Thursday, November 21, 2013


October 19, 2013

Hi everyone.....

This week was FILLED with learning experiences. Great week but a little bit hard at the same time. Super blessed and I am loving this place. I LOVE GUATE.

We're being so blessed right now. We are baptizing a lot lately and it is going super well. Lots of success in the district and it is so nice to just be blessed. We're finally seeing the blessings of our obedience and our dilligence. 

We had interviews with President Brough this morning and that was so amazing. Stuff had happened this week that was pretty crazy here and I just loved getting the love from President this morning after a tough week.

We are going to the temple tomorrow and I am SOOOOOOO STOKED for that. I love the temple so much and I wish we could go more often. I feel like the temple is a refuge house from the outside world and as missionaries, we really aren't in the real world. I think that that is the reason that we don't go very often, because we are very watched over and very protected.

We baptized the niece of the Family R this Sunday and that was great. Great baptismal service and we were blessed to get that done. Now we're working on the mom. She loves everything about the church and knows all of it is true, just needs to get thrown into the water. We'll try and get it done before Elder Hintze peaces out.

A bird pooped on Elder Hintze's shirt the other day and that was so awesome too haha. He walked around the whole day with all the poop on his shirt. That's true courage. He is way sick right now haha got the major boo. It should be a good day of work. I'm going to enforce the toilet paper lined in the garments that dad taught me for this day hahahahaha. 

We're almost at our goal for the district for baptisms and for our companionship. LOVIN IT. We didn't go to President's house this week. We go on the third of December (can't believe we're almost in December) and we have to have district meeting in his house. Which means I'm in charge with the big boss. That should be interesting haha. Pray for me.

Don't worry about me having fun haha. I work hard be I do have fun too. I don't know what I would do if we couldn't have fun. Don't you worry haha we're having fun.

I'm working on trying to get back to everyone that writes me. I still have a couple more and now that I have a post office in the area, I can get stuff to you guys faster. Like two weeks. I'm trying to write every P day to someone that I haven't written that has written me. Just be patient and I'll get to you!!! 

Thanks for everything! I love you all so much! HAve a good week and we'll see you next week!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hintze dying in the bus........ 

Baptism of Kimberly R

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