Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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March 26, 2013

Hello everyone....

First the question of the week from mom.... Where do you send your emails from? We have to go to another city to send them because there aren't internet cafes in my area! That's pretty awesome. Please ask questions!! It jogs my memory and I can write a little bit more and not just ramble on.

This week was another frustrating one in this change. Not really so much because of my companion but for the lack of success that we had. It was really weird for us to have baptisms 2 weeks in a row! That hasn't happened until now in this area in the whole time. My companion is still annoying but I've learned to handle that... I just burst off walking really fast and then he can't catch up to me and then he has to catch his breath, I've found that uit's a pretty good way to get him to be quiet and give myself a little bit of peace. One thing that makes me more mad than anything is when people give us food and the people don't eat or finish the food. We went to have dinner with a member family with a single mother and my companion did't eat all the food because he ''doesn't like vegatables.'' The killer is that this food was ABSOLUTELY COVERED in cilantro, and if you know me, you know I hate cilantro! But I ate it becuase this family literally has nothing at all, literally nothing! Afterr the dinner I told my companion, ''Never ever ever again leave food on the table with a family that has nothing like that again. If it happens again I'll call President.'' Then he got all butt hurt but now at least he eats all the food. One thing that's hard about him too is that at the end of the month he has no money because he just spends it all at the beginning of the month and so when we need to go somewhere or do something, I have to pay for him. I'm just thankful for my mom and the way she taught me to be with my money and now that I have such a good knowledge of how to work with my money and write literally everything down, I always end the month with enough money to get through and have extra because mom always taught me about my money. And I'm not a retard and living off of instant ''tang'' for the last week of the month.

This week I got hit really really hard with THE BOO!!!! NOOOOOOOOO hahahaha I've been thinking all week... ''Now i know how that dude in ''Dumb and Dumber felt when harry gave him the laxatives and he was going crazy in the bathroom at thaty girls house...'' that's how I feel right now hahahahah it seriuosly sucks so dang bad. It's a hard one to work through because in a city like this there aren't bathrooms anywhere haha so I just have to be really strong...

Yesterday we found an iguana in the house that was running around and causing a lot of racket. So me and my companion decided to block off all of the exits and we trapped it and just killed it and we took it to a family and they ate it!!1 It was so awesome! Now I have found in the house and exterminated frogs, rats, mice, bats and now an iguana!! WHOOOO

 ''Hopefully the members will fellowship Arnulfo so that he stays in the church.'' That's what dad said to me and all I have to say is... This guy fellowships himself!!!!! He's literally the perfect person to be around because he just comes to church and sits with a different person every week. It's so funny to watch him because he just seems like someone that has been a member all his life. One of the biggest problems is that the members don't do anything to help our converts or our investigators, but this guy is totally automatic! This week he thought we started at 10 and we were sitting there in sacrament meeting waiting for him to show up so that he could recieve the Holy Ghost. But he never showed up in sacrament"! Then sure enough he came rolling in at 10 with his bike ready to be conferred. I told him that we already started and the sacrament meeting was ever and he was so pissed. You should have seen the look in his eyes hahaha It was so funny! Love this guy!!

Joseph Smith might just be my idol. I can hardly watch his movie without crying. The first vision is something that I really hold dear because it is something that just has a different Spirit to it. You can read the words in Joseph Smith History and just know that it happened. One thing about the First Vision is that even when we're teaching a family that couldn't care less and isn't paying attention or anything at all and thre are kids running around and freakin out, when we start to say the words of Jose smith, The Spirit enters and we can just see everything calm down, the kids stop making noise, the people start to pay attention and the Spirit is there. It is so amazing. 

I'm trying really hard to just keep myself focused on this area, it's a little hard because I don't know if I will have a change or not. I'm just trying to think about it like I'm not going to have a change. I'm super stoked because next week i can email anyone I want!!! Whoo!!!! I better have like 6 emails at least this week! and not counting the ones from the mission home!!! ;)

Just trying to keep my head up and do what I do and work hard and walk fast. I love you all and I'm so thankful for the support that each and every one of you give me! I hope you all have a great week!!!

Love Elder Hanson /:

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