Tuesday, April 22, 2014


April 22, 2014

hey everyone.....


1.  Where did Finch end up? Elder Finch is about 20 minutes away from my in Boca del Monte as Assistant. He's killin it! I still talk to him like every day haha it's great.
3.  Tell us how you and Suarez are doing with your investigators. We are working hard with 3 investigators for this weekend named Francisco L, Geovanny C, and Sofia M KILLLLAAAAAA We have to baptize this weekend because we just have to baptize this month haha.
4.  Anyone in Prados heard of a guy from Mariscal named Marvin Gomez? No I don't think so. But I will get my ask on baby!!!!!

Well It was a little tough this week because of the Semana Santa haha. No one was in the house. We found a ton of new investigators but it wsa hard because all of our investigators were in the beach getting their party on. We worked through it though and had a good week. 

We haven't baptized this month. Not acceptable haha. We hav ethree good possibilities for this weekend and I know that we will get it done.

It is weird to go from Gringo to latin again haha. I find myself talking to him in English all the time hahaha. Its' way funny. He seriously is soooo great. It is just different with a white boy. Count your blessings baby.

Sooooo good to see the pictures of Adam and Gus at church. I love Adam. Always have. He's such a great guy and it's so great that he is getting back into the path. Great uncle.

We just worked hard this week. It's starting to get really really hot haha. I love the heat. It just turns me into straight skin and bones! I'm getting super skinny hahaha. I hope that my next area is on the coast. I miss the people there haha.

There's really not much to write. I had a good week and I'm happy as ever. So thankful for all that The Lord has given me. The Scriptures have helped me so much. I've grown soo much in every which way. I love the people. I love the country. I love my family and friends. I love my God. Have a great week!!!!!

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