Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11

June 11, 2013

Hi everyone.....

I didn't get the package or anything but I should be getting it soon. Solo tengo que utilizar my cuello en la oficina con este chambonaso Elder Diaz lolol.

With Spanish, I feel like I'm about 90% there. I can say everything that I want to and I understand like 95% of everything. It's amazing to see this gift working. I've been so blessed with this. I am super thankful for this gift that My Heavenly Father has given me.

This week we went SUPER HARD. I decided that we needed to start to see some miracles, so I decided that we were going to wake up at 5 every morning to show the Lord that we were willing to do it all and make little sacrifices so that He can bless us. We had 90 lessons this week. I don't know how we did it but it was amazing. We had a lot of help from the Savior and the Holy Ghost. I just know there are so many people that are ready here and we need to find them. We are seeing miracles.

This week we had a great encounter in the street with a lady that I had passed over her name like 20 times in the area book (the book with all the registers of the investigators). Her name is Wendy and then we saw her in the street and my companion was like that's Wendy!!!! And I'm like HUH? So we went and contacted her and talked to her and she said that she wanted to go to church because she didn't have to work. She had had the missionaries teaching her for a long time and she knows that the church is true and she keeps all the commandments. She went to church and my companion almost died because she never went to church before, even when she didn't work. He said that was a miracle. Then we went to her house on Sunday night and we challenged her for baptism and she said that she'd do it if she could get work off. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER BY NAME!!!!! We need this miracle!

There's another man, Elias, I think I talked a little about him last week and he was going to get baptized this Sunday that just passed but at the last second he whimped out. That was really frustrating but then he told us that he will get baptized but not right now and not really far away. We are really putting the pressure on to be able to get him to the water this Sunday too. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM TOO!!!!!!

My companion is a funny little dude. I'm pretty sure that he'll get moved this change and I hope that I'll be able to train and kill a newbie all the time haha this change has gone by soooooo fast. I am really learning to put the needs of other people in first place, something I really didn't learn how to do aat home. It's amazing how the mission changes lives.

A day in our life in EL CARMEN. The area is super super super hilly haha. We literally just run everywhere, up and down hills, because it's easier than walking really fast haha. It's a sweet area and I just asked for a water heater from the mission porque ya no aguanto lol. I love this area though. It's super cool and the members help us out a ton! I pee every 5 seconds haha. I don't sweat a fourth as much because it's kind of cold here and so the liquid that I take in doesn't exit in the same way now. It's raining almost every day here now and it is actually pretty nice. I love it here haha. On P day this week we went and played some basketball and soccer. In other words, we let the white boys win and then we let the latinos win haha. Then we went back to the house and got a sweeeetttttt nap in haha. Every morning I go hard with 3 eggs and a bowl of cereal and then a nice PB & J sandwich if I feel the need. It's good. Almost every night we make spaghetti and you know how I love spaghetti baby! Siempre mi panito lindo con mi cafesito, puro chapin. I'm gaining all the weight back that I lost in the coast! BOOM!!

Thanks for everything you guys do for me. Please pray for Wendy and Elias! We could really use these miracles!! I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Elder Hanson

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