Tuesday, July 8, 2014


July 8, 2014
Well Hey everyone....

Preguntas profundas:
1.  Did you eat any Zompopos de Mayo? NO!!! I'm soooo bugged! There weren't hardly any this year and I'm sooooo bugged! I ate some last year and they for sure were super crujientes!!!
2.  All I've heard is that it's been raining fosos down there.  True?  It actually hasn't rained for a while. It's weird haha. Maybe only here in the cap it isn't raining but who knows in other places. Last year it was going soooo hard at this time.
3.  Did you finally get your package?  A big fat nel! But maybe tomorrow in changes!
4.  Let us know if the Markhams do "parents coming down" any differently.  We're close to reserving stuff.
I don't think there will be any problem. I'd actually say that he wants you to come down haha. He's so awesome!!!

Well this week was crazy haha. We totally got earthquaked! I was totally asleep and it was like 5:20 and I thought that my companion was shaking my bed and i was like come on man! But then I realized that he was asleep and that the ground was shaking by itself. I thought, there are two options, Demons or Earthquake. It was an earthquake thank heavens. I'M ALIVE!

We had a good week other that the fact that they took my feet out from under me and are changing me! I seriously have no idea where I could be going or what could be happening. But it's all good. Dios sabrà right! (God Could know) I'm excited and super nervous. Pte Markham talked to me yesterday and said that I am going to love my change and I feel Like it has something to do with an area or ward that I was in before. I haven't been this nervous for changes in a while! I guess we'll see.

I'm glad you had an awesome 4th of july. Honestly I almost forgot about it.... The mundial is supppper crazy down here. They all want Argentina or Brasil to win but I want Holland and I love messing with them because they get so frustrated haha It's awesome.

I thought I was going to stay and we had some miracles coming up and I'm a little disappointed to leave them and the people that we are teaching but it's all good in the hood. The zone has a lot of weird changes and we'll see que ondas ahi.

We had an awesome conference with President Markham this week and he talked about a bunch of stuff that helped me a lot. As I walked in, I felt like I was going to have to talk if they were to call out randomly and have people talk, sure enough they did, and sure enough I had to talk. I gave my testimony to the rest of the missionaries and it was a really cool experience to see how much I have really changed in my testimony of this Gospel and my love for these people. President came up to me after the meeting, gave me a huge hug and said " you got the message didn't you?" Refering to me talking. It was soooooo cool. Man President Markham and Sister Markham are soooo great.

I'm sad to leave the zone. I love this place. I've been in this zone for 6 chages now and I know literally everyone in the stake haha. We will come here to see General Conference! I went to El Carmen this week and got to see my converts. Man I love that place. I get more baggy for that place than I do for home... Hermana A will be going to the temple soon and I'll be able to go with here. That' is going to be very satisfying.

Well Jovenes! I love you all! Muchas Gracias! Jesus! Those are the most important words we can say in this life. I love you. Thank you. Jesus.


I got attacked by a bolo. queria un su quekzal! extra emphasis on the K! If you know what I mean dad....
Children converts :)

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