Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finally changes LOLOLOLOL WHOOO

May 14, 2013

Hello everyone.... lol

Mom I wrote you a letter and I wrote Jarom a letter too and just stuck it in there with yours. Make sure it gets to him! Maybe after he leaves hahah. And If you guys could, sene me cody sorenson's email! I'd love to talk to him!

Well here's the big news..... I'm out of Sipacate tomorrow!!! I'ts gonna be super weird to leave this place haha. It feels like I'm leaving home again and I have no idea what to expect!! I'm a little bit nervous because I have no idea what the heck is going to happen but I know that The Lord has a plan for be and I know that He knows where I need to be. I'm excited for this new challenge and to be able to meet new people. I have really grown to love everyone in Sipa and it has been really amazing to be there for a good amount of time. 

This week was so dang solid!! I hadn't seen my convert Gloria for a while and that was killing me because she left and had to go to the city for a while and I didn't know if I was going to see her before I left or not and so I was a little sad. Her daughter (another convert of mine) called her to see if she was going to come down to see me before I left and she said she was going to try to get down here to see me but it wasn't for sure. I had splits on tuesday and had to go to another area with another missionary for a day and that was solid and fun. So I got back to the area and didn't know what was going down that next day, my companion told me that we didn't really have anything to do so we were going to see what we could figure out. Then the other members told me that Gloria wasn't going to be able to make it before I had to go and that made me really sad haha. So my companion took me to the house where Gloria lived and we went to visit there family and see how they were and I was like okay whatever haha. So we walked into the house and there Gloria was sitting there in her hammock and I just was so happy haha. I just immediatly filled up with the Spirit because that's just how it is when I see her. It was an awesome surprise to see her haha. That was one of the better things that happened this week!! LOVED IT!!!! 

Then we capped off a solid week with the call to my mom!!! The calls in the mission are weird because you talk about hardly anything for a little while and then hang up and you think about it after and it doesn't even feel like it happened. I'm just happy that I don't get homesick haha.

I don't really have much to write right now but this coming wee should be interesting with the change and all that stuff. I love you all and am so thankful for all the prayers that are going out  on my behalf.

Love, Elder Hanson :/

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