Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BOOM Here comes the BOOM LOL

March 5, 2013

Hi everyone.

Well this week was a pretty interesting one!! First of all, I found out today that starting April 1, I can email any person that I want!!! WHOOOO YEAH lol. My boi Colly wolly got temporarily reassigned and is gonna kill it in Billings Montana. Tole me that he was pretty bugged at first but he got over it! Haha it was a good week over all and I'm really trying just to last out this change haha.

Well with my companion, it's still pretty dang frustrating and I'm having a hard time adjusting myself to his way of being. He just has literally every characteristic that gets on my nerves, even one that would get on Gabe's nerves, which is chew like a freaking CAMEL!!! But I actually like that one because it always reminds me of Gabe. He's always trying to give it to me hard and tell me after lessons what I should do and what i shouldn't do, then in the night I call my district leader and tell him what happened and everything is all good and that I should continue what I'm doing haha it's actually kind of funny. I'm trying really hard to keep the patience and just be loving and care about him but it isn't easy. He hardly ever stops talkikng and expects me to listen to him but then when I talk, he doesn't listen. One time we were in comp study and I was trying to tell him something pretty important and he freaking fell asleep! I was like HUHHH?? But I'm literally dragging him by my coat tails and running all about and teaching like crazy because I don't want to lose the trust that President has in me. Working hard is literally all we can do and the blessings are coming!

This week in Sacrament meeting we had a miracle. 12 investigators that came to church!!! WHAT?? 12??? Oh yeah baby!! It was so amazing! We also put in 2 dates for baptisms that are sure to happen this Sunday! Edgar Camey and Ramiro Monson! This guy Edgar is 17 years old and has the most awesome desire to go to church. On Sunday he told us that he had to go dig a huge hole and had to work, but he got up at 5 in the morning to go get his work done and then he came to church and loved it. He told us that he didn't want us to look at him bad if he missed a sunday and then wanted to be baptized the next! How awesome it is to see that there really are people that are prepared! With Ramiro, everything has literally fallen right into place with him. He also had work on Sunday and couldn't come the first couple weeks, but he asked permission and got work off and has come these last 2 Sundays and he has a really strong testimony. He brings his Book of Mormon to work and reads during lunch and takes a bunch of crap from this one guy and he just says to them to go away because he knows it's true and it's what he needs to be doing. With Arnulfo! I love this man so much and always have. I made a promise to myself that I would do everything possible to baptize him before I left this area. He almost has all his papers to get married and is still coming to church and teaching the lessons there haha He is so dang AWESOME! All we need is the wedding and then the baptism!! Everything is coming along good because we're working so dang hard.

Something that is crazy! With the making of this new mission in Coban Guatemala, we are recieving a new zone and losing two of ours that we have now. There is a posibility that I could change missions depending on where I am in like June when they split everything. That would be so dang weird. All the missionaries that are in these two zones would go and join up with the South Mission. I'm hoping that doesn't happen to me but that would be where the Lord wants me.

I loving doing the Lord's work. It's hard, yeah for sure, but we're getting it done. I'm trying to leave everything behind me and just lose myself and I feel like I'm doing a pretty good job of it. Grandpa H is always in my prayers. It's weird that dad is going to be so close to me! WHATTTTTTT???? I'm happy to be where I am and in this position of leadership that I have. I'm thankful for all the support of you guys and all that you do for me! I love you all so much!

Elder Herson (Hanson)

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  1. Hey this is Doug Hintze,
    I have been called to serve in the Guatemala, Guatemala City Central Mission!!!!!!!!! I leave June 26 and I heard Cooper is there and I am so EXCITED!!!!