Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In the City!

May 21, 2013

Hi everything...

Well this week was CRAZY!!!!! Hahaha I am just realizing how super blessed I am to be in this new area. It's going to be really awesome to be able to serve here and we're looking at having a ton of success. We have a lot of help from the members and we're in a huge ward and it was so cool to go to church this sunday and see actual families going to church together and to see people that actually have amazing testimonies of this gospel. The only this that is going to be hard to get adjusted to is walking in this area. In sipa, everything was super flat and here everything is hilly. The whole city is on a hill. My legs are absolutely thrashed.

I got the package that you guys sent me that had the razors and all that stuff and the jacket in it. LOVE IT. Boom ready to kill it out here in the cold and always strapped ready to go hard. I'm lovin the frooties too. That really hit the spot. Maybe next time you could hit me up with more lolol. I need contact solution because I'm running out. Send me some when you can. I should get packages a little quicker being where I am.

Sad news today, I found out that Elder Brand, My comp in the MTC, went home about 3 months ago or something. I just barely heard about it and that made me so dang sad. 

Speaking of companions, my new comp is named Elder Castro from Peru and it's really nice now because he actually wants to work and is ready to be a missionary. He is fresh and newer so it  is cool to be able to work with someeone that actually wants to work haha. He's super interesting but it is nice to be with him and I know we're going to have success.

To answer your question about the excercise mom, I normally just go hard with some hard stretches and then I move on to a hard P90X ab workout, then I go to the arms and just kill it there. It is super awesome to just be able to work out with pure body weight and not have weights to lift.

I'm having a good time and have been doing a lot better since that letter that I sent back in April. Lovin life and can't really complain about walking into an area to a baptism that I hardly had to do anything to have. We baptized a jovensito that is 17 years old and is super pilas! First baptism in about 2 and a half months and super grateful. I love you all and I am so thankful for the support always. LOVE

Love, Elder HAnson

P.S. I'm in a city in the capital in Zona 10 named El Carmen in the Zone Villa Hermosa.....!!!!!!!!!  :/ :)

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