Tuesday, March 25, 2014


March 25, 2014

Well what's up guys?

Here are the questions.....

1.  How did Sunday go with your baptisms? 
Well We had 2. Not too shabby but we had 4 planned. 

2.  Have you been back to the Carmen yet? 
No just once where we passed by. While we were doing a couple interviews we saw a bunch of my boys though. That was awesome. Can't wait!!!!!

3.  How's Elder Sorenson doing?  
He's doing great!! He's such a stud. Works hard and is baptizing nicely right now. I love that kid haha. He's also with my child Elder Hernandez which has to be a treat!

4.  How much are you teaching, on average, with your new responsibilities? 
Well we still have like 50 lessons a week even with all the stuff to do. When we work, we work hard.

5.  Fill us in on your investigators. 
We have like a billion people progressing right now. It's crazy haha they just go to church and read and pray. It's like why couldn't people do this in other places????? Would have made the mission a whole lot easier. It's hard to find new investigators just because we are always running aroung and if we're not, we have to visit out pilas investigators. I LOVE IT.

6.  Have you lost your third companion to the casa yet?
 Not yet. It's supposed to happen next week.

We had a super brutal week hahaha. We had a Whiteout as you can see in the picture. In the zone we baptized 14 on sunday. Too bad our investigators either weren't there or just weren't in white clothes when we took the pictures..... lol.

Well I don't even know where to start.....this weekend we had a wedding for the Samayoa family that was going to get baptized on Sunday but they drank coffee on Friday!!!! NOOOOOOOO. But they will get baptized this Sunday that's coming up. Weddings here like make me sad. Not like baggy sad but like I feel bad that this has to be your wedding sad. Things don't normally turn out super great here in this country. But we just get it done.

We had to do a ton of interviews this week and were all over the capital. haha I just love taking the busses and talking to everyone on the bus and then yelling out the door to everyone on the street where we are going. I LOVE THS COUNTRY. We have so much fun hahaha.

We had the interviews of our investigators Saturday in the night and this man named Leonel was super uncertain about it. His whole family is member and he passed the interview and then came out and said "I'll get baptized on the 30th" We were like whatever, you've said that for like 3 months haha. Then we got everything done. Angel passed his interview and we were ready with at least one baptism for this weekend. My comps and I planned a huge huge HUGE baptisimal service for the zone and President Brough got there and it was crazy and everything. Me, Elder Finch and a couple of the sisters sung "As sisters in zion" and "to bring the world his truth" or whatever it's called and that was great. Great to sing a little bit in front of some chapines, even though thgey don't understand haha. But everything was soooooooo hectic getting everything ready for the thing with President coming and everything. Then it started and everything was good. Leonel was there and his wife spoke and the Spirit was soooooo strong. SOOOOO STRONG.....Then we went into the baptisms. All of the sudden Leonel came up to us and was like I want to be baptized now! He was crying and it was awesome. Then I told him "NO WAY MAN!! THERE'S ALREADY A LOT GETTING BAPTIZED!!" HAHAHAHA  I didn't say that..... But he got dunked!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO AWESOME..... That's a pic of us as he got out!!!! Great miracle.

We have 5 set dates for this sunday. Marco, Mariana, Jose and Helen, and Francisco. This Sunday is going to be HUGEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I'm so stoked!!!!

We are sooooooo close to breaking the record of baptisms in a zone in a month in the history of the mission. It's 65 and we only need 27 more this weekend. We are going to do it baby!!!! I love this place and I'm doing good. I love you all so much!! Thank you for everything !!! 

ORALE!!!!!!! ORALE!!!!! BENDICIONES!!!!!!!!!!!

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