Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Mission President

July 1, 2014

Hey everyone.....

1.  Did you get your package?  No I haven't gotten it though but I don't know when I'll get it but I could really love some good candy. I've been wanting it haha.
2.  How did your baptism goal/baptisms end up? We baptized 34 this month and the goal was 42 so we did good. It's just the retention in the zone is super bad haha but we are working on it.!!

I need the money for my suit. I should have it soon. You guys are gonna love it. The guy said that dad could make one in a week so that should be good.

Well here's the news everyone has been waiting for. OUR NEW MISSION PRESIDENT IT THE BEST!!!!! Man this guy is the coolest guy ever. I can't imagine that a change of a mission president is going any smoother. SOOOOOOO AWESOME. He has such a strong spirit and he just is the nicest, loving man ever. His wife is so great too. it's a big change but not really that much. He is a lot different but We are all loving him a lot.

We had a stake baptismal service this sunday and we invited President and his wife and they came and it was so awesome to see him. He just grabbed me and gave me a huge hug and said he loved me and it was just like, "this is going to be so awesome" I had just ran like 3 miles to get there late haha and we were sweating like straight pigs and it was so great. So awesome!
Hermana Markham just came up to me today in the meeting today that we had with the leadership and shook my hand and said, "You're a great man Elder Hanson, You're a great man" It was so awesome. I don't think it could be going better.

Our investigators are struggling right now haha. I love my area and don't want to leave. I will know next week if I am leaving or not. Elder Finch won't tell me at all. I hate it haha. But we'll see. Pray for me to stay.

Nothing really is happening right now. I love it as much as ever. I sometimes look at the calendar and want to cry haha. Satan is a sucker. Man towards the end he just gets right on it to screw up all that you have done in the past few months. But there will be no screw ups here. I'll keep it realllllllll!!!

I love you all! Thank you so much for everything. I hope to hear from you soon! LOLOL

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