Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This place is crazy!!

March 13, 2013

Hi everyone.

This week was CRAZY!!!! We didn't teach a ton and all of that good stuff but we were still working super hard and absolutlely killing it. We had a conference today with President Brough and I talked to him after just to talk about some stuff that's going on with me and my companion and they he told me that it looks like he might have to leave me and my companion together in Sipacate for another change. As much as I hope that doesn't have to happen, if it happens, I know that there's a reason. I can't say that I wasn't looking forward to a little bit of a change in scenery in 3 weeks but if it's not going to happen then I just need to buck up and get it done. There's a reason for every single thing that happens to us in our lives. And there's a good reason for what I'm having to do right now.

It was so weird to know that Dad was in Nicaragua this weekend haha. SO WEIRD!!! I could have hopped on a bus for 3 hours and been right up to him. The picture of the Chickys killed me because right before coming to internet, I ate some Chikys hahaah. So cool that you could go to church down there, it's so much different but I like it because it reminds us that we are all going to church because we know it's true, not because a bunch of other people go. I see that a lot down here, people don't go to church because someone has offended them in some way and they don't want to see that person in the church. I hate that beccause that's not a good reason to lose your salvation! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!!! It's so sick to see that Ben is going to Peru!! SPANISH BABY!!! And so awesome to see that Doug Hintze and My Boi Cody Sorenson got called to this mission! They're going to get down here and realize what it really means to work hard and walk fast. Other missionaries in the rest of the world have no no no no idea what that means!!! I know Cody really well and same with Doug and they will be just fine down here! The Haack attack has to wait till August??? I'll have almost exactly a year and he'll just be starting? QUE LOCO!! But everything is on the Lord's time!

I'm still struggling a lot with my companion and getting used to someone that is really arrogant and doesn't want to listen to me haha. With Elder Diaz he always listened to me and my ideas even though I was new and I didn't know anything. Now that I am Senior comp and don't have very much time, my companion doesn't have the respect for me and doesn't really listen to me and so that's really hard for me but I'm going to have to get used to all types of people and it will be even that much better when I can actually choose my own companion (wife) for good! It's a little hard but I know that I can handle it! I hope... haha

We baptized two young men this Sunday and that was so dang awesome! The best thing is that these two guys I know for a fact will always stay active in the church. Edgar Camey is 17 and lookes like he is 10 years old but I remember the first day that we contacted him in a bus about 3 months ago and really didn't give any thought to it but know I know that it is all the will of the Lord how things turn out! Ramiro Monzon was just awesome from the start. He's 21 years old and just wanted to change a bunch of stuff in his life and he just did it. He loves the Book of Mormon and takes it to work and reads it every day during lunch. It's cool to see in such a young man that he has the desire to do that. The thing that I'm loving the most right now, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE WEDDING OF ARNULFO LIMA AND HIS BAPTISM THIS WEEKEND!!!! AHHHHHHH I'm freaking out for this haha and am so dang excited. I've been working with him for so long and I love this man with all my whole entire being haha I'm so stoked for this!

I had a good week and pretty much all ]I can do through all of the advirsity is just kill it and work really hard and forget about everything. Thank you for everything you guys do for me and I hope that you have a great week this week! Mom you can send me whatever you want! Just make sure it will fit my stupid arms through all the growth that I will have in the mission!! I love you mom pray for you every day!!! 

Love you so much!!!!

Elder Hanson

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