Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Za Nigua

February 6, 2013


First of all don't ask me what Za nigua means, because I have no idea at all... Neither does my companion hahaha. My district leader just always yells it. 

I'm still lovin' the packages and the stuff that you guys sent me! It really gave me a little boost in the temporal side of things. I'm still enjoying it and I'm still learning a lot from Elder Diaz and jsut hoping that we can have a baptism before he gets changed. I can see the frustration a little bit with him sometimes because he's not used to this happening haha. I'm really praying hard for a miracle for him. I have emailed Colin a couple of times and just to say something, The nickname ''Chode'' can't even escape him in the MTC! You seriously have no idea how proud I am! He says that the language is way weird and that the Spanish that he took in school is really messing him up haha. Also that the time is going by really really fast for him! It's crazy how the time flies out here.

This week we reencountered Abdias in the street and he has been reading and praying like crazy and is changing his schedule of school so that he can be able to go to church and be baptized!!! WHOO!!! That won't happen for a couple more weeks but I'm really hoping for that and praying like crazy. Also we have this little hermanita that is looking at having her baptism on the 17th. She has gone to church a bunch of times before and has always had the desire to be baptized but she hasn't been able to talk to the missionaries for a while. She came to church this week and loved it! She says that she's ready to do it on the 17th and I'm really hoping it can happen because that's right before Elder Diaz would leave. We're working really hard with her because she doesn't really understand way quick, but understanding isn't the requirement, it's to have a desire to do it!!

One of my baptisms, Maribel, She was pregnant and this week she lost her baby...she only had like 10 more days until he was due. It was really hard to see them in the pain that I've felt. I remember walking into the room and just feeling like ''I recognize this feeling.'' It's so hard because even now I have no idea what to say to people that go through these things. I just try to say what I can and it's even harder in Spanish. But we had a lesson with the family last night and she wanted to know where the babies go when they die and of course we read Moroni 8. It was a really spiritual lesson and I know that Gabe was there helping me to be able to say the words that I needed to say to this family. Things happen for a reason. And our Heavenly Father knows why. He knows why Gabe had to go a year and a half ago and he knows exactly why I'm here right now. It's amazing to know that we have a Heavenly Father that loves us and is aware of us in every single situation. I love this Gospel and I'm so happy to be a missionary and serving me Heavenly Father. I LOVE YOU ALL and am so thankful for everything you're doing for me.

Elder Hanson 3

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