Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hi everyone..... Let's get to the questions..... Questions: 1. How did your interview go? Did the Prez say anything about your longevity in El Tejar? Best thing ever. I will talk later... 2. How many souls did the mission bring unto Christ (How many baptisms) last month? Last month I think we baptized like 200. Last year in june we baptized 344. We will get 400 3. Who are you teaching? How are they progressing? We have a lot of people right now. The only thing is that we just can't find them right now haha. 4 or 5 days without contact in this country means that anything has happened. 4. Any encounters with the Munoz family? We still haven't gone to the house but I always talk with Juan in the street. The dude is crazy haha. Just screams at me in VOS all the time haha. 5. How was Antigua? SOOOOOOOO SICKKKKKKK I loved it haha. Do the Guats watch the olympics? No. if it doesn't have anything to do with soccer, they don't watch it. No Ronaldo, no Messi, No chapines hahaha. Great/not so great week. But ask me if I care. My animo is through the roof right now. I had my interview with President. Best thing ever. I asked him why he moved me and put me here. He told me the story and just said that it was one of the easiest good feeling changes he had ever made and remembered it like it were yesterday. It was so cool. Then i asked him and told him about Luis. He just talked to me about that for a second and I was like "I don't know, it's just really hard to be myself with him because I don't want to do something that will mess it all up." He then interrupted me and said "You aren't direct with him are you?" And i said "How did you know that?" And he said "The Spirit just told it to me." it was so amazing. Best interview ever. i hadn't been being direct with Luis haha until this week. No one went to church this week and we were so much more direct with him this week. i dont' know what's going to happen but President just told me that if I follow the Spirit, I will not have regrets with him. I don't know if I'll stay or go. Solo Dios SabrĂ¡. He just doesn't want to go to church haha. I love him anyways. He says that it makes him feel bad and that he doesn't feel comfortable going to church with his crutches and stuff but it's all the normal stuff to say that he just doens't want to go. I don't know what will happen but we'll sure keep trying. He just needs a testimony. We went to Antigua for my first time and it was soooooooo sick haha. We must go there with mom. I love it here. This area is awesome haha. I'm having fun and we're working our butts off. i love you all and hope everyone is good. Have a great week and keep me updated!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU
Totally got egg and floured hahaahah. This colony doens't really love the Gringos....... They nailed me good and left my comp completly alone. Classic Chapines......

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  1. Ok...was the egg and floured thing a 'fun' thing? or a not so nice thing? <3's