Wednesday, October 30, 2013


October 29, 2013


This week was totally a week of mostly downs and a couple ups but whatever haha that's how the Lord wants it sometimes I guess.

I guess I'll start off with the good news. ME AND ELDER HINTZE ARE STAYING TOGETHER FOR ONE MORE CHANGE BABBYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! We were sooooo ready to have changes. I was so sure that he was out haha. The Zone Leaders called us and told us and I thought they were totally joking but no we're together till Nivvy November baby!!! And we baptized Gloria and that was so great. A dang good baptism. A little more about that in continuation.

I totally was frizzy frazzled all week this week haha. We had so many things going on and a lot of things that didn't work. The familia Real couldn't get into the agua this week because the sister drank coffee. But we're not too worried about them because they are going to get baptized. Super awesome family. We totally had a HUGE surprise with Hector and his interview. I guess he had killed two people with intention like 40 years ago so he couldn't do it this weekend. He has to have a huge process of coming to church and an interview with Presidente Brough and then the ultimate decision has to come from Presidente Monson! Crazy process and pretty hard to see. He was super sad. But he'll be able to do it in like 5 months or so. Super tough and frustrating but those things just happen and there's nothing you can do about it. Still keeping our heads up and working super hard. SO STOKED TO BE TOGETHER STILL!!!! We keep just looking to eachother and saying, "wait, you're still my companion?" LOVE IT YOMO

The baptism of Gloria was one of the best/funniest thing ever. A member named Baudilio got to baptize her and it was awesome because he was so dang stoked to do and super grateful to be able to do it. Gloria was so excited that she was crying and so happy haha it was awesome. So right before they get into the water, Baudilio explained everything to her and told her that they were going to say a little prayer and then he was going to dunk her with force. So she gets into the water and the water was FREEEEEEZZZZING and she was freaking out haha. She calmed down a little bit and got it calmed. Right as Baudilio was about to start it all, Gloria plugged her nose and started like screaming "SEÑOR JESUS PADRE CELESTIAL" and a bunch of stuff like that and then she just started to dunk herself. SHE TRIED TO BAPTIZE HERSELF HAHAHAHAAH. It was literally the funniest thing I've ever seen. Baudilio was there like "What the heck is happening" Me and Elder Hintze were just laughing our butts off and luckily she didn't go down all the way hahahaha It was so great. She totally killed it. I just love her. So great. 

We totally got haircuts yesterday and that was super Bad Attitude . We're not super worried about the people because we are going to have a really good change this time around. We have a lot of people that could get it done and we're super excited. LOVE THE WORK BABBBBBBYYYYYY. Thanks for all the support from everyone and keep us in your prayers! Have a great week. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Elder Hanson


Does Guat celebrate Halloween? Yeah a little bit. It is looked at like a Satan worshiping thing so it is always really frowned upon haha. The religions are so weird down here. No dancing, no makeup, no parties, no nothing haha Crazies. But crazies that I love.

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  1. Hi! I'm Elder Hintze's sister, Michelle! We found this blog when Doug was first called to the mission. It's so fun that these two are companions! They're doing so well. I love hearing Elder Hanson's updates along with Elder Hintze's. The pictures are great too! Thanks for sharing!