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November 5, 2013

Hi everyone.....

First of all, I'd just like to get it out there and say it. Don't want to offend anyone either.....I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT ME GOING HOME!!!! Not where I'm going to live of what's going to happen or where I'm going to school or what kind of food I'm going to eat or where I'm going to do whatever haha. I don't want to be mean or anything and I know that you guys don't do it because you want to, it's just that I just don't like to think about going home haha. I hate to think about my time in the mission. I hate thinking about going home haha. Not that I hate home, just that I don't like to talk about it to much. Sorry for the harsh words but I had to get out there and say it. I love you all so much. I will never come home.

QUESTION TIME much cooler than Esquintla in Palin?  Different from the cap? It's pertty hot during the day but it cools down quite a bit in the night. It actually gets a tit bit nipply in the nights. BOOM!
2.  Do you ever play soccer with the kids in the street? No not ever haha. That's something that is super frowned upon here in the mission central. I always want to haha but I don't feel like I'd be being dilligent...
3.  Are you playing a little B-ball? Yeah a tiny tiny bit haha. Elder Hintze always wants to and I do too but we can't go and shoot at the church in the morning for exercise. That sucks haha.
4.  How are your shoes holding up? I don't want to get new shoes haha I just want these ones that I came with to be so wrecked when I get home haha. They are actually holding up well. I'm surprised of the performance haha.
5.  Needs for package with Hermana Brown? I was thinking maybe a couple shirts more. But way smaller size! They are drowning me and I had to take them to a sewer to get them sewed and changed. I haven't gotten that fat!
6.  Have you ever "conseguired" one of those "en esta hogar, somos Catolicos" signs.  If not, let that be a goal. I WILL GET ON THAT. I love crap like that in this country
7.  How do you make all of your contacts?  What counts as a contact? We just talk to everyone. We get in the busses and talk in front and ask the people for their addresses and that is something really cool. Helps a lot. We have to do certain things so that it counts for a contact. Teach a principal, testify, and then invite them to do something (address, go to church, family home evening in their house) and then they have to give us an answer. That's about it haha.
8.  How can my class members overcome their fear of "abriendose la boca" when it comes to sharing the gospel"? Just read them D&C 60 verse 2 and then read them also verse 7. When we open our mouths, we are forgiven of our sins. SICK
9.  Cebollines is overrated, no? I don't know if I have tried them,.... I'm sure but I don't know...

I got my package with the heatt shirt by the way!!!!! WHOOOOOO LOVED IT. Especially the letters. Always the best part.

WELLLLL This week was awesome. One of the best work weeks I've had on the mission. We worked hard and we were blessed with a bunch of miracles this Sunday.

We were sitting in Sunday in church and no one was coming haha The R family wasn't going to go to church because they had to take their kid to the hospital and that sucked haha. We had a couple in when the meeting started and we were like COME ON MAN!!!! Then right as the meeting started, the miracles started. The investigators came in like a freaking flood!! It was the most amazing sight ever. Then at like 9:30 the biggest surprise of them all, The Familia R walked in and we were like WHAAAAAAAAA. It was awesome. I guess the wife was like I'll take the kid the the hospital tomorrow and let's go to church. They went and in that night we got them ready for their baptism this weekend. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM!!!! The most amazing Sunday ever. We ended up having 13 investigators in church and It's looking like it's going to be a good change. Just hoping and praying and seeing what the will of God is. LOVE IT!!!

I love Sipacate...
I see the busses that go to Sipa every day and I just want to jump on and go back.

Great week this week and we're hoping for more to come!!! Jus praying like crazies to have this stuff happen. I also saw a baby go from breast feed to throw up in 3.5 seconds. Beat that record any missionary in the world. GUATEMALA IS AWESOME. Crazy stuff goes down. 

I love you all so much and am so happy and thankful for the support that you all give me. I just hope that everyone is doing wihat they need to do and getting it done so that they can obligate our Lord to bless them. D&C 82:10!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Dad.... Do you speak mostly in Usted, Tu Or Vos when you speak spanish? I really want to know what the sich is. LOVE YOUUUUUUU

Elder Hanson   YOMO
Guatemala City Central
Me extra├▒a patajo...

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