Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Hey everyone..... Let`s get it started with the preguntitas... How is Neri? He`s doing great. I love that guy haha. He really is so funny. I love it because lots of people go inactive and then start going to another church but he still even wears his garments and keeps all the commandments. He`s a great dude. Have you tracked down Luiz Guzman yet? Well everyone told me that he died. So i was pretty disappointed because of that. But I brought the pictures to the Pablo family and they all know him and that he still lives here. I will find him this week!!! Also I found the house where dad lived and I will be taking pictures there very soon!!!!!!!!!! Super sick. How come there are more elders in your pictures? I thought you and your comp were the only ones in El Tejar? We are the only ones in El Tejar. But there are other Elders in Tzumpango which is in our ward. Other area. Did you have any baptisms this week? We didn`t baptize this week but we have three for this sunday coming up!! Take a pic of your apartment if you get a chance... I`ll get it done master!! I really have no time. Here is crazy with all the missionaries and having meetings all the time. We get studies in the house and that`s it. I need to take more pictures.. 1. How long does Mena have in the Tejar? He`s been here for 3 months. It looks like he`ll probably be out this Tuesday in changes. 2. Who are you teaching? We have the Familia Ordoñez who are going to get baptized this sunday. 3 teenagers and then the next sunday will be their brother. Ruth, Allison, Erika and Antonio. We`re working hard with the rest of the fam. 3. How is your health? I`m good. I have permenant boo which is normal. But yeah I`m really good. Been really really blessed. 4. Any luck finding the Munoze (Naty and Juan), or definitively what happened to Luis Guzman? If you find the Munoz family, get naty to cook you some good ol' beans and eggs. THE best cook I've ever saw down there. Oh yeah, and baptize the whole bunch of them! Well the deal with them. It ws actually pretty cool because i showed the pictures to the Pablo family and they just freaked out haha. Juan is the tio of them and they all know him. They are die hard evangelicos. I haven`t gone to talk to them but we will go this week. Supuestamente Jose the kid slammed the door pretty hard core in the face of my comp when they were in divisions. Who knows there. Solo Dios va? 5. Are you still only eating one meal with the cocinera? Yeah that`s how it is in the whole mission. We aren`t allowed to eat dinner with just members. But the people always feed us. The converts and the investigators.It`s so awesome. There is always food. WHOoOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Everything is totally suavesito!!!! We`re doing really well out here. I`m loving this area. We have changes this tuesday coming up and so I will be writing next week on thursday because Wednesday we have a meeting with ELDER COOK!!! WHOOOOOO gonna be sick. It`s looking like Elder Mena will be out of here and I`ll get someone else. Stoked!! We had another good week. I`m totally wrecked from all the work haha I love it. I wouldn`t have it any other way. We have this investigator that is from the U.S. His first language is english and he grew up in L.A. But he`s down here now and he`s had a super hard life and it`s crazy haha but he went to church with his wife. We`re really hoping for some miracles with him. A possible one for next change. It`s going by so fast. This changes had flown and It`s so weird. I love it though. This place is so great. Mom I have Shenandoah on my Ipod by the mo tab. I`ll brush up on it a couple times before I get home. I love you mom! I`ll sing you whatever you want!! I love our times at the piano. All the practices that you helped me with. So awesome. I LOVE YOU DAD!!!!! HAPPPPPYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I`ll write you another email aparte. Nery muñoz says hi and that he loves you and remembers you. He wants to come up and see you (and me) in October. Have a great week my friends. Wherever you my be. The mission or in the home doesn`t matter. Do what you know to do and do it right and just straight get it done!!!!!

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