Wednesday, February 13, 2013


February 13, 2013


This week was one of the best that we've had here. We taught like 55 lessons haha. Pretty much we just ran all over the city and just killed it! The best thing though that we did was put the date for the baptism this week for Maria! LOVE IT!!!!! Yess!!!!!! I've been praying and fasting like crazy so that we can have this baptism before Elder Diaz leaves. I know that the Lord is answering my prayers and is aware of what I want. The difference in this case is that I have been praying for Elder Diaz so that he can have this baptism before this change. He's itching to get out haha, but we've still got some work to do in this week to make sure that this baptism happens!!!

One thing that we did this week that was freaking awesome.... We went to the city San Lucas and went and saw the Lake Atitlan! That's where Alma baptized 204 people in one day in the Waters of Mormon. It was really cool to go and see a place like that with all that historic significance. The water and the things all around it just make it so dang cool. It really is such a cool and spiritual place. I have a ton of pictures but I couldn't send them this time so I'll send them next week! They are really cool. Maybe a once in a lifetime thing that I got to do yesterday!

The return of Arnulfo!!!!! Hahahaha este chambonsito!!!! He came back this week and we went to visit him this week and he was working haha. I want to go and talk to him so bad and just see what's going on with him and see if we have another potential baptism! We're working with Abdias and seeing is he can get his school changed and that's looking like it's going to happen! Super stoked for that! I'm really trying hard to work hard and be obedient so that these things can come to pass.

The mail system sucks way bad, trust me, I know. But everything that I have sent out will get there eventually and everything that yu guys send, I'll get it hopefully before my time to go home comes haha. I'm still writing a certain person every week so don't worry they will get there! Happy valentine's to everyone! My Number 1 Valentine, MY MOM, and my Number 1a valentine.... CHODE ..... Just kidding haha you know who you are LOL ;)

Not really much happened this week but the next time that I email, I'll probably have a new companion.... haha I don't know how I feel about that haha. My spanish is really coming along well. Lots of people don't believe me when I tell them that I only have almost 6 Months haha. I know that I'm really blessed to be able to pick it up quickly and be able to help theese people faster. I'M LOVIN' IT!!!!!!! Have a great week! I love you all!!!!

Love, Elder Hanson 3

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