Tuesday, February 26, 2013


February 26, 2013


1.  Where is your companion from?

 My companion is from Honduras again but he is from a part of the Capital Tegucigalpa
2.  Does he speak English? 

Yeah he speaks a little bit but I prefer to talk in Spanish with him haha because sometimes I just get annoyed and don't have the patience. By the way, mom thanks for the lack of patience hahaha JK
3.  Are you getting a new mission leader now that the old one left on a mission? 

Well the thing is that before he left there were three people that had the Priesthood that lived in the area, Me, Elder Diaz and Fabricio. Now we just have two missionaries haha. There isn't active priesthood here in the area other than us two
4.  What are the fun things you do on P day? 

On P day there really isn't anything to do because we have to go about two hours out of our area to but all of our stuff for the week. Normally we just sit in the house and rest because there literally isn't anything to do here haha. But it isn't that bad really, it's nice to rest and write some letters if we have time.
5.  Feet totally healed?

No not totally. I'm starting to get little ingrown toenails hahahaha I just don't know when the madness will stop!!!!!!!!! But it's not that bad and I know it's only for the heat that I have so many stupid little problems.
6.  Anything else you would like in your package? Items that you can't get there, that you are craving?

I don't really know. There really isn't anything where I am at so anything is good. The airheads were Heavenly haha I loved those, even though I was supposed to give them to the kids... But whatever is good, I'm good! And I won't get it for a while!

Well this week was a tough one to say the least haha. It is so so so so weird to have a new companion that is literally nothing like the one that I just had. Elder Diaz was just totally chill and down to do anything and was totally obedient and just loved life and being in the mission. Now my companion is literally just the opposite. That's all I have to say about that...

So sweet that Diondra is getting out there!!! WHOO!!! There is a missionary in the mission right now from Australia and he is so sick! She will be so great! I got some really good letters this week and that made me super happy. I got a letter from Natalie that was the best thing ever! She sent me little pictures of us and all the fun stuff that we did together! LOVED IT. I also go a letter from Nicolle and that was funny to hear the difference between my mission and her mission. She mentioned metal sink and my heart sunk just like it was made of metal hahaha METAL SINK??? I want a metal sink hahaha. Also I love the letters from Dave and his family. The funny stories always cheer me up. I needed some serious cheering up this week haha.

Our investigators are coming along pretty well. We're trying to get all the papers for Arnulfo so that he can get married. The dude is on fire! He comes to church and practically teaches the Principals of the Gospel class hahah he's so awesome! We also have a kid named Ramiro Monson and he's 21. We've been teaching him for a little while and this week he got work off especially for church and is working to get it all off so he can come every sunday. STUD! We found an old man with his grandkids that had already went to church a bunch of times and they all want to be baaptized but he is going out of town for a little bit. I hope that one happens!!! But everything is woring out right now because I am really really trying to be super obedient so that I can have success in this change so I can show to my Heavenly Father that I can be trusted with this responsibility in the mission.

I'm really trying hard to learn two lessons. First is the Attitude and second is patience. I find that when my attitude is super good, my day is super good. We can take that lesson and apply it to every single day in our lives! With patience, I'm trying really hard to just keep it all in during the day and then pour it out into my journal and the pray it all out to my Heavenly Father. I love to pray. I'm literally always in constant communication with my Father in Heaven because I know that he really listens to what we have to say and it is important to him. I love my Heavenly Father so much.

I hope everyone has a great week and that eeryone can kill it! I guess Parker is going to Peru this week or something because his visa came in!! Super stoked for him. Chris Bednar couldn't get his visa to Mexico and got reassigned to Salt Lake.... ouchhhhh But the Lord has a reason to do everything.  I love you all so much and am so thankful for all the support!

Much love, Elder Hanson!

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