Tuesday, April 29, 2014


April 29, 2014

Well this week was miracle FILLEEEDDDD!

Questions.....that aren't really even questions....

1.  We would like to go to the Brough's homecoming if they have one.  If we could get the address to their ward and when it will be when that becomes available. I don't know if they are going to have one haha. Knowing them the might not. But I will keep you updated on it. They don't even have a house in Utah haha so I don't know what they will do.

2.  Comp/investigator/zone updates. 
We are doing well here in the area. My comp is awesome. The investigators are there! We just need to get them in the water. We had 3 for this weekend. Kenny, Jonatan and Hansel. They are sons of a less active lady that are sooooo stoked for their baptism. Then we have Sofia the one I was talking about the other day. Her little brother Gerardo. Then we have The S family taht is gettin it done. Cristofer and Janet a little family that are getting it done!! We're gonna do it this month in may!

4.  Any news from Tejar at all? The sisters are super pilas. The last I heard of Luis was that he just wasn't progressing at all. His kids wanted to but it was just hard without him doing it. The kids I guess almost got baptized. But who knows! God knows what he wants from his children!

This week we had some straight miracles happen! Super blessed this week. 

A Guy named Francisco, that we hadn't had contact with for a long time got to church last Sunday and just said, I haven't smoked for a while and I want to be baptized!!!!! And we were like, "LET'S GET IT DONE!!!!!!" So the whole week we were trying soooo hard to look for him and get him taught the last little things that we needed to teach him before his baptism. We couldn't find him at all! Then on friday we found him at like 8:57 in his house finally. We taught him what he needed to know and RANNNNNN home like 2 miles up straight hills to get in before 9 30. It was crazy and a huge miracle. Saturday, the day of his interview, we couldn't find him hahahaah. We finally found him in his house and talked to him and he said, " let's wait until toimorrow!" and I said nooooooo way man. We're getting it done tonight. Called the ward mission leader and he came to pick us up. As he was coming, Francisco's wife showed up! She is just the most pleasent lady in the world haha NOT!! and then we had to leave. We just got up and were like "lady we're taking your husband with us!!!!" and we bounced. It was awesome. He passed his interview and got baptized that same night!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE MIRACLE!!!! I'm just so grateful with my Heavenly Father for that miracle. We worked so hard this month and it just didn't go too well. But we kept the faith and our Father blessed us big time.

The zone is doing good. We are working hard and seeing some results. I feel like this month in May is going to be HUGE!! Stoked for it. It's crazy how fast time is going by. Almost half the change is almost over and I feel like it just started. I wanna stop the train and get off and get on again at the start but that's just not how it works haha. I love it here. Love the people sooooo much. They are just so funny. I'm so glad that The Lord has blessed me with this calling to be in this country serving his children and working my butt off. I will come back skin and bones skinny haha. I just hope I go to the coast again hahaha. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thanks for all the support and all that you do for me!

In the next package that you guys mandarme, I need some ties. Haha I just like to give a lot of them away and now I only have my really special ones and need some new good ones!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

sweet wallet

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