Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stop this train...

January 28, 2014 Hi everyone...... OHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH This week was a straight thrilla.... Questions: 1. Who were the girls baptized last week? That was the familia Ordoñez. They were so dang pilas haha. We are working hard with the brother and the rest of the family to get them dunked!!!! YEAHHHHHHH 2. What other investigators do you have lined up? We're working with a lot of people that they just need to go to church. People that have gotten their answers but they just don't go to church. That's where that patience is coming in. Right now we have.... Jonathan, Victor and Andrea, Hilda, Magaly, Adriana (Wife of Edison Muñoz, he went to church this Sunday for the first time in forever. When he saw the pictures he told me "I'm going to church" and I'm like yeah right whatever haha but he went!! We'll see what happens!!!) Those are the most positives!! 3. Is Mena coming around a bit? A little bit. I try to joke with him but he is seriously so hardened that he just doesn't get the onda haha. He reminds me so much of Elder Ucles haha. 4. How is the liderazgo over there? It's great. We have every single of the recient converts going to church and that is like a freaking miracle in this country. 5. Have you bumped into Juan/Naty Munoz (or tasted her food) No we haven't. It's hard because they aren't big fans of the missionaries or the Mormons. I think that is why dad never know who the Pablos were because they are family but if they could choose, they wouldn't be hahaha. We had a good week. It's looking good for the next coming time. We had 10 investigators in church and 4 families. It is going good right now. We are just fishing right now for the best investigators and working with the ones that actually want to progress. It's looking good. Just want to get Luis to church haha. The picture of Luis is of him and my glasses, he wanted to see if he could see with them because he can't see well enough to read the Book of Mormon. His kids read what we left them and read it out loud but Luis was watching tv and didn't pay much attention. I find it a little hard to teach him because with every other person I just give it to them hard and with him I just can't open the scriptures and give it to him super hard. I guess it's just lack of faith. The opposite of faith is fear. But we are working there. He is so awesome. I can't believe that I am teaching him. Dad, call him and talk to him!! He needs to get baptized!! I loved the picture of Chode killing it in Brasil with a freaking hole in his wall hahahahahahahahahahahah I laughed so hard I almost peed. That kid is a legend. I don't really talk to anyone anymore. Just pretty much Chode but we still haven't missed a week in the mission.... Gay? I think not! I had a freaking Liahona/Ensign party hahahaha I found that picture of Daisy in a Liahona of like 2007 and the Picture of Brent and Kristy. It was actually pretty cool and baggy at the same time. Loving life haha. It was a good week but not much to write. Everything is good and we're trying to have fun. I love you all and thanks for everything you've given and done for me!!!

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