Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ST. Patricks day......hhahahahaha good one!!

Hi everyone......

1.  How long does your comp have in the area/mission? He has been here in the area for 4 changes. Total stud. He'll be out this change and up to assistant. haha He's great. He has 1 more change than me.
2.  Investigator update.  Are people keeping their compromisos? Our investigators here are like dream people haha they all read, they all go to church, they all want to get BAPTIZED!!!!!!
3.  What are all the areas in your Zone? Villa Hermosa, La Hermosa, Prados 1 2 and 3, Los Alamos, El Carmen 1 and 2, El Porvenir, Boca del Monte 1 2 and 3, Ciudad Real, La Corona. LOTS  How many Elders/Hermanas total? We are 32 missionaries in total. 8 sisters and the rest elders.
4.  How often to you interact with the Prez? We don't talk to him much. A lot with the Assistants
 How often do you split with your missionaries? I'm on divisions right now haha and tomorrow I have o be in my area alone with the assistants hhaha SABER
5.  Do you have good Hermana Leader (not sure what their title is there)? Yeah they are super great. Its' one that entered with me and she's great. I was her DL in El Tejar. PILAS 
6.  Is your area hilly and covered with Barrancos like the Carmen? Not even close!! It's got it's hills but it isn't near like the Carmen!! 
7.  How is your food (cocinera)? Super good. The members give us food every day and the good thing is that they all have $$$$$$$ Tons of moola haha. It's good.

mom's Questions:
Are you liking your trio? Yeah I like it. It's a little hard to get the teaching down but we're working so hard!! LOVE IT!!!!
Give a pic of your apartment. I always love seeing.
Is it really different being a zone leader? More work? Different work? Sueper super busy haha. Especially here in this zone that it HUGE!!!! It's the biggest one in the mission and they most pressure to baptize too haha. Lots of dats too. We are all over the place all the time but I love it so far. Keeps me focused.
Are you healthy? Yeah I think so...... hahahhaha I'm good.


We baptized 3 of God's children this weekend. Rene, Scarlet and Jennifer. SUPER KILLLAAAAAA. They were all super ready and super haappy to get it done. It was a great sunday. We had 3 baptisms in the area and 17 investigators in church! NEW RECORD!!! We just need to find out how to get them all baptized.

Next week we have 4 baptisms almost totally ready to go to the wa wa. Jose and Helen Samayoa, Leonel Reyes and Angel Muñoz. We haven't even been working with them very much. Just the members here are awesome and just get it done hardcore.

I'm loving it with my companions. I feel like this change is going to fly by. It' already is!!! 

We had house inspections this week and we had to go to all of the areas in the zone and inspect it up. We went around with President and Sister Brough and it was so great. So cool to just talk to them and not have the pressure that comes with being with the mission President. Super sweet day. I got to go to El Carmen and just got straight HOMESICK. I loved that place. I'll be going there in divisions very soon haha. LOVE IT!!

The members here are great. They work with us and they actually give us great references. It just makes our work so much easier with the help of the members and we just teach and baptize. SO AWESOME!!!

We are working so hard but we are having so much fun at the same time. We are going to baptize 400 this month in the mission and we already have more that 200 going into the last two weeks which are usually huge. This week in the zone we are going to have like 30 baptisms if everythin goes as planned. Super blessed and we've been seeing a ton ton ton of miracles. President shared a cool scripture with us to help us not to doubt, 1 Nephi 17:13. Loved it. I know that we can do anything with the Lord on our side. He is always there to help us when we need him and he'll always life us up. Awesome to know that.

Thanks for all your support. I'm doing well. Eating more but I'll probably lose a little bit of weight with all the freaking sweat hahaha. Super great. Loving it baby!!! I love the mission. Just working hard and being obedient is the only way to get it done, it's the only thing that will actually change us in the long run. I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL!!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!

Wedding SWAG!

Renee Scarlet & Jennifer

Comp love

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