Wednesday, July 3, 2013

HEAT WIN IN 7 lolololol doesn't even matter!!!!!!!!! poo

July 2, 2013

Hi everyone....

Well this week was totally wild haha. I feel like it's gone by so fast but at the same time so slow....

I've gotta say, I miss my little guy Elder Castro. But I got a great newbie named Elder Hernandez from Nicaragua. He is a total stud and he really is stoked to be out here. I'm really happy to be with him and I hope that I can teach him all the stuff that he needs to know to be a great missionary. One thing that surprised me about him is that he walks with me allllllll day and doesn't get tired haha. I walk just about as fast as anyone in the whole entire mission and everyone was telling me how my newbie was going to suffer so hard core with me haha but he walks right with me. It is good but at the same time really humbling haha I really though I was just going to leave him in the dust the first few weeks. But it's better than getting Chris Farley I guess hahaha. We're really working on getting the teaching down and that will take a while. He's only been away from home for about 3 weeks now and so that's pretty normal.

It's a lot of pressure being a trainer in the mission. President literally expects perfection from us and that is really hard. I'm just trying to work hard and do what I need to do to have some success. I've been a little bit frustrated lately because we've been lacking baptisms lately and there aren't a ton of people that are really progressing. It's really hard to get people to church because it's in a whole different city and people don't always come. I get to the house absolutely munched, I'm so tired every night and sore in my legs and it makes me mad that the baptisms aren't coming right now. I guess how they saw it in the mission is true, "some are gatherers and others are sowers." It's so true but that's hard for me to accept that I'm a sower haha.

Stoked to hear that Hank is in piano lessons haha. I really will get right on the piano when I get home and I will pick it up. Never though I'd say this, but i regret being a total loser with piano. 

Gus at Trek is sooooo sick. I loved trek so much when I went. When Cody sat in the seat with tar butt hahahahahaha yes!!!!!!!

Daisy -  It's her b day coming up?? CRAZY!!!!!

Isaiah killing it with the good old rubber band trick on the faucet hahahaah Oh man That kid is insane.

I love you all!!!! Thank you all for all the prayers and all the support that you give me. I can really feel it and really need it haha!

Investigadores: Milton, Madelin, and Rubi. Struggling a little bit but we are going to see miracles I know it!!!!

Love Elder Hanson

I am thinking about getting my mission suit made in the next couple weeks. We live super colse to the guy that makes them and I don't know where I'll be after I leave here. Let me know what you think. It is a good idea right now because I don't think I'll ever be this close to him again. I don't know how much it will cost but It's like 1200 quets and it's like totally tailored and costomized. SIIIICKKKK (all the missionaries get them. It's not jsut me that wants one)
A scary sucker my mom sent me

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