Friday, October 25, 2013


October 22, 2013

Hello everyone......

Me and Elder Hintze's sick Guatemalan swag

Got my package!

making fun of all the missionaries that feel like they have to have a Book of Mormon in their hands in every picture that they take with my little bit of YOMO flavor

 how I like to put the youngest of his family to work so that he can learn the real way of life. I give him so much crap about being the youngest in his family LOLOLOLOL

The pictures are of Mine and Elder Hintze's SICK Guatemala SWAG backpacks. LOVIN IT and we killed it too with my new YOMO shirt!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH

This week was a total week of miracles!!! I had my best Sunday in the whole mission with just literally everything going right and God just blessed us super hard core. Great week for sure.

In the district this Sunday that is coming up we should have 10 baptisms! That's crazy! God has blessed us so much in this week with just everything that we have needed. We are 6 missionaries here in the district and we are hoping that we can be blessed enough to just be able to get it done. I need you to pray hard core for Ada and Eyner, Gloria, and Hector. It could be a great day in white for us and we are hoping that it happens. I know it will if we just have faith and are dilligent and obedient!!

I got the package in PERFECT timing because I'm almost out of contact solution. I love getting stuff in mail. At the beginnning of the mission I got stuff all the time and it was so great but now I don't get as much but when I get something, I love it so much haha. So THANK YOU for that. I LOVE YOU! The YOMO shirt for sure took the cake and I sport it every night haha. Everyone that has seen it is totally jealous, namely Elder Hintze. No one else has seen it haha.

I've been so thankful for the opportunity that I have to have been with Elder Hintze. I can't believe that we almost have changes haha. It has gone by so freaking fast!! I hope that i can train again. I love it so much and it is such a great trust from Heavenly Father and from the mission president. Gotta start those little babies off right! We always talk about how awesome it would be to stay here together but we kind of know it won't happen haha. It would be cool.

I studied a lot about Charity this week. One sweet thing that I learned was that Jesus didn't baptize one person but he had charity and so it didn't matter. I love 1 Corinthians chapter 13 about charity. It is so awesome that we are literally nothing if we don't love. Even if we have literally everything else, but not charity, we can't be saved. I LOVE THAT. I feel like it is something that all of us have to work on so that we can be saved haha. I think it is something that can help me to be more humble as I try to do my best to just have more love for the people here, my companion and the other missionaries that I serve. Great week of everything.

I love you all!!! Thank you all for the support and everything you do for me. Keep throwin up those prayers so that we can see this MILAGRON this weekend!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Elder Hanson


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