Tuesday, March 4, 2014


March 4, 2014
Hello everyone....... Ummmmm weird weird week hahaha. Questions getting muddy....

1. Changes? Yeah I'll get into that a little more abajo de la pagina if you know what I mean.....
2. Investigator update? Well I have no idea haha We had a straight up crap Sunday but I know that all will be good. We are working our butts off and being super flechones so come what may, God will bless us with what we need.
3. Did you make it over to Dona Naty's house yet? Juan is a cranky dude, but I love him. Yeh we did dude!!!!!! It was way funnny. Mas adelante.
4. How's the new family you contacted last week doing? Um well we totally have gone a bunch of time and the normal chapin thing that they do is straight up disappear hahaha so we don't know for right now...
5. Are you singing a little? Come on!!!! I don't know why you ask me that. You know I'm singing. I seriuosly don't know what I'd do without it. I just want to get home and start singing somewhere hahaha. Love it.

Well this week was a little weird...... way way weird...... I'm out of El Tejar tomorrow..... WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! But I guess that's what the Lord wants haha. It sucks to say good bye but that's just what happens in the mission. On to bigger and better things I guess. We'll see what happens. I'll let you know as soon as I can haha.

We went and I said Adios to Nery Muñoz and ja boi Luis Guzman. I can honestly say that I worked my hardest and started to do what the Spirit wanted me to do in the end. I don't have any regrets. One day he will get it and he will be baptized. Elder Mena said he would visit them but haha I don't know honestly lolol. That was a little hard but Luis is like it doesn't even matter because in like 7 months you and your dad are going to come down with your mom and see me..... can you say throwing some pressure down?? hahaha.

Nery is soooo funny and just gave me this huge huge like conference talk full of council from the mouth of Nery Muñoz. He has plans to go to Utah in November haha. Killin it. We'll see how the rest goes today. Crazy that I'm leaving. I feel like they just lied to me and don't want to stop until I get to changes with my bags lololol...

 The thing about Nicolle was freaking sweet!!! Holy cow. I'd explode in that mission. I feel like I'm about to explode and I've been baptizing like crazy. SABER how that happened though. I thought I was the impatient one hahaha. Couldn't open the link because I can't go onto other sites but I'll see it soon enough...
Eating and hanging out with the Munoz Family...A WILFOR!

Talked to Juan Muñoz and Naty and she that was funny. I walked into the house and Naty just saw me and said "HANSON" hahahaha It was way funny. She sat us down and gave us beans and eggs and nectar of the Gods (Pineapple juice) They love dad haha. It's weird now though. These people tell me how dad would just get there and hang out with them and be their friends. I find that so hard with the pressure that we have and the rules that make it so we can't do the same. We can only be in a house for an hour MAX!!! And the house of a faithful member for 20 minutes MAX. It's weird but helps us find more people to baptize. We're not allowed to have dinner in house of members either. But the Lord knows what is best for us. Not complaining. Love it.

 I love this place sooo much. Great time here. Great people and greater memories. Great success too haha. I love you all. I'll let you know Que onzas (what's up) With my changes. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! HAPPY WEEK!!!!!!!!!

Me and Luis and Family

Nery Munoz

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