Monday, March 31, 2014

Fijese que no voy a poder llegar a mi bautiso...NOT!!!!!!

March 31, 2014

Well hey everyone....

Well you can say that we got it done this month in the month of miracles!!!!!!

In the zone we had 60 baptisms and baptized 14 families. We were soooooo close to breaking the record in the mission of baptisms in a month in a zone. So close but 60 is still soooooooo high. Super great month.

This Sunday we had the baptisms of the S family (Jose and Helen), Mariana, and Ya boi Marco (ancient investigator from like 15 years ago). MIRACLES!!!!!!! This month in the area we baptized 11 people in total with 4 families. It was so great and we were soooo blessed for our hard work and our obedience and our outstanding good looks.....wait did I just say that out loud? Great month.

Yesterday I was walking down the street and tried to avoid a pole, but it got me mixed up in even more of a pickle as I SMASHED my face on another metal pole hahahaha it hurt way bad but when mom and dad come down to get me and we come back, I'm sure my dignity will be ready to come with me again. It was soooooo funny haha. That's the black eye pic haha good times.

Marco went to church this last Sunday and we hardly thought about it. He always goes and never has really had desires to get it done. His wife has been a member for 14 years and she is the sweetest little angel ever. I love her haha. We went last sunday to see Que Onda and he was like I want to change and everything but I don't know when. We went Tuesday and challenged him for this Sunday and all he said was "What do I need to bring?" IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!  He got it done yesterday and it was awesome. Instant sealing in a year. Familia S was like that too. They are sooooo excited to get sealed in a year. I like the fact that the members help so much. All of our success is because of the memebers and their references. LOVE IT!!! If you want the missionaries to have success. GIVE REFERENCES!!!! So great.

Elder Carcamo is leaving this week and that will be interesting. Elder Finch is most likely out this change and going on to bigger and better things in the office as assistant (not confirmed but pretty much) And I'll be left here all by myself to see waht the heck I do haha. I love it though. It is nice to be trusted by the Lord and trusted with so many of God's children. 

Other than the rough week of falls, It was a great week. We had such a good time and had a ton of success. I'm loving it right now in this area. Can't complain about anything. Life is good here in the work. Stoked out of my mind for General Conference. WHOOOOOO I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

Boo?  I think NOT!


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