Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Going into the last week of Sipa flow...

May 7, 2013

Hi everyone....

COOP LION IS IN THE HOUSE! Hahahah It's because when Snoop Dogg came out with his regae album he changed his name to Snoop Lion for some stupid reason haha and then the guys at work just always called me Coop Lion. I miss those guys! All studs.

1. Will you give me a day in your life? I'll answer that a little bit later.
2. Can you Skype with us on Mother's day? No, it's a rule in our mission that we can't do that. I don't know why but we just can't. Another reason is within 3 hours, I don't know where we could find one hahahah. 

Every day is almost the same! I wake up at 6 28. I'ts a rule that if we wake up at 6 30 or later, we already sinned at we have to call President Brough to tell him what's up. Then I take my daily 6 30 trip to the bathroom and at about 6 40 I start my exercise for a half hour. After that, we get ready for the day and we eat and shower (90% of the time with cold bucket water hahaha) and then we get ready to study at 8. If we start even one minute later than than 8, we have to call President. We have one hour of personal study and then at 9 we havve comp study. After we study the language for an hour. At 11 we leave for 2 hours to visit and look for lessons to teach and contact people and then we go to eat lunch at 1 with the lady that cooks (tries to cook) for us. After that we leave and visit until 9. We enter the house at 9 and the latest that we can get into the house in 9 30 and if we come in any later than 9 30, we have to call President. We then have a half hour of planning to plan for the day coming up and then I eat some bread with my Choco Panda, write in my journal, Shower and get ready for bed! At about 10 29 lights out and I'm there praying! That's a day of a missionary in the Guatemala City Central Mission. Si no esta trabajando asi, es puro chambon! Esta mision es una mision real hombre!!!! hajahaha But yeah it's good. We have Standards that we have to complete every single day. We have to talk to at least 35 people and try to share a little message and get their address to be able to visit them. I've heard of other missions that have standards of contacts but up to like 20 and no more. We have to have at least 4 lessons every day. When we go in busses, we stand up in the front and present ourselves and then we go and talk to everyone in the bus to see if they want us to visit them! That's pretty much it baby!!!!

This week has been a little frustrating because LITERALLY EVERYONE that we had, dropped us. We have literally nothing going for us right now. The members are going crazy too haha fighting with each other and all that stuff. I'm a little bit sad to be leaving here with it like that. I've been frustrated because I haven't been baptizing, but I have been working so dang hard. Like ridiculously hard every single day and I am not seeing any baptisms or anything close. I opened my scriptures this weeek and read the best scripture ever in Alma 8 15. Go read it! I am realizing that my success doesn't depend on how many baptisms that I am, But it depends on how I work and how I keep the commandments of the mission. I know that I will be blessed. How many baptisms did Abinadi have? 0! But what he did was so amazing that we still talk about it today and Alma went on to do a lot of amazing things because of Abinadi's testimony. I'm happy to be here reaping the fruits of the seed that Abinadi planted 2100 years ago in this area of the world. I love the be My Lord's servant and be out here learning so much about myself and everything else! 

I love you guys so much!! I'm so thankful for everything that you do for me and you are always in my prayers. So stoked to talk to my mama on Mama's day. Love my Mama.

Love Elder Hanson

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