Monday, June 24, 2013


June 24,2013

Hi everyone....

First off, I'm super glad that you all enjoyed my awkward picture. You should have see all the chapinazos that were laughing at me. But I pushed through the adversity and went hard as usual. Also I got an awesome package!!!!!! WHOOOOOO It really hit the spot. I was so happy to get the ensign with the conference talks. I love studying those. And also the beef jerky is always a good bonus haha. Hi chews and tootsie rolls. You know me!!! lolololol.

This week was another good week full of a lot of meetings so we didn't have a ton of time to work but we still got a lot done. We were supposed to baptize Wendy this weekend that passed but we couldn't because she didn't come to church but we're working super hard with her for this Sunday. It's her work that always kicks her in the butt haha. We had to all go to the huge worldwide meeting last night with all the leaders of the church and that was awesome. Jesus is coming soon and that's why all of this is happening right now. It's so awsome to be a missionary is these days. I'm loving it haha.

This Wednesday I will get my new companion NEW NEW NEW!!!!!! And don't worry, I'm only gonna kill him for these 12 weeks that we'll be together hahaha. It will be good. But it looks like I will be getting a gringisimo haha. There are 12 gringos coming in and 2 latinos so it's looking weird haha. President told us in a meeting that he doesn't like to call trainers that have less than a year in the mission. Let alone put a gringo with a gringo that doesn't even have a year haha. I might train Cody Sorenson haha because he enters this change WEIRDDDDD. The President assured us that we are called of God to do everything that we do in the mission and he puts more thought into his trainers than into his asistents. That made me feel really good. I know I can do whatever I need to do in the mission. It's awesome!!!!!!!!!

I love hearign from you guys every week. It really makes me feel so good and gives me a good boost every week to just kick butt all week. I had an awesome time with Elder Castro in this change. He is certainly interesting but he is great. We are working with a couple of peolpe that can be baptized soon. Milton, Erika, Wendy, Fam, Gabriela and Minor, Nancy, and Madelin. I'm hoping taht we can get them in the water during this training. BIOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM

I love you all! Can you believe that in a month I will be 20 years old? VIEJITOOOOOO lololol I love you so much and can't wait to hear from you soon. So happy for B town and jarom and my boy B tewey. PROUD PROUD PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!


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