Wednesday, April 9, 2014


April 8, 2014

Hi everyone.....

This week was nice. Suavesito.....

Questions: (warning: I'm gonna say the H word:Home)
1.  Update on your investigators. 

We really have hardly anyone hahaha. There is a lady named Liseth and her daughter named Paola and a kid named Javier(reminds me a lot of Gabe) That's about it. We threw it down in March.

2.  Update on your companions and when changes are. 

We have changes on the 16. Elder Finch is out and I am going to get a latin. Saber who it is but it's nice to have the hook ups in the office haha. Elder Carcamo left on Wednesday. Weird without him haha.

3.  Did you watch conference in English or Spanish? 

I watched it in English. It doesn't even compare in Spanish. It was soooooo awesome.

4.  When is your release date, to the best of your knowledge?  

Yeah I hve to go to Tikal. My last change day is the 1st of october. It will be conference weekend I think. 

5.  Are any of your people from Sipacate or Carmen temple-ready? 

Yeah there are actually a couple. Aidee Cabrera is doing great and that will go down within a couple months. I would like to go with her and her family.

Well Conference was AWESOME!! I loved Pte Uchtdorf's talk about gratitude. I am really not the most grateful person. Also Elder Bednar threw it down!!! The testimony of Elder Holland!!!!! CHILLSSSS!!! and Your boy Pte Packer and his testimony. Loved it. So much.

We had a good week. Worked hard as usual. It's nice to be with just Elder Finch. Now we just work at our own pace and it's so nice. I LOVE IT!!! Changes are going to be weird. Not stoked haha. 

We went to Lake Amatitlan this week for zone p day. That was sick. a lot of cool stuff to do there. I don't have much time that's why I'm going hard hahaa.

We are doing well. I love Elder Finch and we are doing well together. He won't be going too far because the office is just right around the corner hahaha. We don't know yet where he's going but I know he's gonna be the assistant.

CRAAAAAY That Nicolle finishes the mission tomorrow haha. I can't even fathom that. Weird that it is so close but it seems so far. I hardly focus on it and try to throw it out of my mind. But it's getting to that time and it's so weird. I love the mission so much. I've grown so much in every aspect of my life. I'm just a better person. I just understand the importance of good hard work and will never let it go. I love my Savior and My Heavenly Father. I know that Gabe is up there watching over us. It is weird for me to think about that he isn't there with you guys. I feel like I'm gonna get home and he' going to be there. I think that's why I don't want to go home. I'm just really scared of that. I miss him but The Lord is doing exactly what Elder Bednar talked about, carrying my burdens. They are still there, I just don't feel them because of my Savior. I love you all. Thank you for everything. Have a great week!!!!!!!

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