Tuesday, March 19, 2013


March 19, 2013


Hi everyone.

First I go to answer the questions...mom in the package can you send me some 5 blade razors?? They don't sell anything other than 2 blade because no one grows facial hair haha

1. Companion. Tell me what he is like. My companion is really nice and loves to talk...aka never ever ever ever ever ever shuts up. We can only have lessons for up to 45 minutes and sometimes I just have to cut him off while he's talking and end the lesson. He is just super annoying and overbearing haha.  Does it bother him that he isn't the senior? Yes haha. Because of this he has no respect for me. He wants to move up the chain but he isn't gonna do it any time soon.  Does he have special needs of any sort? I really wish he did so that there could be some kind of explanation for the behavior. He also chews like a freaking llama. I can't handle that. They will invite us over to have dinner and he's over there mascando como un freaking coche!  Give me someone to compare him to. let me think about that one and I'll get back to you. 

2.  How's your cook?  Give me another idea of what you eat everyday, ok? Well she is literally absolutely terrible hahahahaha the food is so bad and after 5 months of eating the same hot soup every day, I've gotten sick of it. I've just heard that after the coast everything is downhill from there! I pretty much just eat hot soup and weird stuff that she cooks. Most of the time I just ask her if she can make me eggs and beans and nothing else and she can't even hardly do that haha.

Okay there are your answers!!!!  One of the members went on a little vacation and brought me back a little bag to send to you mom. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever that she did. I'm gonna just keep is until I can send it to you like the bracelet that I have for Natalie. I had a really good week and I'm about to tell you the secret to my success haha.....

ATTITUDE!!!!!!!! Attitude literally changes every single thing in this whole life. I don't think that a single thing changed with me and my companion but my attitude changed and I just found some patience deep down inside of me haha and we had a really really awesome week and worked together really well. I just tried to be a little more there for him always and just tried to have the confidence that he wasn't going to ruin everything every time he talked haha.

I think I had the best moment of my mission this Sunday with the baptism of Arnulfo Lima. It was so amazing to finally get it done after all this time that I'd been with him and to get it done before I leave the area. We had the wedding on Saturday and everything went so so good haha we had a ton of members there and it was really good to see that for once the branch could show some support. One Sunday I had the opportunity to baptize Ma Boi Arnulfo Lima. There is literally nothing esle that compares to helping someone open the door to heaven in such a special way. I LOVED IT!!!!!!

I can email everyone in 2 weeks but that doesn't mean that I will have time to email everyone.  Please still email me if you can, and look at the blog to read my letters if I can't respond.  My boi colin got his visa and his in Brasil right now killin it and not understanding anything at all! Don't worry I've been there! haha

I'm having a good time and not letting my circumstances take control of me, I'm taking control of them! Lovin life out here in the mission and am happy to hear that Natalie finally got something from me hahahaha 3 YEARS LATER!!!!! I love you all and am so thankful for everything that you're all doing for me!!!!! Have a great week!!

Much love, Elder Hanson

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