you want me to send the quad with Nery's name on or off. Do I send it to his address? Send it to him because that way it will get there faster. And if it doesn't get there it just gets sent right back to you.... Awesome week!!! Started it off right with 3 baptisms!!!!!! There was only one really really down point.... My papa went home today in the morning. Super sad haha I love that dude. He's my best friend here in the mission (that I didn't know before) and now I don't know if I'll ever get to see him again. I know it's kind of babyish but ask me if I care haha. He helped me a lot. Super awesome dude. At least I got to see him yesterday and give him a huge hug. He will get married soon. hahaha Well I stayed with my comp and that is just fine with me. i honestly didn't know what was going to happen with the changes and I just hoped that I could say. The night before i just was praying so hard so that I could stay. I know we're here for a reason. Maybe because we've had a lot of success. But whatevs haha. We'll see what happens!!! Loving it and hitting it hard. I had a good long talk with Elder Hintze yesterday. Soooo good to see him haha. The first thing that he said to me when he saw me was, "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BE MY COMPANION!!!!! Because now it's not going to be good with anyone else in my msision!!!!" It was funny. I guess it was a hard change down there. The didn't have much success and didn't get along. But he's killing it in Escuintla. I would love to go back to the coast again haha. I miss it. I had a really cool experience this Sunday. We were looking so hard for Luis Guzman and we finally found out exactly where he lived. We went there at like 7 and his daughter answered the door and I asked for him and she said one second. He came over on his crutches and said hi and everything. I presented myself and he said "¿Usted es hijo de un Tyler Hanson?" and I was like WHATTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!. I told him yes and he let us in and we talked for awhile with them. It was so amazing. I am hoping for a huge miracle with them. He is awesome and so nice a so special but he doesn't seem to be super interested in the message. PRAY FOR HIM. His kids are super awesome and they seem so interested. We'll see what we can do there. He remembers dad like it was yesterday haha. So awesome. How dad used to bring him little drawings and make him make telares for him. And how he would go into the house and jsut lay out on his bed. He lives in the same house and everything. He jsut doesn't have the loom anymore. He is awesome man. SOOOOOOOOO AWESOMMEEEEEE!!!!!!! Super cool conference with Elder Cook. Super blessed to have him here. He taught us so many things that helped us so much. Mostly, he talked about love and how we need to love everyone, whatever the case. It was so awesome. I LOVED IT!!!! We made bricks this p day and that was freaking awesome haha Pictures are coming!!! I love you so much. I love this place. I will do whatever i can with Luis. I can't even believe this happened!!! Have a great week!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!!!

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